New Release. Saab 900 Turbo 1984 from Ottomobile

For some, it is one of the most expendable trivial things in the world, others are proud of it. The collection of automotive miniatures may have its charm, especially if you specialize in rare things. Saab is such a rarity, even during his lifetime, and now even more. The brand has its peculiarities, it polarises. And the focus is on the Saab 900 Turbo, which is polarizing like no other vehicle from Trollhättan.

Very attractive, with a small flaw executed miniature
Very attractive, executed with a small flaw miniature. Picture: Ottoman

You love him or you reject him, which is not only due to his extraordinary design. The classic 900 is available as 1: 18 miniature from Ottomobile. Or, more precisely, again. Because the French from Josselin in Brittany have already brought two predecessors on the market. 2016 a red 900 Turbo, a year later a black one. Both also as attractive coupes, and the assumption is obvious that at least in the approach old tools and drawings were used again to create a derivative. The first two models have long been sold out and are traded on the known platforms at twice or triple the former price.

Saab 900 Turbo 1984

A Saab miniature as a speculative object? Absolutely, because the manufacturer Ottomobile limits its quantities consistently and specializes for years in the niches, which not every other offerer may serve. The pre-order phase for the Saab 900 Turbo is up and running until the 1. September. The Grad-Schnautzer coupe from the production year 1984 is visually exciting and available in the usual scale 1: 18. Of course, the edition is limited as already with its predecessors, 999 pieces go on sale.

There is still a small damper to report. As successful as the combination of a scarab green body and the beige interior may be - Saab did not offer it to 1984. The very popular shade came only a few years later in the program. A circumstance that will not detract from the attractiveness of the new release and may even do the opposite. For who has a model car in his showcase, which never existed like this from the manufacturer?

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  • Thanks for the info, just ordered 😉

  • The proportions do not seem to be quite right, but if I look at the rear side, the taillights seem to be very oversized compared to the vehicle's width ... or are the pictures so deceptive?
    But as a miniature already very handsome ... of course, the 1: 18 scale should nevertheless be present in all points''
    In this sense “SEE YOU - - HAVE FUN IN THE SUN WITH SAAB-CARS ´´

  • I wrote to Otto last week about the “wrong” color, but unfortunately I still haven't received an answer to this day. Too bad. Silver with red leather would have been awesome and more appropriate. Oh well. Maybe they'll do it the same way as the slanted schnauzer before and bring out another color variant almost 2 years later ...

  • DELICIOUS ! ! !

    I'm jealous of everyone and everything that has or already again an 900, 900 II or 9-3 I in the scale 1: 1.
    Especially on the coupes. This mix of Nordic sober elegance and utility is simply unique.
    A really great car ...

    I'm looking forward to the announced article about the red Frankfurt and the blogger “Silberpfeil”.

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