Digitalization. We bring back the 80 years!

The 80s. Probably the most exciting chapter in Saab history. The 9000 is born in Trollhättan and a state-of-the-art research and development center is being built. Saab engineers are researching the revolutionary Trionic, all-wheel drive and other innovations. The tragedy is exciting, moving, and the fact that you will end up with a wrong decision.

Digitization. We bring back the 80 years!
Digitalization. We bring back the 80 years!

What is the blog's mission? To preserve the Saab legacy, to keep it alive and - if possible - to transport it into the future. A balancing act in which the lack of time and limited financial and human resources are balanced out with a portion of creativity.

One recent project on the blog is the digitization of Saab stickers from the 80 years. The initial spark comes in a sighting of the estate of the Mainz Saab Center. Many very well-preserved stickers that belong to the 80 years are among them. As a highlight also a cult 900 sticker, which is probably due to the creativity of Saab Germany.

In the first step, all adhesives are digitized and archived. They are thus preserved for the future. Where time has left traces in the form of bearing damage or color changes, these are returned to their original state.


Then comes the exciting question: What do you do with it? Since the blog is committed to both the present and the past, the answer is very simple. Most of the stickers will be a faithful replica.

The 80 years are reinterpreted

Another sticker transforms the 80 years into the present. Its basic form is preserved, but it is available in many different trend colors. After all, Saab Traditionpflege does not necessarily have to be 100% of the original. The first orders have been placed with our printing house, part of the production runs this week. I will present the first partial result in the next week.

Some readers might now like to get stickers from the 80 years. For them there are good and bad news. The bad ones: The stickers are not for sale. The Good: we give it away!

We send part of it to the Saab workshops, which have supported the blog for years and thus make it possible. It is our way of saying thank you and thanking you for your loyalty. The other part of the sticker will make it harder. We already reveal that you will be part of the new reader campaign that will go online in October.

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    The old stickers with Saab Scania I find very interesting

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    Incredible! Super great what you always on the legs.

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    Customer loyalty & E85

    The E85 petition ( does not pick up any speed.

    She still lingers on 127 signatures. But there are also 9 weeks left in which a lot can happen. Every owner of a BioPower or other FFV should have a vested interest in not only signing, but spreading that message as well.

    A similar self-interest should also have any petrol station owner or tenant, because without environmentally friendly fuels they are released sooner rather than later for shooting. This list could be continued in detail, but ends up in the public at large, the generality of climate and environmental protection and thus such an enormous potential for this petition that the required signatures 50.000 should actually be a flyby.

    In this respect, I have also had good experiences with spreading this petition (thanks to Tom for Link and Info) in the company of colleagues, friends and family. Several people said enthusiastically that they wanted to draw. Even diesel driver *.

    Dear people, do something and then there will be something!

    For me, E85 means customer loyalty to SAAB. And the BioPower with E85 is supposed to last even longer, as the combustion temperature drops by 40 ° and thermal loads, stresses and wear in the engine decrease.

    * These are indirectly affected themselves. BioDiesel and Ethanol share a purely fiscally motivated political destiny. If we had a petrol station network and a vehicle fleet in Germany today that was based on significantly C02-reduced (because renewable) fuels, we would have a completely different debate with far less blame for one citizen or another.
    By the way, there are farmers in DK who press their own diesel for tractors, harvesting machines and cars in a collective mill, a CO2- and tax-neutral self-consumption. Simply brilliant for people and the environment ...

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    A great idea! Great the blog and its makers!

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    Strange but true ! 🙂
    Fantastic this flood of ideas for the blog.
    This is how the blog and customer loyalty works!

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    That is also “customer loyalty”, Chapeau… 🙂 and many thanks for such actions!

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      Thanks! Customer loyalty sounds good. Fancy Saab and some things behind it but it also 😉

      Greetings to Switzerland!

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    More than a blog

    Again and again these great actions and this enormous commitment ...
    1.000 thanks and hats off.

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    The blog is always a surprise package. Always something new, great!

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