Saab “Born from Jets” license plate holder

October 23, 2005. Saab launches the “Born from Jets” campaign in the United States. Created by the Lowe Brindfors New York Branch is expected to generate 30 million impressions within the 75 to 25 year group within 54 hours. To put it briefly, the campaign will be a success. The slogan goes around the world. Saab reveals his roots in aviation.

Saab license plate holder "Born from Jets"
Saab license plate holder “Born from Jets”

Born from Jets sharpens the profile of the brand

In Germany, too, it will be visible in a modified form in autumn 2005. Saab Germany is now looking for aeronauts and is sending requests for a test drive as invitations to fly. In this way, interested parties become test pilots, there are key fobs and log books. The slogan is firmly established and will still be present in people's minds years later. The campaign helps to sharpen Saab's profile, which had lost its shape.

In January 2018, more than an incredible decade later, the "Born from Jets" slogan wins together with "Move your mind" Vote on the blog. And then the long wait begins. Actually, I immediately wanted to release both license plate holders for printing, but it turned out quite differently. First the raw material had delivery time, then the in-house printing house was completely exhausted, and at some point the project was almost forgotten.

With the digitization of the 80s Saab stickers, the memory of the “Born from Jets” idea came back. There was a project, not that long ago? Well, how can you be wrong! In the meantime, a surprising 21 months have passed from the idea to implementation. But now the time has come!

The aviation tradition is unbroken

The aviation tradition of the Saab brand remains unchanged. With the Gripen E generation, internally Saab 39-8, the Swedes produce one of the most modern aircraft in the world. The story continues, not on the ground, but in the air. The first Gripen E for the Brazilian forces started in August from the airfield in Linköping. Fans and friends of the brand can now point to the aviation roots of the brand. And with some pride, because who would have expected that the slogan from the year 2005 is still present in the mind?

The “Born from Jets” license plate holders are available from stock, they are suitable for German Euro license plates. Readers will find ordering instructions for our Saab license plate holders here.

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  • The license plate holders have arrived. Thank you for that!

  • Great idea! Please reserve for Austrian license plates - I'll be there! Thank you!

  • Why? Well, I'll say it in German: Heritage !?

  • Whenever SAAB moves my mind, I think of SAAB as a manufacturer of cars, all of which are evidently born from jets.

    How good that Tom launches both slogans and takes into account the tight vote. So someday everyone gets the chance on the slogan he or she wants. And maybe it will be even better?

    Why not a mixed couple for the undecided and the drivers who definitely like both? “MOVE YOUR MIND” on the front of the vehicle and “BORN FROM JETS” on the back. So one would have one as a “supplement” (as you write) to the other without the individual license plate holder being overloaded ...

    Apart from that, if SAAB Automobile (or we drivers) refer to roots, to embossing and learning effects with justification, right and pride, to a night panel, ball lights or whatever, why not? The advertising effect for a Gripen E should be very, very narrow ...

  • A big compliment for so much commitment! SAAB driving is even more fun through the blog! And that for years 🙂

  • One should not forget that when SAAB-Automobile was sold, SAAB AB no longer had anything to do with the car division - this has not changed to date.

    Why should I, as a SAAB driver, associate myself with times long past and then express this with indirect advertising for great SAAB aircraft? SAAB license plate holder with the addition or inscription “move your mind” is clearly the better choice.

  • Again a great action. You just need something to play 😉

  • I like this slogan.

    As a SAAB driver you also know that it is by no means put on or exaggerated, but simply and historically correct. If I have it right in my head, then the SAAB 92 not only had a sensationally low air resistance. There is also a fine and small anecdote about the paintwork and the color ...

    Anyone who drives a brisk sleigh, knows neither SAAB nor aviation and their strictly functional thinking and their almost infinite efforts for safety, however, tends to misinterpret this slogan and smile at it. I can live very, very well with that smile of ignorance ...

  • Not timely, because we next go through the digitization of the 80 years Saab stickers. But they come for sure, maybe as a limited edition.

  • Hallo,

    It's great that there are these license plate holders! Will the version with “move your mind” be available soon? She was at least equally popular ;-).


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