Koenigsegg commits Selipanov and opens Design Studio

Koenigsegg has experienced a rapid development in recent years. With the entry of NEVS, the company is prepared for further expansion. By the engagement Former Bugatti designer Sasha Selipanov, the manufacturer from Ängelholm now rises to the premier class in every respect. And it turns out to be a really interesting question.

Koenigesegg Jesko in Hong Kong
Koenigesegg Jesko in Hong Kong. Photo: Koenigsegg / Oskar Bakke

Sasha Selipanov began his career after studying at the Art Center College of Design 2005 at Volkswagen. 2010 he changes in the group to Lamborghini and works on Huracan. Only four years later Selipanov signs a contract as head of Exterior Design at Bugatti. During his time with the distinguished VW subsidiary, he is responsible for the exterior design of the Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo and the Chiron. Finally, he turns his back on the Volkswagen Group and becomes the head of Global Advanced Design in the Hyundai Genesis team.

The Hyundai Premium Label exists only since the year 2015. It is little known in Europe but a successful emerging brand in North America and Asia. Selipanov designs both for the Koreans Mint- as well as that Genesis Essentia Concept, The Mint Concept with reduced shapes is intended to represent the interpretation of a compact premium vehicle for the urban environment. Behind the Essentia hides the design of a fully electric sports car. Sasha Selipanov seems to be busy and with a certain tendency to sports cars. Because he finds some time for a draft of the Porsche 911, which anticipates some elements of the new electric sports car of the Swabians.

Koenigsegg founds Design Studio

In October, the former Bugatti designer will start working as the head of design in Sweden. Koenigsegg has succeeded with his commitment a coup, which finally established the manufacturer in the premier class automobile. In addition to his involvement with the manufacturer of exclusive supercars Selipanov will also be active as CEO and chief designer of RAW Design House AB founded in January in Ängelholm. The new Design Studio offers its own definition of its services for a handpicked customer group.

This raises the really interesting question of whether Selipanov will also work for Koenigsegg shareholder NEVS in the future? The company from Trollhättan has not been conspicuous by spectacular studies or even its own design language. His InMotion Concept could in principle come from any other manufacturer, that 9-3 Concept was designed by a Hyundai-Kia team. The D1 design wears a pleasing, but also any Asian design. The viewer seeks in vain for his own accents or even the so often conjured realization of Saab DNA.

There are exciting years ahead of Sasha Selipanov. 2020 wants Koenigsegg build a small-edition beginner sports car in the former Saab factory. And after the exciting Koenigsegg Jesko is also in Ängelholm the bar of expectations for new products high.

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  • A world-class designer! Not bad for Koenigsegg. It would be welcome if NEVS also benefited from it. Maybe in the future there will be a design inspired by SAAB DNA?

  • So far, Koenigsegg has been enjoying the exterior design so far, as David Crafoord had already made a good choice, did Bård Eker actually deliver complete designs? The interior was in my opinion always a little getting used to ... Design is always a matter of taste, various Selipanov models I do not like, but the really good news is that in the Stallbacka again cars from the band will run.

  • Form follows ego

    Unfortunately, not every famous designer succeeds
    to subordinate oneself to the higher principle of the functional.

    NOW NEW AND FINAL: The continuous bench in the front (see pictures).

    And every few years there are three-legged chairs and tables that are guaranteed not to tip over
    because it takes a genius to remember the ancient geometry of class level 5 or 6.

    Just stupid that the memory is sketchy and the footprint of a three-legged chair is only half as big.
    Maybe round wheels are not that stupid after all? But even this principle is sometimes questioned by some designers ...

    Studio or studies to and fro, I hope that in the future Trollhättan again functional cars will be built.
    Happy again with ergonomically excellent individual seats.

  • Hello, wanted to insert a picture of the ”centodieci” and a link about Bugatti, article with picture in the ” https://www.sn.at Salzburg news from Aug 24th. Centodieci = Übersaab

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