Merchandising ideas for the Saab fans!

Once again, the German branch of Orio AB brings merchandising for Saab fans. With enough time until Christmas, as a decision-making aid and a nice idea. In addition, to support the workshops and to provide good arguments for a visit to the authorized partner. In any case, the timing is appropriate.

Orio Saab merchandising

In October, the change to winter wheels, maybe the new purchase of tires. A quick review can not hurt either. The longtime Saab partner is looking forward to the visit, and the customer is pleased if he is rewarded with a small bonus. This year, the authorized Orio partner will receive free Saab tote bags for purchases of 100,00 € or more. The threshold is intentionally set low, it is about customer loyalty, brand loyalty, not superficially about sales.

The bags are beautifully made and high quality, Orio has sent us a copy in advance for inspection. In principle, the bags are too good for everyday use, but should be sturdy enough to withstand some uses without damage. There is also more to discover on the subject of merchandising.

Merchandising for the Saab fans!

Mouse pads in portrait and landscape format quote the history of the brand. They are ultra-flat - and in principle they are also too beautiful for everyday use. The mouse pads are more of a case for the showcase or the collector. For the first time, the Orio branch also have a Saab calendar produced in Eschborn. Orio promises a high-quality premium print in the special format 70 x 45 cm. Under the slogan "Saab Ikonen 2020" there are 13 highlights of the small Götaland Canal brand with its history. The description is in German and French. The calendars are printed in large numbers and sent to partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Participating companies receive mouse pads and calendars at heavily subsidized conditions, and delivery is ongoing. Workshops in Germany and Austria will already have received their merchandising items, in Switzerland it could take a few days longer due to the customs formalities. The campaign runs until December 31.12.2019, XNUMX - or while stocks last.

Saab Inside, latest issue!

All contractual partners in Germany, Austria and Switzerland have also received a contingent of the latest edition of Saab Inside. The magazine of the German branch is full of reviews of the year 2019. Meetings and events are the focus, and the “Orio factory team” also has its place. The magazine, in the development of which the blog was also involved in the past, has become Saabian and a further argument to be seen at the Saab authorized workshop.


9 thoughts on "Merchandising ideas for the Saab fans!"

  • Ulterior motives @ Daniel,

    I had to think for a moment whether your comment refers to mine at all, which is not related to you personally. Maybe you have too many “ulterior motives”?

    And yes, Orio is of course about “customer loyalty”, “sales” and “money”. Yes what else? And how else could you keep the spare parts business going? It's about common sense, the lowest common denominator, it's about living and letting live ...

    And by the way, also about exchanging mundane courtesies with one another. You stylize a cheap shopping bag as an instrument of oppression when you speak of a humble "kipper". What's the nonsense?

    Orio does not strive for world domination, nor do they value Mr. Daniels or anyone's "kipper". The freebies get the SAAB service partners. And if a long-term contact person, without any ulterior motives, kindly offers you a calendar or a shopping bag that you don't even want, then you will hopefully know how to politely decline ...

    Like I wrote: like it, take it or leave it (for someone else) ...

  • Not everything that lags is a comparison ... I also forbid you to make statements about upbringing and manners with regard to myself. I don't have to bow down in front of Orio just because they're giving away stuff that is irrelevant to me.
    By the way, I greet people without ulterior motives. Orio is about customer loyalty, so sales, money. Therefore, I consider your comparison for totally wrong

  • I see the same thing, nice to have done! It is always astonishing that such things are even made. The question with the spare parts is certain, or certainly, a question of demand. One can not expect that there is a company that produces out of sheer Saab craziness. It has to be worthwhile and yield, and this is certainly getting harder every year. During his lifetime, Saab was already an exotic one (otherwise they would still be alive) and now it is even less. The more I am glad that the spare parts supply works at least as an approach.

  • Like it, take it or leave it (for someone else) ...

    I am sure that the freebies will find their (grateful) customers. And I know what a production like this costs (almost nothing). It's a nice gesture, a courtesy ...

    There is no need for any discussion and negative reactions are simply evidence of poor upbringing and a lack of manners. When Orio wishes me a good day, I only have one answer: "Thank you, too!"

  • In general, any initiative that is in favor of SAAB is welcome. A little disappointing, I found the action but already. It's also about cars. Autumn / Winter etc are still an issue? There used to be a winter check, and I and my workshop would have more of that. Nevertheless: Thanks to Orio for the commitment!

    @Daniel: Nobody uses more mouse pads!

  • Yes, and it works: Instead of reproducing parts that are no longer available, they prefer to "delight" us with such clutter ... and everyone jump at it. And it's cheaper for Orio too. They don't have bad heads in marketing.
    Are there any people today who still use a mousepad?

  • I see it completely differently than the black swede. And find the ideas of Orio super. Where is there such a thing with a mark which does not produce any longer. SAAB lives that way and with our cars and I like every idea and info.

  • Soon there will be a tire change, then I will stop by my Saab partner

  • I really appreciate the commitment of Orio. But a little more ideas would have been great. No matter, air is up for the next action.

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