Last chance: Saab Aero X and NEVS Saab Turbo prototype

There are model cars that are really cool! At the same time they are also thought-provoking. What would have been if…? Yes, if, for example, NEVS had launched the Saab Turbo prototype? As absurd as it seems today, it has not been for a while. Would I drive one of them? Probably yes and my current company car would come from Trollhättan.

NEVS 9-3 prototype and Aero X.
NEVS 9-3 prototype and Aero X.

It remained with a single vehicle, which today is parked in the Saab Museum in Trollhättan. More would have been possible if the money available at Stallbacka were available today. But it's useless to mourn these things, because the world keeps turning, and lost opportunities never come back. The turbo prototype would have been an affordable, individual car. So unlike the Aero X.

He would have played in a completely different league - a sports car that Saab had never seen before. At a production in series was not thought from the beginning. It was about anticipating design features from what was planned. This is successful, attentive observers register at the rear, on the exterior mirrors, headlights, front and other details the design language of the last models. An 9-5 NG, an 9-4x and even an 9-3 Griffin - always a bit of Aero X Design.

Saab Museum October 2018. The last Saab prototype
Saab Museum October 2018. The last Saab prototype. Actually, there should have been a turbo special series from NEVS, which would have looked like this.

DNA Collectibles has both miniatures, limited to 320 pieces, brought 2018 on the market. The Aero X in the scale 1: 18, the turbo prototype in 1: 43. Lovingly designed with a look for the fine details; I have the 2 in November 2018 on the blog vorgestellt, I think both model cars should not be missing in any Saab collection. Because they stand, each for themselves, for an important section of the brand history.

Speculation with the Saab Aero X

They sold out at the manufacturer and we were able to secure the very last copies for our readers. A small number, 5 Aero X and 2 Saab Turbo prototypes are still available, then it's really over. We offer the miniatures to the readers at the then list price, to which customs and taxes originally came.

This, even though the Aero X has just become a speculative object. In a popular portal, miniatures, new and original packaging, between 229,50 and 249,00 € offered. A nice little speculation, but we do not want to join.

Blog readers pay, if interested, the prices of 2018:

  • 157,00 € for the Aero X Sold
  • 52,00 € for the turbo prototype Sold

In addition there is the freight in the amount of € 7,00 within Germany. Interested parties from other countries will be provided with individual costs upon request. We give a maximum of 1 vehicle per customer! Interested readers can order by email. Please specify the invoice or delivery address: order (ä

This offer is valid while stocks last.

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  • Hello I would be very interested in these 2 beautiful saab models, how can I order them?
    Greetings Martin Bröhl

  • Both have already. Tom agree, great models. You have to have one!

  • Congratulation …

    ... to the cracked brand of 1.200 subscribers and many thanks for the noble gesture of securing and handing out a few models at cost for blog readers. Dead people live longer. Long live Saab! ! !


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