Sion interior design. The freedom of reduction.

Sono Motors today unveils the interior design of the Sion. So far, the Munich startup is striking above all by concentrating on the essentials. Utility and the reduction of the design are in the foreground. With some tension arises the question of whether this claim is realized in the interior.

The freedom of reduction. A 10 "display controls all central functions
The freedom of reduction. A 10 ″ display controls all central functions. Picture: Sono Motors

Projects starting with a white sheet of paper open up unimaginable possibilities. For example breaking with the mainstream and focusing on the important things in life. Sono Motors consciously deviates from the premium trend with the interior design of the Sion and uses the freedom of reduction.

At the center of the reduced cockpit is a 10 ″ display that is supposed to control all relevant functions. The panel manages the infotainment, the mobility services, as well as important vehicle and consumption data as well as apps. Apple Car Play, Android Auto and a Bluetooth interface enable the integration of your own smartphone. Another 7 ″ display behind the steering wheel provides information on the range and power generation through the solar panels.

The freedom of reduction

At first glance, everything seems to be intuitive to use, which is also the main idea behind the reduction. Avoiding the unnecessary should make it easier to share the Sion with as many other users as possible. No training phase, no studying of manuals. Driving, sharing, mobility with sustainability. The fittings and interior design, which the manufacturer describes as robust, go well with this. The green moss in the interior shows that the Sion wants to be something very special despite all its reduction and stands for the freedom of new thinking. The system called breSono is a natural air filter that is supposed to improve the room climate and reduce fine dust pollution. For people who have not been familiar with the Munich Mobility Provider have occupied the interior of the first contact for surprise and interest.

The boot volume is specified by Sono Motors with 650 liters. It can be extended by simply folding down the asymmetrically split rear seat on 1250 liter. The Sion is thus below the volume of a VW Touran, which can offer more volume without folding the seats around 180 liters. The usability in real life is not decided by liter performances, but by loadability and maximum utilization of the available area. And there could score the Sion with its value-optimized form certainly.

This will be decided at the first practical test, but it still has to wait a bit. Production at the former Saab works will start in the second half of 2020. The Sion will only become the first electric car in a whole family of products that is all about sustainability. Further variants, for international markets, are being planned.

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    Describing cheap looks as a departure from the mainstream is too far-fetched for me.
    But nothing else is expected for the intended price. The car is for me without emotions and enthusiasm a practical and objective work tool for leisure and work.

    • blank

      Implement - practical and objective

      So your final sentence ironically wakes me emotions.
      Sounds like good tools. They trigger enthusiasm with me.

      In general, without saying anything for or against the Sion ...

  • blank

    The reduction ...

    ... to the essentials is for me personally a (positive) murder argument.
    One can and may as a big and avowed follower the SAAB-Night-Panels
    yes, hardly ask for anything else, right?

    Therefore the Sion is and remains sympathetic to me - as a tool for certain
    and refreshingly many and even completely new tasks (such as mobile power

    What I do not quite understand - or for the first time I notice - is the moss or its
    Presentation ...

    So far, I always thought that the ecologically sound filter quietly and secretly works
    Performs that every rendering and image with visible moss is a virtual cross section
    through which Sion was ...

    But now I get the impression that this was a misunderstanding. Hence these
    Comprehension question:
    Is Sono Motors seriously planning a clear-glass terrarium in the dashboard?

    • blank

      They do and the idea is patented. There is even an exchange recommendation for the moss after a certain period of time. Anyway, the moss seems to be part of Sono's DNA. One finds it in the building in all sorts of places, already unusual.

      • blank

        Doesn't have to be an exclusion criterion, but ...

        ... it seems a bit superfluous and "unusual",
        is apparently at odds with a reduction to that
        Essential ...

        Whimsical detail of a car that is otherwise coherent for me.
        Maybe there is also a meaningful explanation? ? ?

        Maybe the climate inside the air conditioner for moss is indeed yes
        ideally, it is always so green (as on the PR pictures but only very
        rarely in nature) and maybe it needs light for that? ? ?

        Anyway, many thanks for the AW, which actually long ago and
        exhaustive of Sono should have been available for everyone ...

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    The hazard switch is already clearly visible in a prominent place. If he was a real button, he would be perfect. But at least a well-made, reduced interior. Sympathetic, you almost inevitably keep your fingers crossed!

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    Nice design, but it's just a few more computer generated images. You should already have some prototypes by the time you plan to start production next year - but that doesn't seem to be the case.

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