Our virtual Saab model year 2020

In mid-August, the Swedish summer break is over. Actually, new vehicles should now roll off the production lines in Trollhättan - let the Saab model year 2020 begin. Facelift has always been important in Saab's history. Constant improvement to keep the offer fresh, because standing still means going backwards. And not good.

No, this is not the model year 2020. But the model year 2010 in Trollhättan.
No, this is not the model year 2020. But the model year 2010 in Trollhättan.

In principle, this also applies to the blog. It's been online since 2011 and has been constantly changing ever since. He's been going through ups and downs, and the deepest crisis to date was 2018. Readership reached a low point and was below my personal pain threshold. One thing is clear - every topic is told in full at some point. Saab is a thing of the past, and if I do badly in one discipline, it is just looking back.

At that time the question arose as to whether one would pull the plug and end the project. Or reinvent the blog with a wider variety of topics? The latter was the case, and since then it's still essentially about Saab, but also about the future development of mobility. Of course, only with niche topics that are not of interest to the mainstream media. This decision was good for the blog. In addition, Jan, another young author, joined the team. The decision was right, a plus of 27% in readers in the first 7 months of the year speaks for the concept.

The model year 2020 on the blog

Today we start the new model year 2020 on the blog. Some things will change and develop cautiously, but the project will remain in the niche. The next few months promise to be exciting, just because of the development in Trollhättan. The former Saab factory could be revitalized, not necessarily with the 2020 model year, but very likely 2021. In addition to NEVS, Koenigsegg and Sion from Sono Motors will be part of my reporting in the future, which will make the blog even more extensive. However, another Swedish car brand will definitely not make it onto these pages. In addition, I will continue to focus on current developments for our future mobility.

The core of the blog, however, remains Saab!

That is a promise, and the interesting balancing act between vehicles that are getting older, increasing digitalization, alternative drives and preserving the Saab heritage will not be an everyday mix.

More topics, more choice. But also more Saab.

Above all, I would like to integrate the readers even more. The Saab stories on Sunday will be back online soon, for the model year 2020 it will be a successor to the expired action give. Since writing is not in the blood of every fan, another idea will start in September. It's about mobility and sustainability, a very hot topic. Anyone who owns a Saab and a smartphone has the opportunity to participate.

We will try out new formats and themes together. From tomorrow evening we accompany one of our readers on his Saab Tour from the German southwest to the North Cape. A journey in daily stages that takes us to the far north. Start is on 20. August at 19: 00 clock.

To experience another phase of its evolution with the blog, to see the future of Trollhättan and to accompany the auto industry through the most profound upheaval in decades is exciting. I would be happy if the readers continue to accompany me. Driving old cars, especially those with a touch on them, is fun and sustainable. Still standing with both feet in the present and looking to the future at the same time is not mutually exclusive. But on the contrary.

17 thoughts on "Our virtual Saab model year 2020"

  • Thank you for the compliment with side note. I gladly give back an unrestricted one:

    Without your significant and irreplaceable contributions, this blog would be noticeably poorer for me. This can and should be said so openly and honestly, without diminishing the fantastic achievements of the blog team thereby in the least. They are a big plus for and a pearl within the Saab faction.

    With a warm greeting of the highest esteem
    H. Hürsch

  • Thank you for continuing! Thank you for further developing and broadening the blog without being unfaithful to the core! I'm happy about every post in the blog! Keep on Saabin '

  • Herbert, your comments are always exciting! Please continue to comment, even if some statements can offend something, but that too is part of a lively blog!
    Greeting Hans S.

  • MY 2020

    What has SAAB always moved and would still do today?
    It would be a significant contribution to national or international automobility of tomorrow.

    And what moves me as a SAAB driver? Are 5 to 50 PS more powerful and 10 to 100 Nm more torque, combined with a supposed under-consumption of 0,2 to 2,0 liters (with data embellished by up to 50%) for the change? Definitely not ! ! !

    The announced blog mix is ​​perfect for me. Both SAAB and the automotive future interest me.
    The latest cry from the dashboard or a newly created exterior color for models of the present, solve
    with me, on the other hand, only so much emotion, as the extremely casually lifted leg to highlight
    one of my dogs on an x-any tree in the forest.

    Great that it continues here.
    Fantastic, how the themes are set.
    Or the latest splash of color in the layout / theme of this page ...

    The future is uncertain, but exciting.
    Here on this blog I have the very good feeling
    at the same time being closer to the SAAB brand and the future of the automobile,
    than at any other (internet) address. I struggle for words by means of which I could express my appreciation more unequivocally and clearly, but I won't find adequate ones so quickly ...

    Do what you want! ! !
    The main thing is that you do it and carry on ...

  • I'm curious what's coming and would like to say THANK YOU. Thanks for the Saabblog, the information you get here helps you a lot. Again and again just read something etc and has the knowledge that you need to see the next Saab

  • Dietmar, thank you for the “bouquet”. A T3 is not a Saab, but a stylish, relaxed touring car for the north. The spatial possibilities of the museum are unfortunately very limited. The exhibits change again and again, but a lot is also in the depot for a long time. Don't be too disappointed!

  • I'm happy about the decision. It's a good mix. Thanks for the very interesting contributions of the last few months, which I have read all carefully, even if I rarely comment. Keep it up. Great blog. Thanks to Tom & his team.

  • I hope so very much my modest report on the Norkap trip may well arrive.
    The trip was definitely great, with a perfect vehicle!

  • Thank you Tom for your exceptional formulating skills, including the blog
    make things so exciting with less positive topics. He is a valuable cultural contribution
    not only to the cultural heritage Saab. By the way. Also I have recently been in an 6 week
    Tour visiting the North Cape, I am across the west coast of Norway, the Lofoten,
    Senja to the North Cape and on the way back via Lapland, Sweden and Trollhätan
    past. The Saab Museum was interesting, but very delivered and from the 900 Sedan
    not a single copy available. That disappointed me.
    The tour of over 10.000 km I did not do with a Saab, but
    with a 36 year old VW bus T3.

  • Perfect news that makes my Monday even better! What would the world be without my favorite reading? 🙂 🙂

  • Tom, Thanks for this positive post. We are happy that we can continue to enjoy this blog.

  • The blog is developing NEXT, is aufgehubscht instead of wound up! 🙂
    SAAB remains the focus of the various car brands ...
    Information about Trollhättan ...
    Citizen / reader participation - perfect! 🙂

    The SAAB blog is and remains the favorite blog!
    THANKS to all (!) Doers behind the scenes.
    I look forward to the time with you!

  • Great, that it continues and, above all, that it continues to focus on Saab Thank you Tom and the team. We are all excited to learn something new about Trollhaettan and our cars, even under the new conditions.

  • I'm really looking forward to the model year 2020 and what it brings us!

  • 100% approval! A good course and stayed in an exciting niche. A mix of old SAAB tradition and modern times. Only then, and not otherwise, can you keep the brand young. Thank you!

  • Sounds exciting and - phew - the blog will stay with us! 🙂 That sounds like a mix that is both preserving and renewing at the same time, with pioneering ideas - in the same way as Saab has been developing for decades and building our wonderful cars!

    The concept that emerged in the past year is interesting and certainly unique. And personally, I also think it's good that it stays with our one, THE Swedish car brand - in interaction with current questions of automobility and noteworthy information about Troll Town and what's going on there.

    That makes you really feel like the new model year 2020! Thanks a lot for this great engagement of Tom, Jan and all other helpful blog ghosts and hopefully many great Saab blog years !! 🙂

    PS: I'm looking forward to Hans' travel report of the Norkap trip with the chic lime convertible like Bolle! 🙂 🙂 🙂


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