The end of a business trip

Wednesday evening. Rush hour and only 2 kilometers home. The car in front of me slows down, the traffic comes to a standstill. That was it for me then! The engine of the Saab dies, with last momentum I save myself in a parking lot. Out, over! The end of a business trip. How could it possibly come this far?

Stranded, the end
Stranded, the end.

Four days ago. On the way for the blog.

It's Sunday, I've freed myself for the blog a few days. Heading north to collect ideas and topics for the next few months. I like these days when the diary is not as tightly structured as usual. Every kilometer in the Saab is a treat, and my preferred travel car is the 9-3 I Aero. Reliable to the last screw, comfortable, fast, compact. The weather is still nice on this day, but over northern Germany a powerful depression awaits me.

The Saab purrs in the direction of the north, until shortly after Hannover the world is still in order. Then the cockpit flickers, ABS, brake, TCS light up for a moment. Spooky. Disturbing. But only for a fraction of a second. Traffic jams in the direction of Hamburg, the flickering comes at ever shorter intervals. After a stopover with friends, the 9-3 Aero loses its composure completely in the Hamburger Baustellenschlamassel. The cockpit lights up like a Christmas tree, I drive to the next rest area and search by phone Rat in Kiel. Markus Lafrentz taps the ABS control unit or the throttle, but says that I can drive on carefully. And indeed, in gentle crawl I reach Kiel.

Error memory empty, all right?

The next morning the problems seem forgotten. The weather is wet in northern Germany, but the Saab runs as if nothing had happened. The reading in the Kiel workshop brings an empty fault memory, and the throttle or controller diagnosis remains in the room.

What to do? Leaving the Saab in Kiel and driving on with a rental car - that's out of the question for me. Saab dates without Saab? No option. I choose the risk, start the next day to Hamburg. And again the 9-3 plays his game with me. With a deceptive reliability he drives from Kiel to Hamburg and through the city. Only after my appointment he shows his problems. The cockpit lights up, the familiar game. Nevertheless, I drive on the highway in the direction of Hannover. The trolls in the car play their self-healing powers, the ads turn on normal and everything works as usual. Nevertheless, I do not want to risk anything now. With the help of Google's AI and some human instinct, I'm driving around the traffic jam near Hanover, reaching my destination without further incidents. And I'm looking forward to the last day of the trip.

The next morning. Problems? Which problems? The Saab seems to have forgotten her. A car with character and tough. My appointment is 90 kilometers away, I drive cautiously. Noteworthy shows the not so young Swede no. Even later, as it goes to the last 300 km stage of the mission on the highway, it remains inconspicuous. I have a certain amount of basic confidence, but I am deliberately careful about it. Drive slowly, the inner voice admonished, not stop! Even if hunger strikes, because when he runs, then he runs.

A little highway philosophy

If you spend some days deliberately defensive on German highways, there is enough time to observe your fellow human beings as they travel. The good news: it fits in with the upcoming discussion about a general speed limit: Feels much more than 80% of road users are traveling in a frame between 120 and 140 Km / h. The introduction of a general ban will do little for the environment, but will work very well in actionism.

The representatives of the concrete industry in their Audi A4 and A6 were noticeable in the past, but their numbers have declined noticeably. They are replaced by the drivers of those SUVs in full-fat level, which come preferably from Ingolstadt or Wolfsburg. In the mountains of Kassel, they mercilessly scare every small car, who timidly ventures on the extreme left lane, back behind the Mercedes Sprinter, which they actually wanted to overtake. The 2.5 tons of tin-made error in China design are evidently moving from their drivers only in sports car mode to express the consistent contempt for any resource conservation.

Who drives Saab, who is lonely on the way. The gray mass of faceless SUV gets more and more from year to year. In keeping with the coming of the individual traffic age, they seem to anticipate the uniformity of new times. Why do you drive something like that? Because the neighbor does it too? A feeling of freedom and adventure? Or just happiness in the crowd? Skoda brand ambassador Mimi Fiedlerdriving a Kodiaq SUV says: Just because I like to park where I want. Curbs are an option for me, but not really a demarcation, Thanks to Mrs. Fielder for your help. We learn: Because powerful curbs limit our options, you need to overcome them an SUV. Point. Glad I did not know that before. Read in the colorful booklet 40 / 2019.

Sad, but there are bright spots! For a few minutes, a Lancia thesis with Paderborn certification shares my path. Good taste beyond the crowd. We are lonely. But not alone.

The end of a business trip

The Saab stops. Amazing! In the last days I saw on the roadside again and again stranded vehicles. Much younger than my Saab, mainly from Audi and not quite old with around 4 to 5 years. But the old, sick car holds on, and when I finally leave the A3, I realize that he is not feeling well. There are just 2 kilometers to go home when we rescue ourselves to a parking lot and roll out.

Stranded, what to do? My wife saves me, I load my luggage, but I do not want to leave the Saab where he parks. Too dangerous, because it's a place where cars like to lose parts. The ADAC towing service would be around the corner, but I am not a member of the club nor do I feel like entrusting my car to anyone. I call in Frankfurt to, Gerard Ratzmann sends me a towing.

Dragan Beljan is coming (Tel: 0176 - 61401721). A really good decision, because he knows where a Saab has its ignition and knows the story with ignition key and reverse gear. He drives a lot for Saab Frankfurt, and most of all it is restorations that he brings to the painter or accident damage. My 9-3 Aero is his first Saab, who runs aground with a defect. Is not an Audi, he says.

In the Frankfurt workshop then the diagnosis that was to be assumed: It is the throttle. Gerard Ratzmann would install a used one. I would be mobile again, but I have time. He ordered a new part, because the Saab business trip is now only at the end.

The summary: In four days much experienced, many exciting topics and suggestions for the blog collected, which will bring us over the winter. My brave little Saab has proven with 20 years on business that you can count on him. Yes, and Saab Service Frankfurt has shown once again that mobility does not depend on the age of a vehicle.

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  • Yes the DKL. I know from the 9-5 ago, there it was already due. That's just the way it is with old cars. Nevertheless: well written, thank you!

  • Nice report. The DK problem just comes with age, the insulation of the wiring dissolves in crumbs. One of three DK has already been overtaken, the rest follows. Then probably the next 20 years rest with DK error. Nice that the mistake was so easy to find and fix.

  • Good SAAB Entertainment with drama on Monday!

  • Yes, that makes me too busy to manage that often something is not possible, ... .but I want to go further SAAB, .. also official!

    Tom, why not write something about the 9-2x next to your 9-31, which smiles like he wants to say: I'll give you some turbo air with my scoop so you can make it home!
    How many are there in D?

    • The course of things we can not stop. Unfortunately.

      The 9-2x Aero is coming, the report goes into production the next few days. A very fun car by the way!

  • A very exciting report with a good ending for the faithful silver friend, great!

    I also got to know some new formulations for me, which I will immediately add to my active vocabulary, such as “SUV in full-fat level” and “2.5 tons of sheet metal mistake in China design” - wonderful! 😉 These bullets also come from Gothenburg and Dingolfing to a large extent.

    An incredible sentence from this “brand ambassador” too! What ruthlessness, arrogance and ignorance towards other, weaker road users that the curb is supposed to protect (pedestrians and possibly also cyclists). I can give the lady a lesson in parking in narrow parking spaces in large residential areas!

    One question: what is that strange big “air outlet” across the bonnet of the black 9-3 II in Kiel? Or just a reflection? (Unfortunately it is difficult to see on the tablet.)

  • Aaaahhh! Now I have it - this is the 9-2 that I have never heard before !! There's stuff - a Saab that I've never heard of before! I look forward to the report!

  • The paragraph SUV-in full-fat level is just delicious! I will quote this (of course under the author's name) ...
    Meets exactly the point - formulated super!

  • Perhaps Saab Frankfurt would also have been an alternative for me when I broke down with my 902 Turbo Cabrio after my “business trip” from Holland (INTSAAB2019) back to Switzerland, when I was lying on the A3 at the Fernthal West rest area after a break due to a defective ignition switch remained.
    The thought went through my head. But on a Sunday afternoon probably not very promising.
    Unfortunately, the kind man of the towing company was on the way for the ADAC, demolished my front spoiler when loading and unloading so strong that it must be exchanged.
    On the decision of my insurance, whether the damage is taken over, I wait now for almost 5 weeks!
    The ignition lock is now repaired and works again. (Costs about 350 Euro, costs new bumper skin with spoiler - Viggen / Aero Design - about 2000.- Euro!)

  • Just damn nice, this car. For me, an 9-3 I is the youngest 900, even if its name is different ...

    I am full of anticipation for the results of this organic tour and collection of topics. What appeared at the foot of the blog as a Twitter teaser (including “9-2X OMG”) makes you hungry for upcoming posts.

    The statement by Mimi Fiedler is really rarely clichéd (not to say stupid). The self-determined lady of today thus likes to overcome curbs and practices with pride and confessing in recklessness. AHA!

    Tom's observations on the SUV-populated fast lane fit well into the picture. The joke is that they are now optimized for that. From the ground clearance former SUVs is left with many SUVs nothing more. Mimi Fiedler will sooner or later get stuck on a (board) rock.

    As far as a speed limit in D is concerned, my clear conscience of driving pleasure has gone a long way since I have to make do without E85 (with ingenious 105 octane).
    The Mimi Fiedlers and their godfathers annoy me. If you push me in an SUV sitting at 250 Km / h or more off the left lane, I'm just stunned at how ignorant one can be about consumption and CO2 emissions, human, environmental and traffic safety.

    It is true that a general speed limit adheres to the pale connotation of symbolic politics and a less efficient measure on a global scale. But it would be one. It would even be a cost-neutral emergency measure. And there are environmental or transport policy (unfortunately) not a single counter-argument.

    There are a number of reassurances from economic and fiscal self-interest. For example, if it means from the Ministry of Transport, how many miles of the German road network would be without speed limit. I'm in the (communications) industry and I know why who says what.

    Hand on heart, who drives the entire road network of his hometown (including all game roads, dead ends, Tempo 30 zones and one-way streets), before it goes on the highway? The simple truth is that in D much more miles are driven on the BAB than one would like to admit.

    The savings potential of the BAB to CO2 and traffic victims is regularly put into perspective and reduced, so that there are still good reasons for fat crates and high consumption of mineral oil, other resources and in the future also rare earths.

    Once again, honestly, according to the rule of thumb, an 10% higher speed requires 30% more power, so everyone can skip over what they consume as a left-track subscriber. At least my Saab keeps very meticulous to physical laws ...

    It can be moved with 7 liters comma X or even three times on an unlimited BAB - depending on how our ladies and gentlemen from the ministries of environment, economy or finance would like it now. Would be nice, if they would know how much fossil and refined crude oil they want to see burned on the left lane. Or simply allow alternative fuels again ...

    250 Km / h + X in the fossil-powered SUV are for me at least an absolute no-go and I find it strange that this is exactly our present. Mimi Vs. Greta, advantage Angelika. You do not always have to understand everything ...

  • .... Honestly, Herbert, most SUVs do not make 250km / h and only a few ride it. And much of what is sold today under the fashion name SUV are small vans with all-wheel drive. And with SAAB continuing, we would probably have to make friends with a high percentage of 9-4x. But unfortunately I'm biased because I owe my life to the 9-7x. I also notice that I am more relaxed in the 9-7x than in the 9-5NG.

    I'm looking forward to the article from 9-2x!

  • There I had a déjà-vu regarding my 9-5NG (transatlantic) who had a lot of space in the local workshop this summer. Same game as above, always followed by excited tinkling and sudden loss of performance. Two workshops said after reading out the fault memory diagnosis: "throttle valve", once the previous owner had already exchanged it, it was exchanged again (again new part) and there was silence for a few days. Until the “fun” started again! :-))
    Lastly, according to Kay Greenfield, the only choice was to change the controller or harness. The harness-of course for the US version- was replaced first. Since then, peace is restored. How long? I hope for 20 years, then I'm 86 years and then it does not matter.

  • In such an experience, of course, you can understand that subjectively very well - but as a lifesaver, all our Saabs operate permanently, and not just the handful of 9-7x. On a weekly basis, reports come to Saab Planet that once again a Saab has saved his owner's life, and that in such an accident no one, including the police, could believe that the driver came out alive. In most cases, the inmates are almost unhurt in these cases. What you can not say in a figurative sense of the Saab then unfortunately. But then he did his job in the best way possible.

    Safety has always been the brand essence of Saab. I still like to remember a video that was linked here some time ago on the blog, in which two wonderfully batty Englishman dropped a Saab and a BMW of the same year upside down from a height of about 10 meters from a crane. Nobody in the BMW would have survived, the roof was flat. In the Saab, the passenger compartment was undamaged. Great thing! In any case, you need for safety certainly no SUV - which usually represent an increased security risk for other road users.

    No offense, but I'm also pretty sure that there would not have been too many Saab SUV's without the bankruptcy of Saab. The Saab fans have always had a distinctly different taste and tastes than the mainstream!

    On the report on the small 9-2X am also very curious! Great, what the Kiel always organize everything!

  • @Bergsaab,

    It's true, SUV is a buzzword and this reservoir is now ranging from small cars to monsters. You can not shuffle them all together ...
    But the 250 are actually not that rare anymore and even the 250+ are long old. Porsche explicitly advertised it when the Cayenne was launched. “At that time” it was already 5 to 12 climatically. A frowning comment doesn't seem too exaggerated to me…

  • Well anti-social sidewalk parking is not only available for SUV drivers, but also for sedans, station wagons and sports cars. It's easier with an SUV, if it is still a model with ground clearance and not just 20 Zöller has mounted. As for the dislikes of SUVs here, I wonder what the Saab fans would say if there were today Saab, and there would be SUV variants of 9-1, 9-3 and 9-5. It would certainly find some buyers who would now drive a Saab SUV, while probably the supporters of the classic Saabs would say that's no Saab anymore, just as the old 911 drivers say about Cayenne and Macan. The 9-4X would certainly have had a lot of potential and even many 9-3Kombi owners would like to have an 9-3X.
    Thankfully, the 9-3 Aero is back, still a very nice car.
    I'm curious about the story of 9-2X.

  • I may be driving the 'wrong' routes or at bad times, but in my experience the highways are so crowded that nobody can drive as fast as they want. Often it is not even possible to consistently set the speed for several minutes.

    I notice the larger SUV especially in construction sites, where they like the self-understanding of the driver like to populate the left 2m lane, but then do not dare to drive past trucks. What I understand, but what annoys is the fact that even after minutes drove behind a truck drove there apparently not the knowledge matures to release the left lane for those who dare to overtake.

  • The article I think great, except for the SUV bashing, that I can not understand. Should everyone drive what he considers important and right. I myself have never had an SUV, and never will ever get one. But what's happening with respect to SUV is completely superfluous. SUVs do not warm the earth and they are not more dangerous.

  • But it is probably something else, if you buy a car for extra, to be able to park asocial on the sidewalk or to be able to thunder with delicacy without regard to losses. And the height of simplicity and recklessness is to cite this as the reason for driving an SUV in the big city.

  • The comment above referred to Ken-Daniel. Somehow the answer function is currently not working properly, the answers may still not appear in the right place.

  • @ Gosh

    ... but they are ugly! 😉

  • @Ebasli

    There are no beauties, that's right! 🙂

  • Good morning,
    very nice experience. I use my 9-5 Aero mitlerweile again as a company car. Very reliable 😉
    Routes in a row 600km across the Republic are not an issue ... .. It is just fun to read in the faces of the "world car drivers" 😉

    I have only had good experiences with the angels in yellow with my Aero.
    I do not want to miss this service ... ..

    Always good drive

  • Thank you Tom for this sad and positive ending article. Pleasing, that the throttle valves could be replaced! So this beautiful SAAB 9-3 is preserved! 🙂
    I know the “nerve stuff” en route well enough… Unfortunately it didn't end so well for me. 🙁

    • The development is not very positive yet. The throttle is new, the patient still has complaints. Sequel follows!

  • @ Ebasli, 07.10.19, 1: 49 pm

    In addition to the three all-wheel drive versions with more or less Saab content (9-2 X, 9-4 X, 9-7 X), there are two other, largely unknown “Saab”:

    - Saab-Lancia 600, 1980 intended as the successor to the Saab 96, pure badge engineering, since it was up to the emblems of a Lancia Delta. Was taken out of the Scandinavian sales program because of lack of success.

    - Badge engineering the other way around: Cadillac BLS, largely based on the Saab 9-3 II, as unsuccessful as the 600, disappeared just as quickly from the program.

    In the US car magazine “Car and Driver” at the time when the “Saabaru” 9-2 X was presented, it was called “the best“ Saab ”that was ever built”.

  • @ Uli Beitel

    Thank you, that's interesting information! As you know, I'm not that big a 😉 SUV fan, so I couldn't and can't win anything from the 9-4X and 9-7X. Back then I personally booked it for myself as “the end justifies the means”, ie “adaptation to the mainstream as a contribution to the survival of Saab”. But it's all a matter of taste and, as is well known, didn't help. Hingegen The SportCombi as a 9-3X, which is not an SUV, was always a funny alternative for Saab fans in the mountains.

    I am very curious now on the completely new, small 9-2X. How much of it is Saab, how much Subaru? In the interior, he does not look sooooo. But exciting thing - let's see what Tom writes about it. .... Maybe I'll just watch it live in Kiel again. 🙂

    Have a nice weekend with all Saab friends!

  • SUV bashing

    The biggest problem of the discussion seems to me to be the annually growing blur of this marketing label. It has long been possible to imagine everything possible and impossible under an SUV ....

    The concept and genre (freely translated, serving the driver's sporting activities) were originally developed in order to open up new target groups. These were people who wanted to be able to spend their surfboard, kayak, mountain bike or whatever close to a natural and low-traffic location, even without a vehicle suitable for expedition. Or only those customers who would like to buy this image of an active lifestyle like to buy ...

    Thus, vehicles were created for the road, which could sometimes be different. Station wagons that had 13 to 22 mm more ground clearance and four-wheel drive (about a 9-3X) ...

    Meanwhile, it has long been reversed and even traditional off-road vehicles (such as a Land Rover Discovery) are offered with 2 wheel drive or younger SUV manufacturers (such as MB, Audi and BMW) even boast of coupes and their lowering. Others boast of records on the Nürburgring (Alfa), which were explicitly achieved by less ground clearance and the absence of a four-wheel drive ...

    Who wants to bash or do something for what reason?
    The principle, form follows function, is at least canceled.

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