Saab Festival 2019 - Review Part 2: First Festival Day

Festival, first day. It is important to work through the first exciting program. For the first time you have the opportunity to lend a hand in two locations and to expand long sought after parts. Those who take the trouble to drive to Lidköping will also be rewarded with a large selection of new parts. For us, too, that is the reason to leave the Sport Combi and start in the 900 in the direction of Lidköping.

Departure in the direction of Lidköping
Departure in the direction of Lidköping

On the way we meet several Saab, the Nordic high beam fires in continuous use Greetings to every Saab driver who comes to meet us. Half way there we join two more 900ers and the convoy heads for the junkyard.

New parts for a fair price

In the parking lot offers an almost classic image - 100% Saab, from all corners of Europe. It will not be the last time that we will be parked exclusively by Saab.

Inside, as previously announced, various stocks of new parts are waiting. They are neatly stacked in the original Saab boxes. In addition to Griffin and Aero front aprons for the 9-3, eg new alternators and water pumps are waiting for all 9-5 NG owners. Not far from the alternators there are also air conditioning control panels for the old 9-3 and 9-5 models. The vulnerability of small displays is known and often good advice is expensive. Even with Justus old 9-3 adopted the ad along with the SID. Both were exchanged and dropped out shortly thereafter. Here you could have bought completely new parts for really slim money to put an end to the problem once and for all.

We leave the new goods behind and look for the way to the open space, where all common Saab are neatly sorted and sorted by year of construction. Where - all common? That's wrong, 80% of the cars are built in 2000 or younger, a few 9000, 900 and 96 - that's it from the old stock. We stop for a moment, take the window lift unit of the 96 for our friends from the Saab Project 96 and free the only CD from its rear bumper. Together we pay the equivalent of just under EUR 28 for an almost new bumper and the window regulators. A really very fair price. We stow the cheaply shot parts and make our way back to Trollstadt.

The presentation by NEVS

Among other things, we still lack the most important "accessory" for this weekend - the Festival Pass. We have paid just 20 EUR pp, get access to the museum on all three days of the festival, the presentations there and once again 15% on all parts of the junkyard. A worthwhile investment that turns out to be a win-win situation for festival visitors and museums.

We also make use of the festival pass offer and visit the performance of Frank Smit. A former Saab employee who switched to NEVS and got the glorious task of doing some publicity for the festival NEVS to operate. The hall is full, guests of honor such as Simo Lampinen are greeted with much applause, but really much does not hang. The lecture is typical of NEVS, again many announcements what one plans everything, which works are close to the serial production and which partners one could win. Key questions such as those for a model for Europe will be answered with "in a few years". We are just as smart after the talk as before and who reads the blog from afar, is on the same level.

One sentence remains, with which Smit certainly makes few friends. When asked by the audience, he answers that Saab's bankruptcy was the best thing that could have happened to Trollhattan and e-mobility research. This process has been accelerated enormously, the company NEVS would have a great future ahead.

A murmur goes through the crowd, incredulous look at me unknown seat neighbor and I look at us. Did he really say that? Maybe you have to say such a sentence as a NEVS employee, maybe you would have left it better in the heart of the museum. No matter. The point is ticked off quickly, as most of NEVS I do not rate the statement very much.

Even at the NEVS stand one seems to have only a short interest in the festival. Who wanted to have information about the last Saab had to hurry, already in the early afternoon of all three event days, the NEVS booth has empty chairs. Pity about the missed opportunity.

The 9-4x and the Saab vintage 2020

The rest of the day remains unspectacular. We meet different Saab friends from all over Europe, talk to young pilots from Holland, Israel and Sweden. At the end, both cars will be washed for the next festival day, because tomorrow will be the "Exhibition Day" of the festival. We are not sure yet that we will be testing an 9-4x, and will see an outstanding presentation with 5 completely new concept cars from the former Saab Chef Designer. The festival is going on excitingly!

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  • blank

    Why put the 1sten time at scrap yards yourself hand + cheap new parts sale?

    Was it in past festivals, from ANA and / or SSDS! In any case, I always used the opportunity on these occasions to get the necessary material.

    You already reported about it 2 festivals ago, see “”

    In this regard, there is no comparison to us in Central Europe, because in Sweden some new products are also offered at spot prices on such occasions. This was and is for me in each case a reason to combine the holiday in connection with these occasions.

    Saabige greetings

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    Two conditions that are not directly related to the festival, but fit so well on Sunday and Saab.

    1. Once again, Zurich Auto insurance advertising on the Saab 9-3 convertible was on Swiss television! Just great, how this beautiful car also looks good over 10 years after its appearance!

    2. on the website There are always great classics and Youngtimer to emerge. Recently a Saab 9-3 I coupe in white with 185PS and automatic was for sale. The coupe was no 10 days on the net already it was sold! I look at this page every day and know how sometimes other makes hard to be sold with!

    Nice Sunday and always good ride!

  • blank

    Mr Smit certainly did not do his employer a favor with this statement. Very thoughtless!

    • blank


      You have my thumb (up of course) ...
      But if I think about it and compare it with professional experience,
      I'm not so sure anymore where and with whom the real guilt is to be found ...

      The PR department (management) is in the organizational chart of a company mostly directly to the management
      she reluctantly leaves it to chance, what light she and the company she runs in
      throws the wide space of public and media reception (including potential investors, shareholders, etc.) ...

      In other words, a misunderstanding is possible. A covered and anticipatory obedience not excluded.
      Most likely, however, is that Mr. Smit is indeed authentic the company NEVS and its leadership
      and represented in accordance with instructions ...

      Never shoot the messenger.

  • blank

    Two stupid men:

    Firstly, because I didn't visit a scrap yard this summer despite my vacation in S ...
    Yes, just laugh. With two Swedes on the farm from vintage 1970 I have more than earned it! ! !

    Second, Smit, because his appearance max. was unprofessional.
    Do you as a NEVS employee (“maybe”) have to say such a sentence?

    Counter questions and answers:

    • As a NEVS employee, can and should one say such a sentence in this place and in front of this audience? No.
    • Would this be at least max. Benevolence considers plausible and credible? No.
    • Is it therefore more or less profitable for NEVS? Detrimental.

    Regardless of how things are currently with NEVS, such a brute escape forwards raises question marks, sounds more like your back on the wall and an act of desperation than like a starting block and confident confidence. And no matter what the current state of NEVS is, professional PR is different ...

    It's impossible to dismiss a head-shaking audience! ! !

    But exactly what do I do with my previous admission?
    Holiday in Sweden without junkyard? ? ?
    How incredibly stupid and myopic of me ...

    So be it, in anticipation of part 3 I say thanks for part 2.

    • blank

      That one was allowed to lend a hand to the festival is rather untypical for Swedish standards. Environmental requirements are getting more and more intense in Sweden from year to year, many walk-in places (as we know it from Germany) have to close.

      Although this is understandable - the cars are often parked on unsealed (forest) floors - it is still a shame because old "junk" cars can no longer be handled sustainably enough.

      • blank

        Interesting info.

        One really wonders in many ways what is more sustainable.
        Global soil sealing itself is increasingly becoming a problem.
        From intervention in the above-ground and underground water cycle, in evaporation
        and infiltration processes, let alone, the warming in particular
        dark tarred streets and areas (parking lots and parking lots) more and more a problem ...

        They are associated with their warming due to absorption of incident sunlight (summer to the summer)
        Tar melt) pretty much the opposite of glaciers or the polar ice masses, the
        Already for at least 30 years as fragile and whether their reflection as essential and thus
        protection against global warming.

        It is absurd to mourn every lost square meter of white ice, and yet
        continue every square meter of sealed ground as human progression and thus
        as progressive - especially black earth surfaces.

        And as for the old cars and their spare parts supply, I see it as well as you.
        Only this WE reported me someone from his Friday in Wolfsburg picked up new diesel SUV.
        The drive home (a lot of country roads and also AB with max. 145) would have been completed by the car with “only” 6,0 liters of diesel.

        So what? The same CO2 output per kilometer, my father has already realized in the 1970ern with a petrol engine.
        7,0 liters per 100 Km highway with the same displacement, same number of cylinders and schnödem single carburettor.
        You have to let it melt in your mouth and be aware ...

        In between there are almost 50 years of automotive development history! ! !
        The bottom line is (and again) that the preservation and operation of the elderly in things
        CO2 balance and the use of resources would be cheaper - even after half a century ...
        Unbelievable, but still true.

        Apart from that, did not relate to my stupid comment and my self-incrimination on
        the festival and specific, time-limited (junkyard) conditions.
        If you go on holiday in S and drive Swedish cars that are no longer part of the current new cars,
        then worth a visit to Swedish junkyard at any time and in any case. I dumbass *! ! !

        The more stupid, as I visited quite a few Loppissar and at
        participated in the Swedish 2nd-hand economy ...
        That I excluded my cars on vacation
        have, is and remains inexplicable to me.

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