Invitation to the 1. Saab exit Rhön on 03.Oktober 2019

The Rhön is calling! Dear Saab friends (the female part is always included in the "friends"!), After Niels, Jonathan & Co. recently had the great ride through the Taunus and that in fact in the middle of Germany relatively few exits take place, this encouraged me in my request to make even an exit on the legs - of course, through my beautiful home, the Rhön.

Saab exit RhönMeeting point is Thursday, 03. October 2019 to be 11: 00 clock in 97653 Bischofsheim ad Rhön. There registration and start, then it goes on 79 km through the Hessian and Bavarian Rhön (the Thuringian part I will hopefully at the following time embed) with great views and photo stops. After two hours there is a cozy restaurant at the destination, waiting for us with a warm buffet. There, the round trip can end with good "gasoline talks".

As a special feature, there should be a "trunk market", ie anyone who has a Saabiges part left, can offer it - for sale or exchange or as a gift. It can be a no longer needed spare part, a brochure, a book, a key chain - whatever; The main thing it has to do with Saab.

There is a registration fee of 27,00 € per person (not per vehicle). For children under 14 years the fee is 13,50 €. For the Saab-friend gets coffee and sandwiches at the meeting point, as well as the warm buffet at the destination (here drinks on own account). It should also give a small present for the participant with the longest journey and the oldest vehicle.

The exit is a purely private meeting without any commercial interest, everything is at your own risk and without liability to the host.

The exit takes place in any weather, of course, we hope for a "golden October".
Further information and registration formalities can be found at:

can be requested.

I'm looking forward to seeing you

Thomas Zecher

3 thoughts on "Invitation to the 1. Saab exit Rhön on 03.Oktober 2019"

  • Class initiative! More Saab needs the land and more engagement. Thumbs up!

  • blank

    That sounds really great.
    And the boot market is a great idea.
    So much initiative is best rewarded by participation.

    And it is true, the border triangle of Hesse, Bavaria and Thuringia
    is surprisingly central. This is central Germany, even if in northern federal states
    immediately ring the alarm bells when you hear “Bavaria”. Many people immediately think of Switzerland
    or even Italy.

    Dear people, please look at the map.
    The meeting is closer and easier to reach than many people think ...
    Well, I do not want to imply anyone that he does not have the map in his head.
    It is much more of a confession and a self-incrimination of one
    one of the northern federal states ...

    Maybe I'm not alone in looking at the map
    and the meeting suddenly seems feasible? ? ?

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