My saabische story. A Saab from Greece.

I drive since the beginning of 2015 a Saab 9-5 2.0t (built in 2004) of the first series. With this car, I have experienced a varied history, but this does not cool my passion for the brand until today.

Saab 9-5 from Greece. Low mileage.
Saab 9-5 from Greece. Low mileage.

It is important for me to emphasize that it was not the car itself, but rather the external circumstances, which I became aware of only later: the car was moved several years in Greece and was there despite good external condition and low mileage (only 72 TKM) probably exposed to sun and salt for some time. He was simply badly maintained and had to be "repaired" first.

It started on the first drive from the Saab dealer in Giessen to the A3 direction Bonn, when on the way the engine indicator light flashed and forced me to return to the workshop. Trigger was a defective cable.

A few months later, after a temporary enjoyment of the powerful four-cylinder turbo and the gentle hum of the four-cylinder engine on long freeways, I suffered a clutch damage halfway along the way back from the coast.

Then again a few months later I wanted to go with friends to a football game, suddenly it was daylight in the dashboard late at night: The "Christmas tree" (ABS engine indicator light etc.) lit up since then repeatedly in different situations and always answered with a warning sound. There followed months of feverish search for the source of the error. From engine control unit via wheel sensor everything was exchanged for used car warranty of Giessen Saab dealer - inconclusive.

An employee of the former Saab representation in Beuel found out that the cause was a simple cable break between the wheel sensor and the engine control unit. The damage was finally repaired for 150 €, the new ECU for insurance with 2.600 € and the wheel sensor with tight 1.000 € to book.

Every now and then I used the car to drive to the office. And so it happened that one evening, I suspected nothing bad, the engine suddenly lost power and I once again had to call the Yellow Angels for help.

This time the control cassette was over. Cost 500 €.

After that I had rest for a few months. The Saab purred and mumbled happily to itself and brought me and my partner a lot of driving pleasure, especially on weekend trips to the Moselle and the Ahr.

But that was not all, the gentle reader suspects it. One evening, I was once again on my way back from work in Dusseldorf and drove on Ratinger cross on a jam end. At first, everything was normal, it went in the stop-and-go slowly towards the junction to A3. The BMW behind me suddenly lost his nerve and wanted to work his way to the right to make a few meters (!) Well. Since I had to slow down again because of the stagnant traffic, the BMW caught me in the back right. He hit me so unhappily that a big wave had been created in the floor pan. The car was thus warped and economic total loss. Imagine my annoyance after the car had been "repaired" for only a few months, and my joy at driving down the Saab seemed to end so abruptly.

At this point, I would like to sincerely thank my partner Yvonne, who has been so dedicated to the preservation of the car in the following years. Realizing how much of my heart and soul is attached to this car, she has made every effort to find a workshop that will provide a professional 130% repair to cover the costs of the opposing insurance.

I may not make any surreptitious advertising on the blog, so I would like to secretly, as I like to call a coachbuilder in Bonn (Saimé-Genc-Ring), who has wonderfully restored the car (including Lacknacheinblendungen). All the fun to find this workshop (thank Yvonne!) Took more than half a year.

Meanwhile, I take the Saab usually only at the weekend or for longer trips out of the garage and take it even more attention than usual. He now has almost 105 TKM on the clock and I hope he accompanies me for many years, just like this one wonderful blog that I like to read on my long commute by train to work.

Thanks to Arne for the Saab story on Sunday. The submission deadline for our campaign was the 15. August 2019. The action was over and not there? Not bad! We have new ideas and will introduce them soon.

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    Both. The car and the story. She awakens memories with me. A silver 9-3 !, someone opens up and as a result, also a total economic loss, which would not have been suspected on the first and outer view of me. It's great when a SAAB survives such a finding. And it is also more sustainable ...

    At the time, Meiner survived, because the collision partner's insurance sold him amazingly high for more than 2.000 €. For the buyer (a professional with a large car transporter full of younger cars with injuries) and the insurance has been guaranteed. Two winners and a stupid one.

    Again, I would not agree so quickly to such an expropriation, but take me the beautiful story of today as a model.

  • What a hopeful story! Restoration after a total loss ... I had with my beautiful, very beloved black Saab 900i, who had only 136.000 km had to experience how an absent-minded SUV driver drove up when I had to stop because of a left turn in oncoming traffic in front of me. Result: My Saab was warped and almost all metal bent. Total loss. I was at 4 workshops, although you could have just straightened it again - but the sheet metal damage was all too extensive. Grrr! However, I could not part with this beloved vehicle, I had him (!) 20 years ago after just such a collision accident, against all reasonable advice for an immense amount to be restored, the then, since it is a nearly new Car was paid, the insurance. But now no workshop was ready to turn it on ... He is now at me as 'spare parts warehouse' or, more beautifully: on the old part ... I found now after months of searching the same, only 1 year older and 125.000 km more on the clock. He also drives like a one! Nevertheless: maybe I should make me on the way to Bonn ... Thanks for the secret tip!


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