New Release. Saab 9-3 Viggen Monte Carlo Yellow

The recipe is very simple, but it is effective. Take a large engine from the next larger series, plus a large intercooler. The transplanted into a compact body, spice it up with a sporty chassis. For the optics one designs a respectable spoiler kit and builds sporty seats. The Saab 9-3 Viggen is done.

Monte Carlo yellow Saab Viggen special series
Monte Carlo yellow Saab Viggen special series. Photo: DNA Collectibles

Something like that must have been thought of in the late 90 years at Saab. The result was a sports car that fascinates and that is extraordinary. A displacement-strong engine, which is not a high-powered sportsman in principle, to a turbocharger. Power from the speed cellar, sports without stress. Sovereignty. The Swedish chefs had mixed a great recipe.

Actually, the 9-3 Viggen should become the first model in a series. A Viggen for each series as a synonym for sportiness and exclusivity from Trollhättan. Similar to AMG at Mercedes or the M series at BMW. An enchanting idea that did not materialize. Check out the many unperceived odds accumulated at Saab over the years.

1999 was delivered to the 9-3 Viggen as Cabriolet, Coupe and Sedan. As the first Saab he had the Trionic version 7.1. The B9R engine from the 5-235 series is powered by 230 PS. By current standards, that's not impressive, but in reality more than enough. If that did not seem sufficient, it could easily upgrade to 250 or more PS. Thus, the small Saab series had landed in the 250 Km / h plus X League.

SF 37 Viggen reconnaissance aircraft of the Swedish armed forces
SF 37 Viggen reconnaissance aircraft of the Swedish armed forces. Photo: Saab AB

As a distinctive landmark and sign of the brand's aeronautical roots, each Saab 9-3 Viggen wears the silhouette of the delta wing above the side turn signals.

Saab 9-3 Viggen Monte Carlo Yellow

The name comes from the Saab 37 Viggen (thunderclap). An aircraft of the Royal Swedish Air Force, which was available as an attack weapon as well as an interceptor and reconnaissance aircraft. The first Viggen was put into service in 1971, the last Viggen squadron was only disbanded in 2005. There is even some Trollhättan in every Saab 37 Viggen. The Pratt & Whitney engines were fitted with afterburners in the immediate vicinity of the Saab factory at Volvo Flygmotor.

329 Saab 37 Viggen were made by Saab AB until 1990, then took over as the successor to the JAS 39 Gripen Swedish national defense. In the automobiles, the name was continued, after 4.600 copies came 2002 the end of the Viggen era at Saab. More than half of the vehicles went to North America, in the home remained only a few copies. Sporty high-flyers with Saab logo came from then on only from the Swiss house tuner and wore no more aircraft names.

Exclusive edition of the 9-3 Viggen as a miniature
Exclusive edition of the 9-3 Viggen as a miniature. Delivery from the beginning of 2020.

The Viggen lives on as a miniature. DNA Collectibles announces the special series of a Saab 9-3 Viggen Cabriolet in Monte Carlo Yellow after the blue Viggen Cabriolet. The edition in 1:18 scale is limited as usual, the model cars are individually numbered. The pre-order phase is now open. The miniature will be delivered from early 2020.

The manufacturer from Switzerland seems to have liked the brand Saab. The special series of the Viggen and the Turbo X is not over yet. Collectors of miniatures may be happy: A Saab 9-4x is also in preparation.

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    King of key phrases, suspense and derivation ...

    Actually, I didn't want to read the article, let alone comment ...

    Miniatures are not my cup of tea. Their charm opens up to me but quite. Still
    Today, because the Viggen (the plane) I actually had as a child ever as a model kit.

    With limited resources (both time and money), I now leave the model world more mine
    underage boys. But what kind of pleasure (reading) would I have missed today?

    The derivation of the merits and qualities of this model of a real model of SAAB is correct
    Well. For example: "(...) but in reality more than enough."

    Exactly this strict orientation to the reality is - beside further positive characteristics - for me
    very typical feature of this sympathetic brand. Tom has at least one nail at least
    hit directly on the head.

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      If you get a little closer to the Viggen and the contemporary competition,
      the inconspicuous SAAB suddenly shines, shines and sparkles like a cut diamond ...

      With 230 HP (series) it had the liter output of a number of motorcycles or an M3 3,2 (up to '99),
      however needed 7400 RPM for it. An 911er (3,6 l sucker) came one of these days
      Although liter performance relatively close, but still far from ran. The distance of its absolute power
      the SAAB was surprisingly low despite the somewhat larger cylinders and 6 ...

      With 230 PS + X (Hirsch or Maptun), the Viggen was finally a nightmare.
      And that at conservative speeds. A fascinating (under) statement ...

      It may be that downsizing and turbos have long been industry standard
      for burners are. The 100 PS / liter are still not today.
      Since the majority of current models must be after good 20
      Years still behind a Viggen queued, it was
      absolute or measured by displacement ...

      9-3 Viggen - a truly fascinating car ...

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    Very interesting report with information about the (real, big) Viggen series. Unfortunately, I never knew what this special series was all about, only that Kawumm under the hood was accompanied by a sporty design (a thunderbolt, as I know now).

    When does the Griffin Convertible MJ 2012 come as a model? DNA appreciates rare models. And since the last series of the 93 the Viggen refers very impressively to the rear seats. According to the friendly from Kiel, only about 1.000 Griffins were built, of which about one third convertible, station wagon and sedan. Or does the blog have other numbers?

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      The blog is completely compatible with Kiel. I think it's max. 1000 units. The production period was very short. Whether there will be a MY 2012 Griffin model of DNA is unclear. But I gladly pass on the suggestion.

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        Great thanks! 🙂

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    When you open the bonnet, falling directly because of two large Dom aspire in the eye.

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