New Release. Saab Turbo X from DNA Collectibles.

A lot can change in a decade. A good example of the upheavals is the miniature Saab Turbo X from DNA Collectibles, which will appear on the market in November 2019. With the model year 2008, the Swedes delivered the Turbo X limited to 2.000 units. An image carrier - and at the same time the first four-wheel drive Saab in series.

Turbo X Sedan by DNA Collectibles

At least if you take the Trollhättan production site as a benchmark. Before that there was the 9-7X, which, however, is only partially counted due to its American birth. The Saab comes from a time when large-volume engines were not yet frowned upon. The V6 in its relatively compact body exerts a very special charm. A sonorous sound, plus the feeling of always having enough power on demand, an all-wheel drive that reacts in fractions of a second and set standards in its time. What more do you want?

Saab Turbo X from DNA Collectibles

I liked my Turbo X, although he was quite thirsty. But the driving pleasure made up more than that, it was probably not a conservation of resources. Actually the opposite, and politically correct in any case. But the summers were not that extreme yet, and the bad conscience did not always go with them. In homage to a time that is disappearing more and more, DNA Collectibles brings a miniature of the Saab Turbo X in 1: 18 scale. At least, after delivery, it is guaranteed emission-free, and it remains so.

The manufacturer has chosen in his choice for the sedan, which is due to their lower weight in the original driving more active than the station wagon. First pictures of the prototype show some room for improvement. The accents on the radiator grille and around the fog lights are still shiny and thus unfortunately correspond to the regular 9-3. In the TX, this design elements were present in a matte gray, the manufacturer promises to make some changes before the series.

The Pre-order phase for the Saab Turbo X sedan is opened. The delivery of the Resin model will start in November 2019. A particularly good news for all customers is that DNA Collectibles is now shipping from the EU. In the first miniatures, the shipping was still from Hong Kong, a not quite so successful decision as taxes and duties were added. The manufacturer has now corrected this, in the interests of customer friendliness, for its EU customers.

8 thoughts on "New Release. Saab Turbo X from DNA Collectibles."

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    nice Turbo X, not cheap, but definitely worth it. Due to the rarity probably the model car will increase in value.

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    I was fortunate enough to drive a 2 Turbo X as a station wagon for 9.3 years and still think with enthusiasm today. Today I drive a 9.3 convertible and think that is one of the most beautiful convertibles ever.
    Greetings to alla Saab fans

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    ... and me on the 2011 / 12 Griffin Cabriolet! 🙂 Rare enough it is!
    LG to all Saab friends!

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    ... And I on a 2007 9-3SC in red.
    Greeting André

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    Very nice models, already have the AERO-X and the NEVS 9-3 Turbo prototype. Now I'm waiting for the 9-4X ..

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    The DNA models are beautifully processed. Unfortunately, only the Turbo X limousines are a pity. Since then I stay better with my 1: 1 model wagon. And consuming too much Tom does not depend on the gas foot.

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      Then probably my gas foot 😉 was responsible. Continue to have fun with the TX and best regards!

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      THE TRUTH …

      ... fascinated by SAAB and I still believe in this brand today.
      It was already quite thick eggs (sorry) and at least one ove at the highest level of decision to continue to print realistic consumption in the prospectuses, as the competition was long in unison in an outbidding competition of understatement.

      30 to 50% more consumption in practice is as alien to us SAAB drivers as a male Martian is a North Atlantic mermaid. Conversely, the prospectus information cannot be undercut in practice, or can only be undercut with great difficulty and at most only slightly ...

      Since a TX is and remains a TX, which is a TX and nothing more than a TX.
      On Ove and his honest gas foot you could always trust and SAAB riders do not have to gloss over anything.

      Over and understatement (driving performance or consumption) let us leave the other one.
      Let's be honest and keep the memory of the automotive honesty that has a name: SAAB
      At least for me personally, this is an important core and a distinguishing feature of this brand ...

      Maybe honesty without beautification was also a central contribution to its doom?
      If so, then it was a sympathetic and valuable contribution despite the result.

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