Saab 9-5 Aero 2004 with 416.000 kilometers

Heute beginnen wir die neue Rubrik “Kilometerkönige” auf dem Blog! Es geht um Nachhaltigkeit, Autos mit hohen Laufleistungen und langer Lebensdauer. Eine Rubrik, die gegen den Zeitgeist segelt, der sich immer stärker gegen individuelle Mobilität richtet. Wir wollen zeigen, dass es anders geht. Dass eine vernünftige Nutzung von Ressourcen möglich ist, und dass man über eine lange Nutzungsdauer nachdenken sollte.

Saab Aero 2004 in Trollhättan in front of the former Saab factory
Saab Aero 2004 in Trollhättan in front of the former Saab factory

The Saab 9-5 Aero from the year 2004 drives Ferdinand. He bought it with mileage 396.000 about two years ago and has meanwhile driven more 20.000 kilometers. Problem-free, as he writes. Last 2.000 kilometers across Sweden, of course with a visit to the Saab Museum in Trollhättan and a memorial in front of the former Saab factory.

416.000 kilometers and on it goes!
416.000 kilometers and on it goes!

The 9-5 Aero is a triple quote. He has many kilometers, he is already 15 years old, and he is tuned by Hirsch. 280 PS live under the bonnet, gearbox and engine and other parts have been renewed over the years by the previous owner. Ferdinand is satisfied with the Saab and proves once again that you do not have to be afraid of old cars with high mileage and tuning. If the previous owner also read blog, then he would be happy to contact you.

This coming Saturday, I present the next Saab veteran. Owner of one kilometers kingwho want to see their car on the blog are invited to send pictures and information.

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  • I once had NEN service replacement car in the Czech Republic, an 9-5 1,9TID automatic with 470 000km, which one did not notice the car.

  • In such a 9-5 2002-2004 with the facelift, in front of the chrome glasses, you can always fall in love.

    The face is absolutely modern, the interior still looks more valuable to me than it was then in the chrome 9 5 glasses.

    I still love ours, even after 15 years, I'm always happy when he stands for a service or repair in our yard.

    • Moin, mein93 1,9l Diesel now has 327000 on the clock except for the EGR and the 2. Battery is still original. Greetings from Celle

  • Great!
    But: Quote: Gearbox and engine and other parts have been renewed over the years by the previous owner.
    With which Km level was the engine renewed?
    Is then the statement with the tuning still?
    Oder war es “nur” der Scheibenwischermotor? 😉

  • 17 inches

    Nice rims. These 17 x 7,5 with good 235er are my favorite wheel set for the 9-5.

    Otherwise, I join the mountain goat. Exciting question, when each ATM and ATG were due.
    Everything depends on the answer ...

    416.000 Km with two engines and gears are not really the big movie yet and leave a lot of room for interpretation and speculation. Could be that the exchange takes place around the 300.000, that the car could now be good for 600.000. But it could also be completely different and it is a pity that this information is missing.

    If they were, the story of the beautiful car would be completely round for me.

    But anyway I wish the owner good time and many miles with the piece of jewelry.


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