NEVS-Evergrande is looking for 8000 developers worldwide

NEVS main shareholder Evergrande is making headlines in China. To pursue its ambitious goals, the company is looking for developers worldwide on a large scale. 8.000 new jobs are to be created in 9 countries. Besides China, the location is called Sweden. And old Europe seems to have a very high priority at Evergrande.

Ex Saab factory, today NEVS-Evergrande in Trollhättan
Ex Saab factory, today NEVS-Evergrande in Trollhättan. Picture: NEVS

Developers for the global network are also expected to work for the Chinese real estate giant in Germany, the Netherlands, Italy and the United Kingdom. With Japan and South Korea, then, in principle, all automobile nations would be ranked.

How many jobs for Trollhattan?

With the vacancy Evergrande has once again attracted attention on WeChat. How many jobs are falling for Trollhättan is not clear. Just a reminder: the old Saab factory fed more than 10.000 people before GM's entry. The local conditions and the local infrastructure would enable the creation of many jobs even in the present.

Huge investments, many jobs, a worldwide network. A question is increasingly coming to the fore. Who controls the company? What is missing so far is a senior leadership of name and rank, which steers the departure initiated with enormous resources. Here, the company remains strangely pale and without a profile.

In China ist der Kurs von NEVS-Evergrande nicht ohne Kritik. Das Unternehmen ist hoch verschuldet, gilt aber – da sind sich alle Medien einig – als “too big to fail”. Evergrande kauft weiter im großen Stil Land für Elektroauto-Fabriken und Entwicklungszentren. Kritiker befürchten, dass hier Überkapazitäten entstehen könnten. Denn auch im Elektroauto-Vorzeigeland entwickelt sich der Absatz nicht so stürmisch wie prognostiziert.

However, one does not have to worry about one of the largest real estate developers in the Middle Kingdom in the relationship. The Beijing administration sells the land to companies that want to build electric cars, much cheaper than real estate companies. If the ambitious plans can not be realized in the coming years, then Evergrande has acquired very much very much very much terrain. And can dedicate it, highly profitable, to another purpose.

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  • Why should customers buy an electric vehicle from NEVS-Evergrande? Where is the advantage over the established automakers? What about service & workshops?
    The whole concept is fraught with too many question marks for me, it would probably be better if NEVS-Evergrande seeks cooperation with an automaker and especially the brand name SAAB resurrected, which would at least initially make headlines.

    • Anyhow, I let the topic Nevs and Evergrande completely cold. Scjön if the region around Trollhättan could get new jobs, but Trollhättan seems to get along so well

      • Evergrande and NEVS do not arouse any emotions at the moment. A philosophy as so often invoked is no longer recognizable. In the best case, the claim to sheer size, which of course causes no positive reactions in Europeans.

        For the time being, the topic remains on the blog, solely out of interest what happens in Trollhättan 2020 or 21. A Ewigkeitsgarantie but there is no way!

        • Yes, please keep it up and thank you so far.
          The subject is too exciting to drop at this stage ...

          Schon allein der Gegensatz zur Geschichte SAABs oder anderer Europäer und Amerikaner ist faszinierend und auch ein wenig gruselig. Den einen Tag liest man einen Artikel über “Carlson auf dem Dach”, über die schönere und unverwirklichte Sonett und deren Schöpfer oder den SAAB-AWD und dessen Entwickler – Geschichten, die vom Menschen als Individuum zeugen. Europäisch eben …

          And then one day later, Evergrande (the eternally great ones - a name that is quite satirical in quality) is preparing to recruit a whole army of 8.000 anonymous developers worldwide ...

          Both evoke emotions, which, however, could hardly be more contradictory.

  • Exciting.

    That has nothing to do with SAAB for a long time, but still, what a thriller! ! !

    Maybe in the last chapter, yes, that the 8.000 developers only existed virtually as an ingenious pretext,
    to transfer several billion annually abroad over years, which one did not have at all (because highly indebted)
    and to put oneself down there ...
    It would also explain why one of the coordination and management of production and development capacity
    (“Was bisher fehlt, ist eine Führungscrew …”) wenig Aufmerksamkeit geschenkt hat.

    But maybe in the last chapter we read about a big cleansing wave in China, because a new one
    Party leadership interprets it as infidelity and fraud on the state and the great Chinese people that
    “Evergrande eben sehr günstig sehr viel Gelände erworben” hat?

    Just kidding, I'm not really serious about that. Except that with the tension ...
    But the more exclamation marks Evergrande puts, the more questions I have.
    A strange effect, because it should be the other way around.

    Who knows if in the flourishing nonsense that I wrote above,
    letztlich nicht doch ein Fünkchen Wahrheit steckt? “Too big to fail” ist für einen
    At any rate, car manufacturers without cars are a very strange strategy.

    I'm curious if what and what they deliver if necessary. And I know
    today, I will not have it ...

  • Globalization ............... .. no more to do with European design, now global china .........

  • That you want to continue to report about it I find absolutely right and in order.


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