Trollhättan. NEVS as an anti-cyclical job engine

Sweden is still in vacation mode. But the long summer break is coming to an end, and so it should be interesting in the Stallbacka. Prior to 7 years, NEVS moved into the Saab plant, since then the development was mixed at best. That will change from now on, with the billions of Evergrande in the background.

View into the model workshop
View into the model workshop

The number of Vacancies is at the highest level in years. And this at a time when the industry in Europe is circling red pencil. The list reads accordingly interesting, it could also be used as a manual according to the motto “What do I need for a car factory?”Go through. A few new jobs, chosen at random, are a look at what the old Saab plant can expect in the coming months.

The model workshop will be revived

At GM, Saab was famous for its excellent model workshop. Studies for the entire group became a reality there, a small, Swedish dream factory. The workshop will be revived, it will be Employee searched. In the near future it seems finally again to give concept cars and prototypes from the Göta Älv. The bar is very high, because Saab had once set standards with dream cars such as the Aero X.

Who builds studies and prototypes, one may assume that he also wants to produce vehicles. In the electric car era, the timeline between design and realization is shorter than ever. In professional circles, there is talk of about 18 to 24 months. If one reads the vacancies like a book, then in Trollhättan the time to a finished product does not seem to be forever. Because the homologation team writes for Sweden and China certification engineers File

The factory itself has been broke since 2014. A reissue of the Saab 9-3 sedan, launched in December 2013, was the last rearing. Then it was over. Parts were dismantled for the new factory in Tianjin, and it can be assumed that the factory is currently not capable of production. The billions from China could change the state, and they have to. Investments are needed for CO2 neutral production. From the 2. Semester 2020 is to be built the Sion in Trollhättan. In addition, the product of another company could run off the tapes. For the production in the Body shop and Press Shop are vacancies advertised for immediate occupation.

Anti-cyclical job engine for the region

The timing for Trollhättan may be considered good. The former Saab factory may become an anticyclical job engine in the region. Because the skid marks of the auto industry are becoming more visible every day, even in Sweden. Not only Volvo is expanding its jobs in Gothenburg, but also the development center CEVT headed by former Saab development chief Mats Fägerhag shows a first slight weakness. There the times of rapid growth seem to have ended. Currently only available two vacancies open for occupation. Rising crises are good times for those who can invest and look for employees.

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  • @ John D,

    you've missed the point. Mr. Nordmann asked, why (!) One should buy a NEVS.
    Once upon a time 200 satisfying SAABs were built by NEVS is no answer ...
    We NEVS for sale, right?

  • If I'm not mistaken ,. 200 gasoline cars were manufactured in the beginning.
    All new owners are satisfied with their new cars.

  • To be honest NEVS sold no single EV until now. So how do you judge the quality?

  • Right, wait and see.
    The big "WHY" is of no relevance at all, as long as there is no NEVS.
    So far NEVS is all about a multiple big “IF”…

  • Not yet. I suspect that will change in the coming years.

  • Lets wait and see how they will look like!

  • Price, quality, driver experience and looks.

  • THE FANS …

    ... from Tesla should just be a little more honest. Then I would have less to complain ...

    Only recently shot a S at the (thank God, timely umspringenden) traffic light right on the turn lane on all the other and me straight (!) Over. The pilot seemed to know the traffic light phase well ...

    Can you do that, but then I do not want to have to listen to me, the traffic rules were broken in the name of the environment and the lives of others were endangered solely for the benefit of the public. But this was CO2 neutral (supposedly) and free of nitrogen oxides (actually) done and served exclusively for the higher and lifesaving purpose to demonstrate the very fundamental superiority of the system and thus contribute to the salvation of this earth ...

    About driving pleasure you can always talk to me, but who kidding me with more than two tons (and endangered) and also talks silly nonsense, which then creates rather an enemy ...

  • I think a healthy coexistence of both drive systems is the most sensible. For short hauls or as a typical second car the E drive (when the batteries get better) and the rest with burners. Whether the latter must necessarily destroy fossil fuels is certainly also questionable. Synthetic fuels do not really seem to interest me, which is a shame.

  • Thanks for the comment. That speaks to me from the soul. I bought a Lexus next to my SAAB as a second car, bought just for that reason.

  • @ Herbert, that is, if you will, the absurd world of Tesla. That's another reason why the brand has glowing fans. I would already be enough on the level of an Aero.

  • @ Tom,

    that's right - provided you actually meant appealing (!) performance and not (quote :) “appropriate”. 2,6 from 0 to 100 are pretty absurd ...

  • Hach Mr. Hürsch and Mr. Red! With a little feminine intuition, I can really help her imagination. How about an open Saab sports car, like a new sonnet or based on the 9-X Air Concept? Small, light and electric. Little weight with a reasonable dimensioned battery pack and the corresponding performance. Would that be something for you?

  • Which shows once again how difficult the balancing act between environmental awareness and driving pleasure can be. I think we should be more liberal. Corresponding performance had almost always our vehicles.

  • HACH! ! !

    The attitude of a comment before I find even more interesting. Since someone (Hach, groan and sigh) desires absurd driving performance, which so far attracted as a commentator, mainly by accusing other readers of a deficient environmental awareness ...

    The dream is apparently of the burning tires of a rocket for the drag strip, in the “design like a SAAB”. “And that from the trolls. Hach. "

    Yes, what is it? This egg-laying wool-milk-sow, the CO2-neutral and the resources gently with 5 occupants and luggage an environmentally neutral wheely without fine dust (abrasion of the tires) lying down, not even get trolls baked. And if they had hidden a thousand tons of fairy dust in the mountain ...

    HACH, what annoyed me this comment ...

    I think that is the meaning of Heijo Red's (misunderstood) answer.
    This is not about the highest possible driving performance as a snapshot, but about the relationship between driving and above all mileage (!) To the environment ...

    No matter how pleasurable (Hach) an acceleration experience or a high end speed (Hach) may be, both are usually very expensive at the expense of the environment. Not only with burners and hybrids, but also and especially with a Tesla ...

  • The news situation seems to be getting better and I appreciate that. So will 2020 be a good year for Trollhättan? It would have been 10 years since Victor Muller saved SAAB from GM closure and rebuilt cars.

  • 2,6 seconds from 0 to 100 on the Model S is nothing? Interesting attitude.

  • Just connect me to Aero 9-3.
    Even if I personally would rather have new burners from Trollhättan.
    Preferably in hatchback form and with shell hood

  • Thanks, Tom for the eye-catcher! 🙂 Still a model that makes my heart beat faster ...
    A dream from “old times”.
    What the new age brings to mobility, however, is quite open ...
    But we are so well informed on the blog! 🙂

  • Most car manufacturers already have a large number of electric cars on the grid, so why buy a NEVS?

  • Thanks Tom. Alone for the great photo from saabigen days.

  • Driving performance like a TESLA ??? Tesla has never been a pioneer in terms of performance ... they are rather modest in terms of battery life! There are really others that offer much better performance (acceleration, duration of use, etc.) Tesla is always lifted into the sky even though they do not have the qualifications for it at all. Every 2. 3. Tesla has ever had to contact the workshop unscheduled, because the Elon Musk has never achieved the self-imposed goals of production and quality appearance!
    So forget about Tesla and dedicate yourself to companies that really have it, and offer a product in which driving does not have to take the test pilot function. LEXUS is there, I believe an example to which one should devote more quietly. But there are other, if not mass market, companies!

  • That would be really great; Evergrande has enough stability to bring THT back to life. Hope we will see models again that don't look like “paste / copy” of existing cars. At that time Saab was known for its own models, well thought out and very safe. Will we start to dream that there will be something like this again? I keep my fingers crossed.

  • Finally a ray of hope after a long drought. Now please build “beautiful” cars. So design like a SAAB, driving performance like a Tesla. And that from the trolls. Hach.

  • .... well, the model is right to fall in love !!!!!!

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