Once North Cape and back. From Kalix to Trelleborg.

The next stage takes me from Kalix to Trelleborg. That means crossing Sweden lengthwise. That's easy 1.600 km. Of course with intermediate stops. So in Sundsvall, the hotel Södra Berget high above the city, with a wide view over the countryside and the sea. In the evening then as a bonus a beautiful sunset.

Spectacular! Bridge from Kalmar to Öland.
Spectacular! Bridge from Kalmar to Öland.

Next stop in a suburb of Stockholm, in Sollentuna. In the evening, then a stroll to Stockholm in glorious weather and dissolved mood. I sat down on the edge of a large park that was so overflowing with life, drank one or two beers, and watched the people flocking in droves. Did I catch myself to have looked the beautiful Swedes for a long time?

The next day the journey continued to Öland. The bridge from Kalmar to Öland is particularly spectacular.

Like the wind, which blew a lot. Unfortunately, this wind did not diminish during the two days on Öland and so I could not enjoy my nice hotel with a large terrace facing the sea. Borgholm is the name of the place and there is a mighty old castle there. The visit there was unfortunately very affected by the strong wind. It blew from all corners and edges. So I went quickly into one of those cute little cafes and ate there, right, a cinnamon bun.

The next day packed the bags and packed the brave Saab. It went on to Trelleborg, not without that Öland had now shown me how nice it feels without strong wind. Really mean.

Trelleborg, typical harbor town. Huge facility for the various ferry destinations. I think many blog readers know that, the ferry connections from D to S are fast and convenient. I arrange for the destination Rostock and soon the procedure of loading started.

Tomorrow the farewell is approaching! The last leg to the home!

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    Thanks for the nice impressions! Oh, 1965 already in N, with a beetle. It was great.
    I was in Scandinavia for the first time in 1971 by train (Interrail, who else knows that?), Then in 1974 for the first time with a car, a 2CV4, 425 cc engine with 16 HP !! Two people and complete tent equipment, everything from Basel to Trondheim and back without any problems. Great times back then ...

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    So far, I have held back with a comment and absorbed the individual reports about the trip to the North Cape and back like a sponge. But now that the last part of Scandinavia has been completed, I have to say thank you for a wonderful story.
    The great reports about the individual sections “To the North Cape and back” impressed me very much and also reminded me of my trips, which I also made in Norway and to the North Cape. The last one so far took place in 2014 with a Saab 9-5 Sportcombi, built in 2010, which has proven itself on this 3-month trip through Norway and Sweden. Fortunately, as a retired person you have the time.
    I made my first trip to Norway in 1965 as a young man in a VW Beetle. Back then, as a German, I wasn't welcome everywhere in Norway - on the other hand, locals, with whom I came into closer contact, were very open-minded.
    At that time there were only a few German tourists on the way, and when you met, you at least welcomed yourself with flashing lights or even stopped and exchanged experiences.
    The report inspired me to take out my notes and read them again. So once again many thanks for these wonderful descriptions. By the way - in 1975 we could have met at the North Cape, at that time I was still there with a Volvo 142. I've been driving Saab since 1983.

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    Thank you for the good words Herbert. The last part is still following.

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    As on the last pages of a good book,
    I also feel a latent farewell pain here and now.

    The small, Scandinavian and regular impressions in words and pictures were fun.
    Thank you.

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