Referral program for the Sion starts

Electromobility is coming! Certainly starting from 2020 the wave will roll up. Not because all manufacturers have suddenly discovered their love for the electric car. But because the Brussels regulations force them to do so. Without electric cars in the portfolio, it will be impossible to comply with the more stringent emissions regulations. It raises the question of whether the offer from next year will meet with corresponding interest of buyers?

Sono Motors launches a referral program for the Sion
Sono Motors launches a referral program for the Sion. Photo Credit: Sono Motors

It will be a good year before the first Sion rolls off the production line in Trollhättan. By the time the first vehicles are in customer hands, the calendar could report as early as 2021. A newcomer with an innovative concept then encounters a market environment that will be densely populated. Perhaps even hotly contested if the electric car bet does not trigger the onslaught on which the manufacturers are betting.

The Sion scores with its concept as a solar-electric vehicle and moves as a compact, affordable mini van with high utility value in a Europe-wide trendy segment. But Sono Motors is thinking of the future and follow-up orders to the previous 10.000 reservations. The are paid, but should be converted into binding orders until the end of the year.

Referral Program: 1% discount on the Sion

Sono Motors is therefore starting a recommendation program, relying fully on the community and social media. Anyone who has already reserved a Sion can generate a recommendation code and share it with friends, acquaintances and neighbors. For every reservation using the code, customers and code issuers receive a discount of 1% on their Sion. The code can be used any number of times and for any number of orders. However, the discount only relates to the basic price of the Sion of € 16.000 without battery.

Sono Motors' strategy is strongly reminiscent of the Tesla model. Instead of traditional advertising, Americans rely on the power of the community and social media. The pioneers have done well with their referral program in recent years. Young brands go unconventional ways and thus set themselves apart from the "old" industry. The customer as the best seller could set an example and encourage more imitators to emerge. The future shows whether Sono Motors will write a success story similar to that of Tesla with its referral program.

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  • It would still be interesting to know how Brussels is using Flexi-Fuel-Vehicles (FFV).

    Calculated as benevolently as an EV or plug-in hybrid, even the flexi-fuel Bentley would have been a 3-liter car. Other FFVs (such as my BioPower) would have to be calculated on 2 liters of fossil fuels (assuming optimal CO85-neutral operation with exclusively E2 and exclusively CO1,5-neutral proportion of ethanol) ...

    If this were the case in Brussels, would not we have to worry about the reintroduction of E85 in D?

    We live in a strange time that is characterized by an enormous distortion of (technical) competition for the solution of pressing questions. What a luxury, of all things, to distort the competition for climate protection at the discretion of the landlord. One can only pray and hope that politics and the media each know what and why they are doing or failing to do it ...

    Speaking of omission,
    I have asked a local radio station of the ÖR (RBB) to deepen the topic of biofuels. Although my intensive audience has given me an interesting (and benevolent) contribution about a Finnish producer of biofuels from waste, I have not had much of a sparkling example of France or the current petition ( in Germany heard a single word from this side.

    Dear people,
    please become active. Draw the E85 petition and share it with emails from friends, family, and colleagues. Write to your favorite radio or TV station, the daily newspaper, a magazine or an online editorial office. Do whatever you want, but please do something. And if it serves in the end only that one has nothing to reproach in regard to omission, then very, very much has been won.

    Even if it is only that the coming generations of children, grandchildren, historians, socio-political and political scientists will come to a more progressive understanding of the role and function of politics and the media than is currently possible and our own. That too would be a lot more than nothing, it would also be progress ...

  • So it's happening, I'm curious. Maybe you can really see the Sion 2020 rolling out of the venerable SAAB factories?

  • Thank you. Learned again ...

    That the fleet consumption - in addition to absurd formulas - now also sales figures (already much more meaningful) into account, I was not aware.

    On the other hand, the example of China (it passed me by in the media) shows that global and industry-wide “creative solutions” for political guidelines should continue to be expected ...

    At the moment I wonder if the car sharing of our manufacturers with mostly fuel-efficient cars pursues not quite similar, almost mirror-image interests and strategies, like one or the other fallow China?

    Oh, how I would like to refuel E85 again - preferably until my BioPower is a kilometer king.

  • Interesting intermediate info. Thanks.

    As usual, many questions remain unanswered. Not because that would be characteristic of this blog (it is not), but because the political specifications - whether national or from Brussels - have been maximally claused for many years ...

    What does it mean that (quote) "without electric cars in the portfolio it will be impossible to comply with the stricter emission guidelines"?

    That aims again at the so-called fleet consumption. And “portfolio” only means that the model range of a company adheres to emissions guidelines on a purely theoretical basis and on average. Every EV or every small car that is included in the portfolio is no less but no more than an alibi for further fuel spinners ...

    It has been going on for ages now. The first and so far only 3-liter cars * (VW Lupo and Audi A2) coincide with the fact that the parent company Bentley, Bugatti and even under their own - henceforth euphemistic - brand names 10 and 12 cylinder diesel and Added gasoline engines with a displacement of up to 6,0 liters to its portfolio ...

    At DB it was very similar with the so-called Smart. An alibi to Brussels for more power, more consumption, profit and turnover with the upper end of the fleet / the company's own portfolio ...

    With a few mouse clicks, the next EV is generated and the fleet consumption in the Lot.
    Brussels rides a dead horse - but at least over a very, very long distance.
    Is that so stupid that it is sustainable again?
    Anyway, the horse is completely recovered.
    After all …

    * Consumption, not cubic capacity! ! !

    • Well. A battery electric car is calculated with 0 emission. A plug-in hybrid is downgraded to 1 or 2 liter usage with formulas that have nothing to do with reality. It does not matter if the driver uses the battery or only uses fossil fuels. This is the only way to keep the fleets consumed on paper.

      But: It is necessary to sell electric cars to comply with the standards, and more every year! In China, the requirements have led to excesses in recent years. Electric cars were bought, subsidies were paid, and put into rental fleets. However, the vehicles were never moved in reality. They stood around on some fallow ground. It was all about subsidies and statistics. The newspapers were full of it.

  • That's surprisingly boring. For young people who have declared the fight to the car industry in any case. I would have hoped for a bit more ideas. After all, Sono leaves so much air for more ideas!

  • Tesla offers owners of Teslas the opportunity to recommend the product to new owners. The Sion Referral Program is a recommendation for a product that does not exist yet. How can you recommend a product that has not been tested because the car does not exist yet? Is somehow dubious. If enthusiastic owners recommend and make their car available for test drive purposes then that's different and a great idea. I still do not see any product at Sono Motors but only promises and marketing.


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