SAAB dates September 2019

The beauty of things is sometimes due to the details. Like our September picture, which clearly shows the headlight of a Saab against a Swedish backdrop. Does it really do that? The pictured vehicle is a 9-7X, and thus again controversial whether this can be a real Saab or may. Enough stuff for longer discussions. But here are our Saab dates for the September 2019.

Saab dates September 2019. Our motive is an 2006er Saab 9-7X
Saab dates September 2019. Our motive is an 2006er Saab 9-7X


Saab Club Austria

We meet every first Monday of the month in 1190 Vienna, Himmelstrasse 2, Ninos Pizzeria 19: 00 clock.


SAAB friends Münster

We meet always on the first Monday of each month to our Saab-Stammtisch in Münster! From approx. 19.30 clock on the REWE parking lot behind the Germania campus (upper parking lot P2).

Then we go to the food in the Pizzeria Lido (building no. 91).


Stammtisch Cologne-Bonn

We meet every 1. Thursday of the month from 19: 00 clock in the restaurant Asado, Baumschulenweg in 51107 Cologne-Rath (directly at the BAB A3, exit Königsforst)


SAAB friends Erftkreis

Club night every first Friday of the month from 19 pm in the Landgasthaus Schlösser, to the 1 in 50171 Kerpen


SAAB Stammtisch Upper Franconia

Oberfränkischer Saab Stammtisch at the 13.09.2019 20 clock, We cordially invite you to our regulars' table in Opel's Landgasthof (95496 glassworks). Anyone who likes Saab and good food is welcome.


Stammtisch OWL

The Saab Club OWL meets on the second Saturday of the month from 15.00 clock in Bartholds pitch Hellweg 6, 33813 Oerlinghausen


Stammtisch Osnabrück

Our regulars' table is as usual on every 3. Monday of the month from 19.00 clock. Gasthaus Busch in Atter, Eikesberg 51 in 49076 Osnabruck


Stammtisch Rhein - Ruhr

We meet at each 3. Tuesday from 19: 30 pm a month at the Hotel & Restaurant "Am Kreuz", Ernestinenstrasse 116 in 45141 Essen


Saab Stammtisch Aschaffenburg - Alzenau

American diner for Swedish automobiles

Johnny's Roadhouse Diner
every third Wednesday of the month from 19: 30 clock
Industrial Area South E 2, 63755 Alzenau


SAAB Friends Thuringia - Stammtisch

The 2. Stammtisch takes place this time at Alperstedter See near Erfurt / Sömmerda. We have a barbecue and a boat trip on the lake. Please register via this form.

Meeting point: Alperstedter See (near Erfurt / Sömmerda)
Time: from 18 clock


Stammtisch Gießen - Marburg - Wetzlar

We meet every last Wednesday of the month 19: 30 clock in the restaurant Edelweiss in the community center Fernwald-Steinbach


Stammtisch Heidelberg - Weinheim

The meeting point is always the Lindbergh at City Airport Mannheim, Seckenheimer Landstrasse 170 last Thursday in the odd months from 19: 00 clock


Stammtisch SAAB Friends Lippe / Niederrhein

we meet every last Friday of the month from 19:00 p.m. New address: “To the Rhine ferry” Cafe, restaurant, sun terraces in 46509 Xanten, Bislicher Insel 1, Tel. 02801/1334,


SAAB friends Cologne / Bonn - autumn exit

The attentive readers among you and all those who took part in our autumn tour on a regular basis over the last few years know that traditionally SAAB friends Cologne / Bonn are meeting for a joint trip on the last weekend in September. It goes into the Oberbergische landscape protection area. All are invited with a roadworthy vehicle of the brand SAAB, regardless of year of construction or era.

The meeting starts and ends in the immediate vicinity of the A4 in the amount of the up / and down 24 / Bilstein, so that all morning good evening and evening good leave by BAB.

Expiry of the day or briefly to the key data:
We meet in the morning on Sunday the 29.09. at 10: 00 clock in the restaurant "House Wald-Eck"For breakfast together and we would be happy to start the day together with you here.

Restaurant - Hotel "Haus Wald-Eck"
Verr 14
D - 51674 Wiehl

For all widely traveled the restaurant also offers accommodation (hotel rooms). Departure of the vehicles is on time at 11: 00 clock. There will be two stops where there will be enough time to explore the area alone or together in small groups on foot. At the second stop an extensive coffee and cake break is planned. The breakpoints / sat nav targets are given to each vehicle / driver before departure.
In the evening, against 18: 00-18: 30 clock (that's exactly what can not be planned) we meet again in the starting point, to the common ending and dinner.

If you are not active in the forum, you are welcome to reply by e-mail. Please tell us your email address and / or phone number. We will contact you then.

We look forward to many familiar and new faces. Best regards and see you soon!
The organizing team of the Stammtisch of the SAAB friends Cologne / Bonn
Jevo, UZ900, German ba and AeroCV

PS There is no exit, no rally, there is nothing to win and there are no time or skill rides and no predefined road book. No start or participation fee or otherwise. After receiving the meeting points (goals) everyone starts for himself to the previously handed out meeting places on his own.


Stammtisch Rostock

usually meets on the last Monday of the month in the brewery house "Zum Alten Fritz", Warnowufer 65 in 18057 Rostock


Do you have a regular meeting, a club night, a meeting or a Saab event planned?

We like to publish! Please send your Saab appointment to: appointment (sa)

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  • Funny introduction with a clear eye forcing.
    What a wonderful luxury problem these discussions of yesteryear ...

    Today, most of the SAAB drivers are simply looking forward to every meeting
    with another car, on which also SAAB stands and participants of Stammtisch waving tired,
    if anyone ever came up with the idea, this old and sometimes up to 1 / 10 percent exactly guided discussion
    to revive the authenticity of one or the other SAABs in old sharpness.

    At least I hope that no one else makes the SAAB of another madig.
    There are too few and every single SAAB counts.

    • Not all Saab drivers seem to see it that way. Anyway, it seems to me when I greet the 9 SC “Dailydriver-GM-Saab” from the well-to-do driver of a 3 I-Series Saabrio (what a dream car) and he just ignores me with his nose held high. I had read a nice answer from a former Saab employee when asked which Saab are the real Saab. He said that all cars built by Saab that bear this logo are all real Saab. And he went on to say that everyone has the lifeblood of all Saab employees and the desire to build a good car. So I continue to greet everyone I meet in a Saab, because this gesture is also something that distinguishes us as Saab drivers from the other motorists.

  • Hello Mark!
    I ask you to correct the following small mistake: you listed the Saab friends room Vienna as “organizer” at the appointment on September 2.9.2019, XNUMX. The first Monday of the month is the regular club evening of Saab Club Austria!
    Thank you for the correction!
    Erich Malzer (Chairman Saab Club Austria)

  • Is not there any exit for Saabfreunde Sachsen and Thuringia this autumn?
    Or am I a month early?

  • But!! The Saxons are still planning and the Thüriger drive at 06.10. Infos are coming ...

    • Super

      Thank you for the info!

    • And for the Rhön is also something in planning. Something else is waiting for us 😉

  • On the 21 September the Saabtreffen on the lake takes place again in Jedovnice (CZ).

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