Saab 9-5 Aero 2000 with 365.000 kilometers

A Saab is a family member. You probably have to drive yourself to understand that. The fact is, many Saab drivers give their vehicles a name. Today, the readers meet Luna, which in Romance languages ​​stands for the moon. Luna will be 2020 two decades old, and the chances of getting older are also very good.

A Saab 9-5 Aero named "Luna"
A Saab 9-5 Aero called “Luna”

Saab 9 5 Aero 2000

Paul and his family have acquired the 9-5 Aero before 3 years with a good 310.000 kilometers on the clock. Meanwhile, more 55.000 have come to it. Luna is a first-hand vehicle that has been meticulously maintained by an older architect. The Saab is very well equipped, with automatic and the famous seat ventilation. The limousine was delivered in the year 2000 about the dealership Lafrentz in Kiel. In addition, the Swedish car with the color "midnight blue" has one of the most elegant paintwork that was available in Trollhättan.

What problems can an almost 20 year old car have? There's the rust, Paul tells me. The topic will be tackled soon. In addition to the usual small parts of wear parts, which are due with increasing age in each car, the transmission was overhauled at 150.000 kilometers. Otherwise, Luna runs reliably and is a very pleasant travel companion. To keep it that way in the future, the engine oil will be changed every 8.000 kilometer.

Almost 20 years old and 365.000 kilometers. But still sprightly!
Almost 20 years old and 365.000 kilometers. But still sprightly!

Back to Sweden, the Saab came twice last year, of course with a visit to Trollhättan. The family hopes for many more years with their Saab. This is called lived sustainability. And this topic seems to occupy many Saab drivers.

The mailbox of the “kilometer kings” is filling up more and more. It may take some time to publish, because only one vehicle per week is selected at random. The campaign seems to have hit the nerve of the readers, as every Saab shown here is a statement against careless consumption and the trend towards exchanging cars more and more without reflection.

This coming Saturday, I present the next Saab veteran. All owners of kilometers kingswho want to see their car on the blog are invited to send pictures and information.

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  • Thank you Tom! 🙂

  • Color, rims, AERO ...

    Undoubtedly a gem for the public street. If he met me parking, I would sneak around it. If he came to meet me, I hope to my neck. Not that it would be stiff, but 180 ° are simply not humanly possible ...

    A high even on the architects and positive stereotypes. These are already two well-kept SAAB kilometer kings (out of two) from their previous possession, or am I wrong?

  • Very nice car, great mileage. I wish you many more beautiful and reliable kilometers. The 9-5 is still a dream car.

  • Perfect SAAB!
    Furthermore, a lot of accident-free joy with it!

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