Why Volvo is not (yet) a topic for the blog

Is a Volvo the alternative to a Saab? The other Swedish brand is probably currently experiencing the phase of its development in which it is more Saab than ever before. More former Saab employees work in Gothenburg than in Trollhättan, and some models have details that were also imaginable in a Saab. Readers were able to vote on it a few weeks ago. The result is, for a Saab blog, surprising.

Volvo is not yet an issue for the blog
In front of the Volvo Museum. But Volvo is not an issue for the blog yet

The vote produced two findings. For one, the number of proponents who don't want to see Volvo on the blog never fell below 50%. On the other hand, at least every third reader was always of the opinion that Volvo and Saab would provide a successful mix of topics. A third is a lot, too strong a group to ignore the result, so I took a closer look at Volvo and the current development.

Volvo is exciting

Volvo, that is no longer just the basis in Gothenburg and Sweden. Since Geely took over the helm in Hisingen, the brand is traveling internationally. Continuously successful, with a fresh range of products and exciting DNA, which also spreads worldwide through other brands.

From the former Volvo tuning forge Polestar CEO Thomas Ingenlath forms a high-tech manufacture for electrified sports cars that plays in the high-priced segment. The Polestar 1 is now rolling out in a limited edition, the fully electric Polestar 2 has what it takes to seriously compete with Tesla. The Polestar headquarters, development and design are located on Hisingen. A brand new factory in Chengdu takes over the production. The design remains true to the roots. Nordic cool, technical and always very valuable.

Beside Polestar urges Lynk & Co on the market. The design is made by Europeans, while most of the development comes from Sweden. The business is managed by Alain Visser, who was responsible for Saab Germany among other things during the GM era. Lynk & Co can freely use the Volvo technology kit, all models have Volvo technology. The design and positioning on the market are different. Lynk & Co appeals to a young, digital audience and sees itself primarily as a mobility provider who wants to provide solutions for practically every period and budget. In China, the completely new brand is successful with around 120.000 sales in 2018, the first full sales year, and a half a percent market share.

Is Volvo a topic for the blog?

  • No, everything should stay as it is! (56% 254 Votes)
  • Yes, there comes together what is Swedish! (34% 156 Votes)
  • I really can not decide! (10% 44 Votes)

Total Voters: 454

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The brand is drawn to Europe. In 2020 or maybe 2021, you want to be present here. Then at the latest it will be really exciting. They want to do without a dealer network completely. Vehicles are ordered online, there are no surcharge lists and no discounts. The delivery takes place to the front door, the prices should be aggressive. Volvo technology at a discount price, that could lead to distortions. Lynk & Co will presumably be the first Chinese supplier to become some noteworthy business in Europe.

Volvo as a pioneer of safety

Not to be forgotten CEVT. Under the leadership of the former head of development, Mats Fägerhag, new vehicles are created not only for Volvo and Lynk & Co, but also for Lotus and Proton, which are also at home with Geely-Volvo. And Carl Peter Forster, one of the fathers of Saab 9-5 NG and 9-4x, is a member of the supervisory board of Geely Holding.

There are many overlapping biographies. It is not NEVS that has captured the Saab relics, but the Geely-Volvo group.

Volvo does brilliant press work. With the misunderstood farewell to the combustion engine, great attention was paid for free. Gothenburg does not want to do without fossil fuels entirely, but only completely electrify them. Something that all other manufacturers will also do because they have to - but which Volvo skilfully stages and presents itself as a pioneer.

Also, the limitation to a maximum of 180 kmh top speed from 2020 for each new Volvo is nothing more than an anticipation of what will soon affect everyone. A general speed limit is foreseeable, perhaps for 2021 or 2022. As a next step, the Speed ​​Assist will then automatically slow down any Volvo in front of a school or kindergarten. In Sweden, the systems that actively intervene are advocated. In the EU, they become compulsory from 2024.

Why Volvo is not (yet) an issue

Volvo is exciting and provides many topics, also for the future. In principle, it would be what the blog would need. Many former Saab employees work for Volvo, and it is safe to say that a well-run blog would receive support not only in Gothenburg but also in Cologne. Because everything to do with individual mobility needs support and a platform, especially in a time of upheaval.

As I plunged into the Volvo world, I realized in the past few weeks that Saab and Volvo would only go hand in hand if they radically rewrote the blog format. Otherwise, Saab would lose ground massively. The blog is a not inconsiderable part of the microcosm of the brand, it has responsibility, and contributes to the fact that it has not completely disappeared.

Time for an evolution?

Unfortunately, in the last few days there has been icy headwind for the blog from a direction that should actually support the Saab tradition. However, one should always see headwinds as an opportunity. Opportunity to question your commitment. Does everything really have to stay as it is? Where is the personal pain threshold, how do you want to develop the medium further? Isn't it time for a completely different format?

The Volvo issue has been postponed, but not off the table! A completely new format, a different name that is busy. Almost 9 years with the Saabblog and the sensitivities in the environment is a long time. Perhaps now would be the right moment to launch something completely new in the course of 2020. Time for an evolution or even a revolution? Let's see…

Fortsetzung folgt.

32 thoughts on "Why Volvo is not (yet) a topic for the blog"

  • To read something about Volvo from time to time would certainly be nice, I always think of it from the perspective of what if ...
    Saab could now be as similar as Vovlo. Even though Volvo is going in the direction of premium, they are still different from the mainstream brands and still do not have such large numbers

  • The comment above referred to Daniel.

  • We can essentially safely agree on that. I don't like all Saab models either (visually and from the outside, I haven't driven all of them by a long way). I understand a “soul” of a car, like most of them here, as a metaphor for a (sometimes a little irrational) emotional bond with the particular gem that one calls one's own - fed by enthusiasm for great functional design and reliable Technology, security and a high level of comfort. Sometimes I actually feel something like gratitude that my two Saabs are so reliable and that I was still able to get and drive such cars, although unfortunately they are no longer built.

  • @ Herbert: Very relaxed. Saab's heart beats and the “Brut” is doing well 😉

  • @Werner Hamburg,

    I hardly believe (at least I hope so) that Tom would give up the subject of SAAB and his own fleet carelessly. Do not we all know any widower or a divorced who continues to caringly care for his own children or a keepsake?

    And don't have to collect any more donations and still be able to drive and introduce a new car, that actually sounds quite good. Anyone who thinks about old companions and does not neglect their own brood should simply do what is good and right for them.

    At least that's how I imagine it to be. Let's see what actually comes ...

  • I see it similar to you. I'm afraid, but Tom will be mentally on the go. The other side would be a blog with VOLVO content would not have to collect any more donations. Corporations sponsor these sites for self-interest.

  • feelings

    By reviewing the article and the comments again,
    grows with me the understanding of a blogger who after 9 long years
    seriously worried about whether and how long he has monothematic employment
    with the completed story SAABs both within and for a near
    can and wants to maintain a closed group of people ...

    At some point, the comments on your own articles and readers' contributions are predictable. The
    always the same praises, sensitivities and disputes. That alone must be tiring.
    On top of that comes the certainly not exclusively simple way of dealing with the same sources and again and again
    Supporters - also a degressive for economic or age reasons and sometimes sadder
    Process ...

    It even seems compelling to me that the esteemed author seeks ways and doors for the status quo
    something to change and I'm looking forward to the sequel. That everything stays as it is, we will hardly
    to read. That would not be Tom. But everything on the scale from a relief to a positive one
    A surprise for the SAABblog readers would be very typical Tom. We'll see and read it soon ...

  • @Ebasli: Incidentally, that with the pigeonhole thinking referred to another post from another user, so there is no reason to be upset about it. I still don't know what a soul is in a vehicle, so neither a Saab nor any other car has a “soul” for me. A car may arouse emotions, but for me that has nothing to do with the soul.
    Even if it sounds heretical, a Saab is simply a car for me, which I enjoy driving and which I like. But I am not bound to the brand. I am not a fan of a brand, but I like certain models. There are Saab models I did not want to have for myself.

  • I hope it stays a Saab blog including NEVS. I also like the Volvo brand, but if you put a new brand on the blog, you've already given up on SAAB. 10 percent of Volvo would be okay for me but mainly it should just go to SAAB.
    I only make my donation for the Saab blog! ... that I like to read every day. This is something special, that is probably not available in this form with any other brand!

  • That's exactly how I understood Daniel's comment as an answer to me - but I can not understand the aggressive tone that fortunately (unlike in other forums) is an absolute exception. As written, it should "for me" please stay that way and do not give any of Saab's detached Volvo themes (with cross-references of course already, as also written). With this I have made my SUBJECTIVE assessment known - to which Tom had expressly requested the blog readers. It is in the nature of things and it is absolutely to be welcomed that such opinion polls communicate different subjective preferences and assessments. But just because you have another one is no reason to dismiss opposite opinions in this way. And yes: It is my SUBJECTIVE and certainly not representative (but it is not at all) experience that I've experienced (especially in recent times) very arrogant Volvo workshops and never an arrogant Saab workshop. The high price referred to the new cars from Volvo (eg compared to the German manufacturers). I think that can be taken from my comment very clearly, if you want it at all. And then straight out to sweep around, on the basis of my subjective commentary to attest a "drawer thinking" and deduce from this that this is a "self-expression", and the effect of the person (!) Of the commentator in real life to other contemporaries by means of teleconic electronic glass sphere - WOW! That's what I call enviable skills! I think it is obvious who works here with drawers, arrogance and devaluation and above all with a lot of imagination 🙂.

    And it makes me all the more surprised (only me personally!) That someone who regularly reads this blog questions the "soul" of Saabs ...

  • Scandicsteel is a pure Volvo blog, while Nordicwheels has understood itself as a blog to all Swedish brands, but with a focus on Volvo. Which was quite interesting and had its own charm.

    And a bit it is here so, the focus is clearly on Saab (and a bit NEVS), while the look across the box sometimes the products of other, not only Swedish, brands (with possibly more or less obvious relations with Saab) illuminated.

    For my taste, the topic selection is quite interesting and I hope that the blog authors have worked with interest and fun, because only then is it a win-win situation for writers and readers.
    And if this should include information about Volvos, then that's just the way it is. The context is quite clear and who really has no interest in it, is quite free, sometimes one or the other article not to read.

  • @Hebert Hürsch: that's the way it is, my comments were answers to the contributions from Ebasli and Heijo Red ...
    For themselves, they make little sense

  • We have no influence on the commentary system. There was an update today that fixed the old bug, but generated new ones. A little patience, with the next update regulates this again.

  • A tiny problem (@Tom) ...

    ... the blog seems to have the current answer function. My answers to X or Y are reliably published elsewhere (chronologically) as any comment and I don't seem to be alone with it.

    I do not understand Daniel's last comment (?). Presumably this was not at all, but also an answer to whom or whatever, which also became a victim of this problem and has been published elsewhere?

    Just for info …

  • For one thing, I really appreciate this blog. He has developed very positively over the years. Whoever delivers an icy headwind, he can have absolutely nothing to do with Saab. Maybe some lawyer? Otherwise he / she would be interested in a continued existence. If there is such a thing as automotive culture, a pretty big concept, then I'll find it here.

    Being together is (as always) friendly. That for years. Take a look at other forums / blogs. Do I want to experience it that way? A clear no. So I hope the makers stay true to their course. Because I think in good.

  • I would appreciate if the last SAAB medium that exists would remain as is. The challenge is big, I know that. But it would be a pity if it disappeared.

  • Even this drawer thinking is self-representation of the highest quality! The majority of people who think that way are usually totally different to their own environment than they see themselves.

  • Sorry but the workshop prices at Volvo are not higher than Saab. Arrogance can be found at every brand. I've had excellent Volvo workshops in Switzerland as well as in Germany, as well as Saab. But I know grottige Saabvertretungen and also Volvo houses have no idea.

    What would interest me, because it has been addressed many times: How do I find out if my car has a soul? Do you have to talk to the car or similar?
    After two weeks in the south of Europe I notice again and again that we have in D quasi a very perverse relationship to our cars, especially away from older collectibles.

  • Although even driver of a Volvo,
    I don't need any reason for the fact that ...

    ... and "why Volvo is not (yet) a topic for the blog."

    My Volvo (EZ 1970) is still a real Swede. What Ford, Lynk & Co
    or add Geely to the history of Scandinavian automotive engineering
    could, should and wanted and what it would then have with SAAB on guard opens up
    not me ...

    And yet I remain ambivalent. This blog and its current topic (SAAB, SAAB and
    again SAAB) are simply too important to me to allow my own opinion on how it
    could and should go on ...

    I fully trust the blogger to continue to put topics and content that way
    that neither he nor the readers will lose their fun. That's just what matters (to me at least) ...

  • Niche ?? What niche? This is not a niche here ... but a platform where SAAB drivers get information, contacts and other impressions !! And I think 'based on the current vote' it is very clear that the vast majority of users' want to keep this in its current form !! For me a common platform would be of no interest because I have nothing but nothing to do with Volvo !! For me, Volvo stands for teacher cars (roughly) and Saab for enthusiasts who want to express with their vehicle ... that they ´do not want to be confirmed´ but have chosen your vehicle without self-presentation by the brand because it suits you perfectly! SAAB is SAAB and in no way equated with Volvo!

  • There are already two blogs, Scandicsteel and Nordicwheels, the latter is unfortunately history, which is understandable from a blogger's point of view. It is astonishing that there is no response from the readers there, as here on this blog. Too bad for the bloggers. Don't get me wrong Tom, this blog is top of the world. The other two are not bad in terms of style (to put it mildly). There really seems to be a difference between Saab and Volvo drivers. Nevertheless, I would like it to be reported on Volvo from time to time. Better than Sion ;-).

  • There are certainly many stories about Volvo, but just because it's “Swedish” doesn't mean there has to be an alternative or even a permanent place on this very nice and shabby blog.
    But in a democracy, the masses decide ...
    And again and again my great respect for the blog team for his great work here.

  • On my Saab on nice days / or leisure is a Volvo XC 70 for every day in the garage.
    Can't think of anything better ... so “yes” to the Sweden blog!

  • I think it depends on what you make of it. You do not have to record every Volvo topic, you could pick out the raisins. Besides, there are certainly some stories about cross-links and people who have worked for both brands and still do.

    A pure Saab blog of course I would prefer the bottom line, but if times change then it is just like that. And maybe it is pure luxury to hope that everything would go on unchanged. If Tom captures his frustration somewhere, wherever, then I understand him.

    Although I can not imagine who could provide there for icy wind. A big puzzle! Everyone benefits from the blog. Workshops, readers, Orio. There is nothing left.

  • I also see as my two previous commentators:

    - No “soul” at Volvo,
    - not a niche product that needs our support, but now (at least here in the north) an absolute mass vehicle,
    - Saab would surely soon swallow from the number of commentators and topics,
    - not a bit of Saab DNA recognizable in Volvo, even if many former Saab employees work there,
    - outer and inner design partly just as terrible as with the German bling-bling brands (and the workshops partly totally arrogant, as well as the prices from Volvo),
    - At the moment, Volvo mainly stands for huge SUVs (Audi and BMW SUVs that are next to them look downright “petite”).

    If it was up to me, please continue only Saab! (Cross references to Volvo, as before, of course, continue to like, for example, if there is a design language or innovation of Saab is continued, so also applies to other brands.)

  • You have not overlooked anything yet. I would like to do without details at the moment, I ask for your understanding.

  • My wife, again with a Saab 9-3 on the road, previously several Volvo V40 and then in the Volvo Club, clearly says no to regular Volvo topics in this blog. The trigger was partly massive criticism and even hostility of Volvopuristen in the club when they received the change to Saab. So much for the unity of two Swedish brands. Many Volvo drivers and fans whistle on Saab. Hardly many Volvo drivers will read the Saab (Volvo) blog. It would probably be more a blog for Saab drivers who want to read from sentimentality, what could have been if it had been the other way around 2011.
    I have a lot of professional Volvo drive (XC90, V60) also we had privately for a long time a V40 T4.
    Nice, interesting and safe cars, but the spark has never jumped like Saab.
    My son (16) said to my wife recently on a ride in the 9-3, the Saab have at least one soul again, that your Volvos never had.
    So I would like to read about Volvo on the Saab blog, I think no.


  • Maybe as a compromise to set up a SAAB / Volvo blog?

  • Really interesting, I honestly haven't found Volvo that exciting lately. Almost always only SUV ... I think Tom then packs all of this into exciting stories 🙂 The main thing is that the “headwind” doesn't spoil the fun of writing.

  • Alain Visser? The guy is about as much Saab as red wine is a Swedish delicacy.

  • From whom and in relation to whom was there the icy headwind? Sounds really bad! Or was it in one of the many articles of the last week (great, this frequency and topicality!), Which unfortunately I have not yet been able to read through all of them due to the workload?

  • As a Volvo and Saab driver I would welcome that. The blog is fantastic and should get out of the niche. I think he deserves a bigger audience. I'm waiting with some tension on 2020!


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