Saab 900 from 1985 and 262.000 kilometers

Is it only 262.000 or already 262.000 kilometers, which has the 900 of Tim on the clock? It's not much for a Saab 900, but that's not all. The kilometer kings also want to be a benchmark for sustainability. And here is the 34 years old Saab hard to beat.

262.000 kilometers and desire for many more
262.000 kilometers and desire for many more

Saab 900 from 1985

How many new cars has the Saab 900 from 1985 with its long car life made superfluous? A legitimate question that unfortunately receives far too little attention in the current climate debate. Because if he were credited with the avoided CO2 tons, Tim would be unbeatably sustainable with his Swede. The Saab can go a long way even at an advanced age. This year he was a guest at the festival in Trollhättan, and the supply of spare parts for the next few years was ensured in a junkyard.

Anyway, what could be broken? Hardly electronics, a robust mechanism, and if I'm properly informed, not a turbo, but a sucker under the hood. The Saab is a few years older than his teenage owner, Tim and I know each other from the Saab Stammtisch in Alzenau.

Saab 900 from 1985
Saab 900 from 1985

How does he feel with his classic from Trollhättan? Every time he drives, he writes to me, there is a feeling of absolute relaxation and satisfaction. I can understand that, and it is interesting that he is not the only reader of the blog to drive a car that is older than its owner. Is there a new trend emerging? Maybe ... In any case, it is a hopeful sign of sustainability practiced by a young generation that Saab likes as much as the brand's older friends.

This coming Saturday, I present the next Saab veteran. It does not always have to be the highest mileage, it also includes age and, above all, sustainability. All owners of kilometers kingswho want to see their car on the blog are welcome to send pictures and information.

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  • PS

    In fact, one of the Volvos that I once had with the door handle mentioned (144, 244 & 245 from '72, '78 or '84) broke once - it succumbed to its intended use. Other memories come back too ...

    You had to turn your hand by 180 ° and insert your fingers into the recessed grip from below without being haptically rewarded for this act of relative dislocation. They weren't flatterers. Just opening the door, that had a little bit of "craft" about it ...

    Amazing how the different reputation of both brands reflected in this detail - just in a supposed (but just supposedly) more modern door handle of the otherwise so conventional and cube-shaped Gothenburg manifests itself ultimately the comparatively coarse thinking of the national Saab competition. Who would have thought that?

  • @ Tom,

    I had already thought that there was a good reason, and that it was not purely aesthetic, that it couldn't be with Saab either ...

    But now I know this. 1.000 Thanks for the enlightening info.

  • As (almost) always has everything with Saab its reason. He has nothing to do with aerodynamics in a specific case, but certainly with security. The Saab door handles allow the rescue workers in case of accidents higher tensile forces than do the retractable that time. For this reason, Saab remained almost always faithful to the basic form and renounced retractable handles. Safety before design!

  • The door handles ...

    ... are both a beautiful and astonishing detail on this car. In 1985, chrome-plated handles made of injection molding were no longer cheap to manufacture. Furthermore, as early as the 1970s, these stood for the conservative thinking of the long-time traditionalists among manufacturers ...

    Ironically, the national and then anti-aerodynamic competition (Volvo) already sunk from 1972 a recessed grip in the doors. The handle itself was designed as a rectangular plate flush with the body and therefore offered no wind resistance. That was not as nice as before, you would have something like that but also on an airplane
    found ...

    I do not want to rate this as negative for SAAB. On the contrary, I ended up looking for a Volvo at an 1970er because I did not want to have any other handles.

    But I still think it's funny that the more avant-garde (and more aerodynamic) of the two Swedes, despite his roots in aircraft construction, has for many years been as conservative in this regard as Jaguar, Bentley or Rolls Royce. I noticed that for the first time today and seemed to be worth mentioning - but not rated. No, I like this type of door handle on every car where it is mandatory or even adequate ...

  • There is blood in the shoe ...

    Not so with this prom queen of sustainability with delicate feet and her perfectly fitting 80s disco shoes. A cool bride in her prime and a chic white dress. It will surely live a long time and will easily cover many paths on one or the other parquet ...

    Cool and matching license plate. I would actually hang a little disco ball or two on the inside mirror for her. A nice contrast to “large fuzzy dice hanging proudly from rearview mirros, like testicles (quote from a song by Cake)”…

    Speaking of sustainability, just like reader Andreas, I miss a corresponding political control or at least the delicate plant of a socially clearly audible discussion about how it could be promoted. I am only aware of purchasing incentives set politically in the name of the environment. In other words, we are a throwaway society - but at least one in the name of the environment. Very strange ...

  • If there were a social consensus on more sustainability, then old cars would also have a higher priority. Unfortunately, that will never be the case. The system lives only through consumption and a rush of innovation whose benefits should be questioned critically.

    In any case, no major corporation would make anything if we used all of our cars for as long as Tim. But he's doing it right and that's a good thing.

  • Yes. It was also going through my head… .. To get a CO2 bonus from a certain age and / or mileage. I will write to the responsible ministries in a moment. I'm just afraid of having to wait a little longer for the answer, as the grandiose new climate package and the promotion of the oh-so-environmentally friendly electric mobility have to be processed first. Not to forget the funding to the automotive industry for research into new drive technologies ...
    So I take a little time to write. Go on a trip with one of the Saabe. And enjoy it when the counter jumps to 178 in 300.000 kilometers….

    Have a nice weekend.

    The Lizi

  • Due to the long use of our Saab and because you did not buy a new car every three or four years, which was maybe not good for Saab, we saved 9-5 CO12 with the 15-2. I really hope that this will be counted against the tax.


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