NEVS-Evergrande buys chassis architecture from FEV-Benteler

Evergrande Neoenergy has acquired the chassis architecture 3.0 from Benteler International and the FEV Group. The Purchase German technology announced the subsidiary of the Evergrande Group yesterday. This gives the company access to the most advanced architecture for battery electric vehicles.

Chassis Architecture 2.0 from Benteler
Chassis Architecture 2.0 from Benteler. Photo: Benteler

The chassis architecture 3.0 for electric cars is based on the Electric Drive System 2.0 from Benteler Automotive and is highly modular. For both NEVS and Evergrande, the acquisition of architectural rights has far-reaching consequences. This dramatically reduces the time it takes to completely redevelop estimated 5 years by more than 3 years. And the principle of the complete chassis architecture with drive and chassis allows covering a wide range of vehicle segments in a very short time.

Chassis Architecture 3.0 saves time

With the current investment, the Evergrande Group is reducing its backlog to established providers. For this purpose one accesses technology from established addresses. Both Benteler and FEV are regarded as leaders in the automotive industry and are also active for German premium manufacturers. The FEV Group 1978 was founded in Aachen and is a specialist in drive systems, alternative technologies, networked driving and lightweight construction. Benteler has been around for 140 years, maintains 83 research and development sites in 39 countries, and is a recognized developer of chassis architecture.

NEVS - Evergrande continues the previous shopping tour with this chess move. The company would like to become the world's largest provider of electromobility in the next 5 years. With the acquisition of the most modern platform technology, the claim is confirmed once again. Nothing was announced about the purchase price.

The catching up begins

German technology for vehicles from Sweden is in principle nothing new. Saab used to have good connections to Germany for many years. Especially in the classics is high-quality technology German engineers. For Trollhättan in the present, the current development will have some impact. The platforms developed by NEVS in recent years, some of which are still based on Saab technology, are now likely to have only a sentimental value.

With the 3.0 chassis architecture, developers at Stallbacka now have access to what is probably the most advanced modular kit available on the market. The desired development of 8 completely new models in a short time can become more dynamic. First results may already be presented to 2020, but at the latest in the year 2021. It is good news for the former Saab factory and the jobs in Trollhättan. It is scheduled to re-produce next year, after a break of almost 10 years.

There are still several blurs. The Evergrande Group is deeply in debt. By European standards at a worrying level. Will she hold the investment marathon in the next few years? It is also unclear under which label the electric cars should be sold in the future. NEVS or another brand? Is Evergrande buying any illicit trademark or are you venturing something completely new?

A few days ago Evergrande presented a new brand of electric car in China.恒 驰 is spoken Heng Chi and was first seen on Evergrande Jerseys during the AFC Champions League quarter-final game on August 28th. Translated, 恒 驰 stands for “forever” and “blooming worldwide”. It does not seem more modest, and here at the latest the owners of the former Saab factory differ enormously from the well-groomed understatement of the Saab brand.

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    Thank you for your - as always balanced and informative - comments and answers.

    You obviously have technical and economic industry knowledge, are either insiders or keen observers ...

    Again my question from my 1. Comment: How do the chassis and hub motors work together?
    Because this technology or their acquisition was the last big news about NEVS / Evergrande.

    In the article ( states, among other things, that from now on everything could go very fast. And yet it says in the current that the chassis could be a shortcut to any model offensive.

    In my understanding, that would also mean prioritizing a relatively conventional chassis and putting the wheel hub motor on the bench as the turbo of the future - no matter how long or short it may be.

    I find this question (and especially the answers) much more exciting than global economic generalities on the role, history or current status of China, as I started it myself ...

    After all, these are fundamental technical decisions. And while the chassis speaks for a conventional design and appearance (a Tesla S, for example, is astonishingly similar to a Maserati Quattroporte), wheel hub motors, on the other hand, represent a wide and widely open field of completely new solutions ...

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      Unfortunately, this comment has slipped ...
      It was written and sent in response to StF (4, September 2019 at 10: 48 PM).

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      Evergrande (not necessarily NEVS) obviously has ambitions to cover all vehicle classes. Carefully formulated, there is a certain tendency towards the commercial vehicle sector, for which wheel hub motors could have a particular relevance. Whether there will be a large-scale acquisition of a European commercial vehicle manufacturer by Evergrande in the future is speculative. There are signs of this since the beginning of the year.

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        Sounds like a really, really big shopping trip,
        which is unprecedented worldwide and historically.

        At least in the automotive market. But does Evergrande have his
        Roots not really on the other, the real estate market?

        This is all exciting. We will either witness a unique one
        Success that we readers thank - thank the blog - step by step and from crawling
        Accompany group, or we experience 1: 1 like a real estate company the world
        produced the first automobile bubble and finally burst this and himself ...

        Compared with the city center plot of the metropolis X or Y is also the smartest
        Platform or license an absolute mayfly. It is also important that at the end of a
        Automobile Shopping Tour matches the puzzle. Also with an immobile
        Rag rug can make you a fortune. Automobile is fundamental
        different. Either you have everything together what it needs, or you have
        nothing …

        The voltage increases. But I already wrote that (in the 1st comment) ...
        Maybe he was not that stupid? ? ?

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          Evergrande is traveling with the greatest ambitions. However, even in the home doubts rain, if the bill comes up in the end. The capacities that are currently being built for electric cars are in dimensions that can only be realized with great imagination for an unknown company. It remains exciting in any case.

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            Thanks a lot ! ! ! !
            Any information here eliminates one or two question marks ...
            It couldn't be better.
            But it is also nice that there is always something a bit open.
            Fun and excitement are guaranteed in every case for an indefinite time.

            The SAABBLOG - no more and no less than the big and wide world.
            Plus the SAABWELT, of course. A pretty brilliant mix.

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      Thank you very much for the 'flowers', I am happy if my assessment is competent, but admittedly it is largely based on information that was googled together and my interpretation of the effects of this.
      And I, too, can be wrong, and that is not only a theoretical possibility, but has actually happened ...

      Nevertheless, here is my assessment of your questions: The platform seems to be fundamentally very flexible, apparently you can adjust to all lengths and widths as you wish, but of course it looks like, for example, a flat vehicle floor was not to realize without further ado. For a van, or a transporter with a flat bottom would probably need adjustment work.

      That with the wheel hub motors is also an interesting thing. Basically, the and a standard suspension are not necessarily mutually exclusive. But it's probably a package challenge to accommodate both the brake and an electric motor in the wheel, especially for high-performance vehicles. But compact car prototypes based on production vehicles with low-to-mid-range performance have already been available in this design, eg from Schaeffler, some time ago, so that should be possible.

      But it gets really interesting when we talk about swiveling wheel modules that allow parking transverse to the direction of travel. I guess that would not necessarily be a killer app as there are automatic park assistants doing something similar.
      But it would be a unique selling proposition that would have the potential to trigger Will-I-have effects on customers. This is shown on the Protean website, but I do not know how far they are actually developing.

      It is also a task, such a thing for a shuttle bus with perhaps 30 -50 km / h design, the requirements for a car with 130 km / h and more are likely to be much higher. The integration into an existing platform is probably not possible without further.
      The system shown on the website is likely to be electrically tilted, which would then be an electric steer-by-wire steering. Many have already dealt with this, but I suspect that approval will take time.
      Maybe you have something simpler in the hindquarters, because the 360 ° -Schwenkbarkeit is not necessarily needed for this function.

      If NEVS-Evergrande were to come onto the market in such a way that it proves to be reliable and durable, then they would probably be more than just an additional new car brand.

      But that was quite a lot of glass ball reading on my part, possibly with fantastic moves. Let's see what's really coming.

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        Now I have to actually correct myself, because unnoticed unnoticed it has a steer-by-wire steering made some time ago on the market, which I found only now when Googling.

        Something like this is available from Infiniti in Q50S:

        So that was an example to show that I can actually be wrong. If there are any more misjudgments, I can at least say that I warned you beforehand ...

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        Isn't that more likely to write “GLASGOOGLE” today? ? ?

        Anyway, you know how to handle the bullet and Google well and draw your own conclusions. Thank you very much for your recent answers and thoughts. Without belittling the achievements of the blog team, I can and may say that the input from readership or commentary is one of the mainstays of this blog and its attractiveness to me personally. So thank you so far. I hope and look forward to further thoughts and comments from you on upcoming topics and articles.

        The world is complex and difficult. The bigger and more intelligent the swarm, the closer we are to a valid thought or even the solution of a problem ...

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    Evergrande should have thoroughly discussed all this before making such investments. I am glad that it is now in the right direction; Something real is happening and it offers hope to anyone interested in a new job in Trollhattan and for those interested in a wider range of alternative drive cars.

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    How many vehicles does NEVS have to sell in the future to earn money?

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      Good question, which unfortunately is a bland answer: it all depends on what they offer and how the Evergrande Group is set up.

      Probably it will be a group with several brands, but how far this development, manufacturing and distribution technology will be separated, is already the first good question.

      If you just look at NEVS Trollhättan, then it would be conceivable that they could make money for the entire group with an annual production of 50.000 vehicles and development services, if the company structure is designed accordingly. In addition, there is still the job as a contract manufacturer for Sono Motors and maybe Koenigsegg, but it is still questionable in my view, how many vehicles will be in the year.

      On the other hand, the announcements of Evergrande, that within a maximum of 5 years, one would like to belong to the big ones in the e-car business and all plants should be expanded. For Trollhättan is a maximum output of 200.000 vehicles a year in the conversation and in a running car factory, the load should in my opinion not below 80%, otherwise it will earn money with the critical, that would be 160.000 vehicles.

      However, they do not produce anything and therefore have to have some plan for starting production, but that's just a gray theory as long as you do not know the products. They do not just need to be manufactured, they also have to be sold and whether the market and the customers are there will have to be seen.

      And there we have not even talked about whether or not they want to be able to grow faster in Asia than in Europe, or whether NEVS wants to stage more as a premium, rather than a mass producer. Without giving a rating to NEVS, manufacturers such as Maserati, Lamborghini, Bentley, or even Morgan, range significantly less than 50.000 produced vehicles a year.

      Then you can still ask questions about autonomous shuttle buses, or whether there might be a commercial vehicle strategy? So for now there are many questions and few answers, we will have to wait and see how it develops ...

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    Being a pioneer is nothing new in Trollcity :-). Unfortunately, one also has experience with “rescuers” without money.

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    Pretty smart to buy technology in a big way to save time. Unlike previous years, Chinese do not buy up-to-date technology. Long-term and medium-term a questionable trend.

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      Good morning.

      This trend is really not new for a long time ...
      The times when China gratefully received the technical drawings
      a steam locomotive or a coal-fired power plant has taken over, lie
      just 30 to 50 years back ...

      When we discuss the Benteler chassis, we discuss whether Benteler
      a sale on good terms and in time before its obsolescence succeeded.

      The shopping spree of Chinese companies has long been on par with the rest of the world.
      But that also means (thank God) that Chinese investors are now the same
      Take risks like Westerners ...

      The comfortable times when every purchase automatically means progress
      are finally over for China. From here on today you have to be damned careful
      what you buy it from whom and under what conditions ...

      The advantage of China has long since ceased to exist, the race to catch up is history ...

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        Well, Herbert, not really. That's not all that long ago. 2009 has sold Saab the 9-5 and 9-3 technology to China. Previously, the Chinese have secured MG / Rover. And still today one builds on discarded platforms predominantly of Japanese origin in China new cars.

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          Everything is correct, but 2009 was another decade ...

          Between the last newly produced steam locomotive in China and the world's most modern
          Express trains was also just a stone's throw. Or between licensed buildings of coal power plants
          and a dominance of the global market for solar modules ...

          Or, or, or ...

          You can not say both bad at the same time. On the one hand the backwardness of China and
          on the other hand, progress and supremacy. I stick with it, acquiring a chassis or
          Which know-how is always available through a Chinese company is not new.

          Fundamentally new is that Chinese companies and the Minister of Economy
          think and have to think globally. Licenses from the bankruptcy of X or
          Y are no longer enough ...

          And who made the better deal - Evergrande or Benteler -
          we don't know yet ...

          But I know that China has arrived in the global economy.
          Even with all the risks and disadvantages that it has in store ...

          Welcome China! ! !

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            Whether you have to assume predator capitalism everywhere, coupled with the question of who made the better deal, or who was ripped off by whom, while in times of a trade dispute is not completely dismissed, but actually should both partners have something from the deal, otherwise they would probably not have received it.

            Of course, there are forecasts for the future on both sides and no one can guarantee that everyone will arrive as expected.
            What also surprised me a bit at the beginning is that it does not sound as if Evergrande had acquired a non-exclusive license, which would have been more likely for a development service provider, at least in my view, but all rights to the platform.

            On the other hand, it may of course be that even the customers at Benteler have not stood in front of the doors to get a platform, so that the sale was interesting with the prospect of a lot of development work for Evergrande. In this context, the mention of FEV would also make sense in the event that the expertise of FEV and Benteler ideally complement each other.

            The question still remains as to what NEVS should develop, they must also have a development department. On the other hand, it speaks for the size of the 'project' planned by Evergrande if you secure that much development capacity.

            The question still remains, where does one take the security to secure such a large piece of the cake, or is it perhaps rather that Evergrande needs such a large piece of cake for financial reasons and has identified the automotive sector as the most likely area in which one can quickly gain a large market share due to the anticipated upheavals caused by e-mobility?

            Actually everything is as always, opportunities are seen that some want to take advantage of, but the motivation remains unclear for the time being. Business, survival, or anything in between, you may find out in the future, or not ...

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    Very interesting ...

    ... but also confusing, this message.

    The chassis looks incredibly robust. And she awakens memories
    of past automobiles that did not yet have a self-supporting body ...

    At that time one called the ladder frame and on the finished and ready-to-drive chassis
    Car brands and coachbuilders also like to do something different. Short in Sweden
    after the 2. World War II, for example, the PV 445 and also from the convertible to the delivery and
    small trucks everything imaginable ...

    Only the PV 444 (Buckelvolvo) itself had no ladder frame, but already
    a self-supporting body ...

    Can such a chassis, a ladder frame 3, 4 or 5.0 today really still makes sense
    cover a whole range of vehicles? Is not the lead frame forced
    over- or undersized, depending on what you build on it? ? ?

    And how do a finished chassis and hub motors fit together? ? ?
    Shopping is fun, no doubt. Efficient is a shopping trip though
    only if you have a needs-based shopping list.

    We will see. At the moment I can see question marks
    at least not yet a valid exclamation mark ...

    But the tension is increasing. Thank you so much for that
    latest message.

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      The massive architecture protects the battery cells and is not uncommon for a BEV. It is not without reason that Tesla are repeatedly awarded the highest marks in the NCAP crash test.

      • blank

        Self-protection is important, but what about partner protection for such chassis?

        • blank

          I do not want to be involved in the accident with a BEV. Is that enough as an answer?

          • blank

            is enough! 🙂

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