Saab and the timelessness of automobiles

We Saab drivers - statistically - have old cars. So cars that are older than the average, which the KBA for Germany with 9,5 years indicates. And the times when you were looking forward to a new model are long gone.

Automobile timelessness. An 9000 as a travel limousine.
Automobile timelessness. An 9000 as a travel limousine.

In the long run times of the Saab model series, in between, a facelift was already celebrated like a new model. Or the introduction of a new engine - at Saab these were the diesel engines, which came late into the program.

As one sniffed once gladly at the local dealer and looked under the hood or better took a brochure with all the technical data home to compare intensively, to judge theoretically and to dream a little. If at some point a test drive jumped out, it was a highlight.

Yes, that was a long time ago, just a memory, but does it have any consequences for us?
I would say yes, because we Saab drivers live more stress-free than the drivers of other brands. These are still living in anticipation of a new model, which may be a bit more economical (but usually only on paper), which may offer a little more assistance (but only with a lot of Gepipse) or maybe a little more space in the interior (but with that, it inevitably gets bigger on the outside and becomes more unwieldy).

Then comes the agonizing question: What is my car worth when the successor comes? Is it good to be in payment, or better to sell privately? Etc. Etc.

Saab has a so-called "completed vehicle history". That means we know all vehicles that have been produced - with all their strengths and weaknesses. And we are in the comfortable position, from this "pool" of vehicles, which are still to be found on the used car market, with a little luck to find exactly the vehicle that meets our expectations.

It's amazing what a wide range Saab has produced with the few model series. Colors, color combinations, engines, rims, equipment variants, extras, every detail makes a vehicle individually. Also interesting are the models, which were delivered outside of Germany: often with more powerful engines, for southern Europe also with stronger air conditioning systems.

One Saab friend is satisfied with a Schnauzer Schnauzer, the other with a Sportcombi, the third swears on Eros, the fourth enjoys the convertible, the fifth is happy with his 9000er and so on.

The variety is evident in the Saab meetings and retreats: Everyone has their own individual hobby, which he cherishes and cares for. And that's good. But despite the diversity of the vehicles there is a community that is certainly not so common. Because our "Saab world" releases us from all temporary influences on the automotive life. We enjoy ourselves in what we have and have no "successor-stress".

Thanks to Thomas for the Saab story on Sunday. The submission deadline for our campaign was the 15. August 2019. The action was over and not there? Not bad! We have new ideas and will introduce them soon.

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  • Very well written, it hits the spot. Thank you very much…

  • That's true - but it's not stress-free either. I've already thought about getting an 9-5er NG, but here the spare parts supply seems to be a bit more difficult, especially when it comes to sheet metal. So I continue my Jag first as a first vehicle. Especially since the Saab lover's price makes this model sometimes expensive. More expensive as a flagship used by luxury brands anyway. But otherwise that's true, especially if you continue to use a Saab as a commodity. The question of new models? Obsolete. So you look for a Saab, buy it, and think about loss of value or later sale or a successor model not at all. But does everything to drive the car as long as possible. And as a brand in design and technology, Saab has always been and always has been very independent and individual, and that is just a source of joy and ensures a large fan base. And that's just sustainability - my goal is to keep my 9-3er convertible as long as possible. But also to use. Greetings to all, Bernard

  • Thanks, Thomas. Perfect to the point.
    In our time of Greta the sustainability and the effective consumption would have to be all the more weighted! My everyday vehicle is an 9000 Anniversary with the AERO engine and is chasing .... Gives 260 PS and 390 NM. This I move in Switzerland (speed limit 120 km / h) under 8 liter and this with a big dose of driving pleasure. Which modern vehicle can offer comparable in terms of performance, space and not forgetting stylish travel?
    Keep SAABing

  • Written with a lot of passion, very nice. You can only agree with that. Our Saab are something special. When I see the yellow convertible I'm proud to own one. Every ride is fun. I will cherish it.

  • @Daniel,

    I'm afraid Greta understands and does not care ...

    And our policy gratefully takes them as a figurehead for tax increases, showing concern (climate) and being touched (Greta) and rubbing their hands (taxes). The sustainability of a used car is not an issue. The reintroduction of E85 is not an issue in Germany. The tax advantage of sustainability is not an issue on the whole and overall. Neither GroKo, the opposition, the NGOs or the media ...

    On the narrow shoulders of Greta weighs the billion-dollar mantra of German politics, environmental protection would not exist for free. How would I like to spend my money on the environment, this earth and the future of my children and unborn grandson? Very, very much like ...

    Unfortunately, neither the environment, nor this earth or unborn grandson have an account. And unfortunately, I would not have much left for these accounts if they existed. Because in the name of Greta, Scholz and Co will have cash in on me long ago without having made any sense for the environment and their grandchildren. I can not eat as much as I just ...

    But be that as it may, I do not want to know that in your comment. I like it and an 9000 AERO anyway. Keep on SAABing

    • It would be nice if the balancing act succeeded in reducing the political component to a minimum. That is not easy, especially in the current situation. Nevertheless, I would highly credit the discussion participants. It is enough work to filter certain sentiments from the comments.

    For the great text, but above all for the pictures and the undersigned “Automobile Timelessness. A 9000 as a touring limousine ”(drive the 92 9k yourself) and“ And for the sunny days, of course, a convertible ”(drive a LeMans blue 92 900 CV and dream of a CV with this beautiful Monaco yellow).


  • Very nice and correct report. Who wants a 1 liter three-cylinder, start and stop or cylinder deactivation. The world is still alright with the Saabs!

  • Again the topic very nicely put in a nutshell. My namesake has also commented appropriately, but sustainability should not be too much lived. For who then consumes the many electronic gadgets that are not really needed?
    But with the joy of the SAAB, you also set a small sign in a world where things are getting less and less often repaired but exchanged for them.

  • @ Mr. Hürsch!
    I can not understand the excitement and the hoof on a little Swede because of 3ct / L. We have it every day in the context of the usual price fluctuations on the tank! Nobody complains! So please stay on the floor!
    Machine-driven individual mobility would have to become even more unattractive, especially in cities. That would not only do the air good, but the independent movement especially directly to the people ...
    At least I only use my Saab for long-haul flights. I think that DER is also grateful for that. 😉

  • Herbert, as always your comment is so good and apt!
    Saabige greetings
    Hans S.

  • Thank you for this top written contribution. My two Saab are 12 (93 SC) and 16 (93 CV) old and we make them happy every day. Except for the annual inspection visits and wear-related repairs, I drive my SAABine and SAAni without any problems. For me this is “driving pleasure”. 🙂… My colleagues with cars from German corporations only have problems with their older (10 years) and newer cars (rust, electronics, drives, engine). … So all SAABs always good and above all stress-free driving

  • It's true that when you drive a Saab you are detached from many things (in the positive). As I wrote recently, I drove my Saab Combi 11 years and 350.000 km and I was fine. But just as I have to say that it was also partly due to the lack of new vehicles at Saab. Now I drive a new vehicle of another brand, (a Saab is still in the garage :-),). And I have to say that, despite all the sustainability, it's also nice to smell the new-car smell again. I do not feel guilty or feel bad. On the contrary, it's fun.
    Regarding sustainability, I wonder, what happens in the long run, if all, keep everything? We need the change of goods, it must and should be consumed. Do not consume, or consume a lot? The golden middle way would probably be the best way.
    And Greta? She is what the backers / women make of her. When she is no longer needed, she is away from the window.

  • Yes (@Tom), that (the balancing act to a minimum of such comments) is quite difficult ...

    Especially since it is quite political, if the blog itself reports petitions to the Bundestag and addresses the issue of sustainability repeatedly ...

    Or also because the blogger sometimes expressly welcomes such comments. For example, from Ebasil on the E85 petition, only recently (on September 6.9.2019, XNUMX) with the words: “Thank you for that! That speaks to me from the heart! ”

    Which article is used for which purpose?
    When should one be encouraged to engage and comment?
    When, why and why have you unconsciously crossed an invisible border?

    Very, very difficult, but I will find the right balance and find or unsubscribe as a subscriber in case of failure, contain possible comments and still be connected to the brand SAAB and the blog (as a passive reader) and weighed ...

    • Yes difficult. I agree and unfortunately it is the case that in the last few days political comments have been posted on the blog that need to be moderated or deleted. That was not foreseeable and has never existed before. I also do not assign them to the Saab community. So please understand, the request is not directed against the presence of individual “regular readers”.

  • I believe to understand (@Tom),

    but either way, my esteem for this blog and the blogger grows daily ...
    1.000 So thanks for the longer (almost or actual) daily contributions of recent times.

    It does not get better! ! !

    If there is a life after death and technical and language barriers are then lifted, then very, very many Swedes read along and enjoy daily appreciation of their lifetime achievement. Also on the text of Thomas and the matching pictures and the entirety of this blog anyway ...

    Keep up the good work and all the hostility and difficulties ...

    After all, the political (and presumably professionally written) comments of the last few days are an involuntary praise of the author, sender and client for this blog. If he had no influence, he would not be a target. On this basis, the blogger and all his readers should sleep late at night today ...

    Apparently, we (the SAAB drivers), at least as a collective, are big enough to still have a worthy goal?

  • Really now?

    Greta is away from the window and everything will be alright? And Mommy is the savior of the planet, or rather Donnie?
    I have a penchant for science fiction and, as someone recently wrote here, I really enjoy reading the novel. The documentation on the same subject, however, will tell a very different story is my guess.

    Another comment on sustainability: Of course it makes sense to use the delivered life also, but sustainable (and above all) are closed material cycles (here is our rabbit in the pepper, or our fish in microplastic)! And if you have them, then you can also consume new goods and the rest regulate the markets for used goods, as the whole time.

    Is of course difficult at Saab because of the lack of production and at the moment also at NEVS ...

  • @ Andreas,
    It's not about hacking on a small and quite sympathetic Swede. But on the contrary. It's the political abuse you're currently experiencing that disgusts me ...

    And you yourself say that GroKo's latest climate protection package will disappear under normal price fluctuations and will show no effect whatsoever. That politicians can not think of anything meaningful, but instead make meaningless decisions in favor of the household and proclaim theatrically as a big hit in the name of the climate and Greta, THAT is the excitement ...

  • @Herbert, I agree with you. But did not come over in your first post.
    At the moment, certain circles like to use it as a target. I do not like that because she can not do anything for all that, she only speaks out of what's wrong. What is made of it then is the sad thing.
    Anyway, we have the best of times (not just the climate). Enjoy the Saabs, and praise the blog.

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