Once North Cape and back. Rostock - Weimar - Albbruck.

The ferry arrives early in Rostock in the morning. First the inner city driven and found a parking lot and soon also a nice little cafe that had already open and also a plentiful breakfast offered. Just right now.

Once North Cape and back. The recommendation: Just do it!
Once North Cape and back. The recommendation: Just do it!

Then strolled through Rostock. I just like the harbor cities. Especially the old plants and storage have done to me. Later then to a transit hotel on the outskirts of the city and me there about the cheap beer price!

Visit to the Bauhaus Museum Weimar

The next morning to Weimar. I really wanted the new one Bauhaus museum visit. I have been fascinated by the Bauhaus for years. I think Bauhaus and Saab, that would have worked very well together. More being than appearance!

A quiet disappointment came over me at the sight of the building. I think you missed a great opportunity here. You can build a new museum from scratch, and then put down such a block. That it seems cubic and geometric, is quite appropriate. But the bland, styleless surface really does not have to be.

Bauhaus Museum in Weimar
Bauhaus Museum in Weimar

Inside, the new museum convinces more. The arrangement of the rooms with the different views like. And there is also a sky staircase. This seems to be a new trademark for new museums. The exhibition in and of itself is a bit overloaded. You probably want to show everything you have in the beginning. The Bauhaus slogan, less is more, would be very appropriate here.
Weimar is well worth a visit. Very clear and contemplative, blessed with many good restaurants where you can sit outside in good weather. Since I have been to Weimar twice already, I have omitted the Goethe and Schiller Rummel.

The next day then the last stage, Weimar to Allbruck, so against 530 km. It was a Sunday, no trucks on the highway, what a blessing. So I came forward quickly and immediately ran into our yard.

Some statistics

Entire driving distance, 9395 after the day counter. About 1200 km with the big ferries and a few dozen km with the small ferries along the Fv17.

Travel time from 4. June to 7. July 2019

The Saab just went something like that. Everything accepted without complaint and everything unwound without the slightest disturbance. Just great with an open roof and good music to drive along these almost empty streets and let pass the beautiful landscapes. The relaxed driving paid off, the fuel consumption was down to 7,2 liters.

From Trondheim I was traveling alone. This is actually quite good. During the day you drive, are busy with all sorts of stuff and enjoy the beautiful landscapes. Arriving at night in a barren hotel, that is not exactly intoxicating. Since I often felt lonely and wished my partner would be with me.


Would I do this trip again? In any case, unless I have never been to the North Cape, then in any case; -

Pure experience! My recommendation: just do it

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  • Thank you for this cool travelogue, great written.
    At some point I will go with my Saab also to Trollhättan and maybe I can make it to the North Cape

  • The last paragraph under the heading 'Something Statistics' and the last two sentences touched me so much that I have to add a few sentences to my comment.
    I was traveling alone on my Nordkap tour on 1975, because my former partner was not at all enthusiastic about Norway. And I felt the same way to experience a lot during the day and to be alone, even lonely in the evening. It went so far that I shortened my journey by more than a week. It simply lacked the opportunity to share the overwhelming impressions with someone - preferably with the lovely partner - and process it. But over time, my melancholy sensibilities have become invaluable memories. And I hope you are, dear Hans S. just like that!

    • That's exactly how it is Günter! I would like to share my impressions and feelings with someone in the evening. I also shortened my journey by four days. For example, in Vardö, where I actually wanted to stay for two days, but then I was glad to continue traveling the next day.

      Thanks for your two additional comments. I have recognized myself in many ways. I'm very close to the north, was already twice in Canada / Alaska with a camper undisturbed. Of course, this is always worth a trip.

      Good time and good ride!

  • Thank you very much for sharing your impressions of your great journey so freely with us all here! For me as a south driver it was even more exciting and I learned a lot.

  • Many thanks for the wonderful reports and photos!
    It was wonderful to have been a bit “there”…
    Continue a good journey and emotional experiences!

  • Thanks for the answer, dear Hans, I see, two kindred souls met here. Also you always good trip with the Saab.

  • A really great tour. Since I have already seen some of the stations (North Cape in the fog, of course), I was able to feel a lot of good. My personal highlight are the Lofoten.
    Have fun with your great convertible - great color by the way! 😉

  • Hans,

    yes, even the last chapter was worth reading. And also the photos.
    My farewell pain from your contribution series in the penultimate was premature ...

    Speaking of photos, where exactly on the long journey is because of this great range of blue tones
    captured? That is also my last question about the journey. Promised.

    I end with full approval and similar thoughts on the architecture of the Bauhaus Museum.
    One can vividly imagine what the architect / his construction management is about the exposed concrete
    possibly could have done ...

    Structure, pores, coloring, gaps between the elements. If a design already not much else
    has to offer, such points often gain an unimagined explosiveness. Mostly to the chagrin of the
    leading ...

    "Brilliant" is also the break with serial production, which is due to the tape and its
    Scaling has been enforced. So you are neither fish nor meat and have (mine
    Opinion) finally adopted by the Bauhaus.

    But anyway, the series of contributions with their architectural, culinary
    and thoughts and observations related to landscape and nature
    me a great pleasure. Thanks again.


    • Herbert, thank you for your nice comments on my trip.
      The photo was taken somewhere along the E10, already deep in the Lofoten. Where exactly do not I know anymore.
      Taken with a mobile phone and a selfie stick, a very handy thing when traveling alone 🙂

  • Many thanks for the great report and the many beautiful photos! Each episode was a treat.


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