Once North Cape and back. Prologue and start.

Once to the North Cape and back in the Saab 9-3 convertible, built in 2004, 2.0t with 175 PS and automatic. What moves you to choose this barren rock at the very tip of Norway as a destination? The loneliness and seclusion? That does not count today, the North Cape is like all tourist hotspots overrun.

Once North Cape and back with the Saab 9-3 Cabriolet
Once North Cape and back with the Saab 9-3 Cabriolet


The charm of the lonely point on the horizon, where it can not go on? Yes that could come. It's a tingling feeling to stand at this point. Wind, wet, cold does not really keep you from enjoying this moment. The sunbeams that show up now and then heat up twice and you know now, yes I'm here!

For me, the motivation to take this tour was again very different. I had already driven to the Cape in the 1975 by car. With a Citroen 2CV, the Döschwo as he is called here in Switzerland. I do not like to hear the German caress "duck". I would never have spoken of a duck of my brave 2CV. That was still a real adventure back then.

Many roads were still unpaved, so the whole distance from Rovaniemi to Kirkenes and on to the North Cape. At the North Cape there was probably already a small hall, but not to compare with the fairground of today. It was also great, you could drive with his vehicle even to the abyss, respectively to the fence and there of course make a great souvenir selfie. Pardon, at that time it simply meant "taking a picture."

Nordkap 1975 with the Citroen 2CV
Nordkap 1975 with the Citroen 2CV

Albbruck - Trollhättan

Another motivation boost was of course the participation in the Saab Festival in Trollhättan. So our first destination was the former Saab production site. And because we are living in the south of the republic, it is already 1000 km to Kiel (and then back from Rostock again 1000 km ....).

A wistful look. I sold my 9-5 NG last year
A wistful look. I sold my 9-5 NG last year

The days in Trollhättan were filled with Saab, also with good conversations and rummaging around in all the stalls that existed there. The Maptun Stand was with his two madness cars, one should have 1000 PS (?), Of course, a powerful attraction. Yes, the Swedes already live the Saab cult in another dimension. You can see a lot of great built-up cars in absolute top condition. And then the sheer amount of 9-5 NG, there came a bit of sadness, I sold mine in December last year.

The next part: From Trollhättan to Trondheim.

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    North Cape 1975 with the Citroen 2CV: Oh! what a nice memory! The duck, the Citroën 2 CV, the Döschewo is the cuddly toy among the icons, somehow there is that image of distant school and study times and of a brisk duck with which you hunted around corners at a low angle. I was also traveling with my red “duck” in 1973 in Scandinavia and also in the North Cape. I hope that next year I will make another trip to the far north with my SAAB 9-5 Aero Bj. 2007! And by the way, despite all prophecies of doom. The chrome glasses have their qualities and remain a real Saab through and through. Even with small weaknesses that apparently all cars have. It's a shame that this car leads a shadowy existence here too!

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    Great trip with connection to the Saab Festival, so I want to do that too

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      Just do it! Is just damn far, but very beautiful and impressive!

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    The 2 CV was ...

    ... simply brilliant, because brilliantly simple.
    The ecological footprint (production) of significantly less than 600 Kg Auto should be flat.
    If then also a gravel road leads to the goal, then the intervention in nature and landscape is minimal.

    What I miss about the automobility of the present is that which is simple and primal, as well as the adventurous that was once its own. And I miss (new) vehicles that have been able to withstand hectic model changes for more than a decade or more ...

    Be that as it may, I am looking forward to continuing the journey, the repetition of which (again with a soft top / in a convertible) after 44 years must have been a very exciting journey through time ...

    1.000 Thanks for the prologue! ! !

    I would gladly have been in Trollhättan for the given date.
    But even without a festival, a visit to the museum was definitely worthwhile.

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    Great idea, the tour to the Cape. I'm already looking forward to the next travel day!

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    What a coincidence! My Saab convertible and I live on the Swiss side of the Rhine not far from Albbruck.

    Aero50's convertible has been driving towards me a few times and I've always gotten used to the great color of the car.

    Maybe you even meet in person. In any case, I'm even more excited about the next chapter.

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