Dimini, a new brand for high quality miniatures

Dimitri Baumgartner has been a car enthusiast since he was a child. His family says that he said the word "car" before "mom" or "dad". As a teenager, he stowed his small toy cars and began to collect 1:43 scale model cars with his pocket money. The selection was often difficult because he could never get enough.

The Dimini brand focuses on the niche
The Dimini brand focuses on the niche. Picture: Dimini

A collection, a career

After completing his education, Dimitri started his career with a major Swiss technical toy retailer, working exclusively with major brands such as Norev, Ixo, Eligor and Spark. To the delight of many collectors, he was able to combine his passion with his profession.

He then became an advisor to Editions Atlas to develop model collections for the Nordic countries. Due to the great success he was hired by Editions Atlas as "New Product Development Manager" to develop more collections for international collectors. Especially the collections "Volvo" or "Saab" achieved a huge commercial success throughout Europe.

In his private life, Dimitri and his partner Frédéric are not only collectors of model cars, but also 1: 1 cars. Their collection consists of various Saab, Volvo and other European cult models such as the Citroen Dyane or the NSU Ro80.

A passion for new developments

Dimini founder Dimitri Baumgartner
Dimini founder Dimitri Baumgartner

With his experience and expertise, Dimitri is now launching his own miniature car brand. The Dimini company offers new variants and designs of models that were previously developed by Dimitri, as well as complete market innovations made of metal or synthetic resin - always in limited editions.

The first 1 43 1 models will be soon followed by 18: XNUMX models.

The company is proud to introduce the first model now. An atypical car with an even more amazing feature: the Saab 900, which is equipped with the living cabin Toppola.

Worldwide availability

The Dimini brand is distributed from Belgium through the Saab FarmTeam providing its comprehensive logistics and warehouse experience.

The models are available at specialty stores and at dealerships with accessories for Volvo and Saab.

8 thoughts on "Dimini, a new brand for high quality miniatures"

  • Fantastic!

    What about the copyright of the Atlas models?
    Respectively. Can the Saab community hope that they can complete the collections that have started?
    Some of the models are available from other manufacturers and in other colors. Only the pedestal is completely different and it is just the vehicles that most have already received from Atlas Editions.

  • Thank you!
    Except for the Toppola which is too big, the pedestals are the same as the Atlas, also in white.

  • Thank you!
    Except for the Toppola which is too big, the pedestals are the same as the Atlas, also in white.

  • I would like that a lot

  • A great story!

    I just hope that the models also get a base that fits into the Atlas Edition shelf. Since most former Atlas collectors never had the chance to complete their collection, this would be the very best sales market for the young company.

  • Well, Wolfgang - you have to grow there after all 🙂 Greetings Thomas

  • Thank you for the great information.
    Now I finally know who was responsible for my 28 models of the Saab Car Museums Collection from the former Atlas Verlag. Nice overview. I find the particularly unusual trailer model of the SAABO particularly successful. I still lack the toppola. I'm looking forward to more models.

  • What a prelude! ! !

    A dichromatic 900 plus Toppola. Stupid pun, but that's only very, very difficult to top exclusivity and crankiness. Very sympathic. I wish the company every success and all collectors a lot of joy in this and upcoming new releases. Or to all those who only for once fulfill one or the other dream of a rarity scaled down to scale.

    In any case, this model has endless style and charm ...

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