Half-year figures. Orio wants to risk more Saab.

The Orio AB, supplier of Saab original spare parts, publishes its Half-year figures. In the first 6 months, net sales decreased by 18%. Not all business areas and markets developed uniformly. So it is advisable to take a closer look. One thing is certain: on the new one CEO a mountain of work is waiting.

Orio half-year figures. Orio wants to risk more Saab.
Orio half-year figures. Orio wants to risk more Saab. Photo: Orio AB

Particularly hard in the first half of the year is the logistics sector. Actually, he should be a mainstay of the business model. But after the expiry of the Opel contract and the integration of the Opel spare parts supply into the PSA organization, revenues plunge by 52% to 10 million SEK (1,06 million €). But Orio remains confident about the future and announces negotiations with new potential customers.

Worldwide sales of Saab spare parts developed inconsistently. The decrease was 16% to SEK 238 million (€ 25,17 million). After the market in North America had to cope with a sharp decline in 2018, sales fell by a further 18% to 66 million SEK (6,98 million €). However, the phase of heavy sales losses seems to be over, because in the second quarter of 2019 only a minus of 10% was posted. Great Britain is also in the red with 10%, the Nordic markets report - 11% compared to the first half of the previous year.

The German market is quite different. Although never one of the strongest markets for the brand, it has been a reliable pillar for Orio AB for years. In the first quarter of 2019, the German subsidiary was able to announce increasing sales, in the following months they declined again. With a modest decline of only 4%, which could also be defined as a regular fluctuation, Germany is bucking the trend and is therefore only just behind the sales in Great Britain. If one counts on 12 months, then the sales market on the island and Germany is the same, it seems only a matter of time until the former Saab flagship market is overtaken.

The Orio AB wants to risk more Saab

While the half-year loss widened to 12 million SEK (1,27 million €), Nyköping reports an unchanged high gross margin when trading Saab original spare parts. Orio AB will continue its strong commitment to the brand and align its strategy accordingly.

In addition to improvements in efficiency, the company is aiming for growth in a market environment that continues to shrink. To achieve this, the Swedes want to regain lost market shares from competitors. A strategy that reads surprisingly after years of giving up positions without any need. There are more and more gaps in the delivery program that can hardly be explained. The coming months will show whether the announcement will be followed by action. Workshops, partners and Saab drivers would certainly welcome that.

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  • Orio has known about the unavailability of the NG Ledbar for seven years. What has happened since then? - NOTHING AT ALL!!!

  • The Saabblog certainly contributes a lot to the fact that Saab is still so strong, so people continue to drive to the good Saab workshops and continue to source Orio replacement parts. As long as Orio focuses on Saab, as long as you can continue to drive easily Saab.

  • As a rule, there are also wearing parts without an Orio ... Sometimes even with a significantly better price / performance ratio.
    With special parts it looks a little different ... although the CIM was not available for a long time or only with difficulty at Orio 😉

  • Against the backdrop of the different markets, I estimate that the (ORIO) authorized repair shops, which are still relatively easy to find here, account for a not inconsiderable share: In particular, the training of employees should make a difference here compared to the average level of the other countries mentioned.
    This pays off at the latest on older vehicles when it comes to troubleshooting, setting or even selective optimization.
    In this respect, support for workshops by ORIO is not a bad idea if customers tend to have a certain long-term orientation in vehicle use.

  • Orio …… we need you in order to be able to use our treasures with fun in the next few years and to counteract the mainstream. There are already enough boring cars.

  • Facts, facts, facts ... It's amazing how well Germany is holding up. Is it due to the German Orio, the Saab owners or is it tailwind from the blog? It would be nice if ORIO also makes something of it. My friend keeps complaining because he has to seek alternative suppliers. He would like to order everything from Orio.

  • Good news for all SAAB users!
    Maybe it's time ... to turn to the individual SAAB owners.
    A rethinking from “consumption cars” to using them to the point of running out is abundantly addressed here on the blog. Fortunately.
    So the blog pushes, in the positive claim, ORIO in front of him. OK then.
    However, it should also be followed by action, ORIO!

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