Autumn departure Saab friends Saxony

“The Color Tour” on October 06.10.2019th, XNUMX. Great ideas, super prepared, started with flying colors.

The Chemnitz-based creative department of SAAB Freunde Sachsen in the person of Thilo and Alex shook an exciting autumn trip "out of the left SAAB fender," which inspired the about 65 rolling Sweden-Mobil-Tourer.

Autumnal Saab Impresions
Autumnal Saab Impressions

Meeting point was the delivery zone of the well-known Swedish shelf board provider with the logo in the Swedish national colors blue-yellow. The first delivery was a large cardboard wonder box with a hole. The drivers were able to put their arms in and a ticket told them if they could sit behind the right-hand wheel of the Saab 9-3 I Anniversary 2.0 T.

7 boxes were placed, which were placed so that a parking bay was created. Now it was mutually to the exciting task, in exactly 40 seconds to control the right-hand drive with left hand switching to 2 obstacles and park backwards without collision.

Sovereign won Daniel in 40,17 seconds ahead of runner-up Christoph and the bronze prize went to Florian.

The then beginning exit through the mountain ranges of the Erzgebirge had enough curves in the program, which showed us glittering-beaming Saab Mobile in the fragmented October sun several times. There were countless vertical meters to overcome, which challenged the quality of the braking units respectable.

In order for the 28 SAAB missiles to reach all destinations, Thilo piloted the pre-voyage gear and Alex was able to bring the backs to the peloton with great cleverness. The first destination was Schwarzenberg with a stop at Schwarzwasser.

Then under the motto: "From Black to White" - it went a brilliant stretch on Sosa - Blauenthal - Wolf green to Schneeberg and this through the middle of colorful avenues.

Even though the October temperatures in Schneeberg were already quite low, we were lucky enough not to be enveloped in "white splendor". So the picnic at the felt pond was still fitting. “Face to Face” the 14 Saab fronts of the 900, 9000, 9-3 I-II-II, 9-5 I, 9-5 NG and the opposite 14 brand brothers shone here. The drivers and the escorts were able to optimally position themselves for a picnic on a meadow between the SAABs. What a successful move, what a beautiful sight. The support from the team from Fundora adventure playground.

Not enough of the special effects: The caravan rolled over Culitzsch via 2,38 m wide commercial roads.
Until 1989 stood in a hall black and white spotted four-legged, today there are four-wheeled, two- and multi-wheeled vehicles. In 14-year-old metamorphosis there was a cowshed Oldtimer Museum.

After fifteen minutes of exciting introduction by Mr. Schwalbe Schwuppdiwupp was one
in the middle of childhood memories when looking at the nostalgic toy from the 60-like
and 70-like. From the DDR motorboat to tractors, army and fire engines to the Tatran scooter - rarities in perfect condition. The "Minol-Pirol" greeted from the special exhibition to the
70-year Minol anniversary.

Without refueling the SAAB collection, we started the journey home deeply impressed.
Wait ... a cup of coffee or chocolate was also available for some participants in the museum café.

Thanks and appreciation to the resourceful organizers Alex, Thilo and Florian for the versatile autumn rounds.

We look forward to the next exit of SAAB Freunde Sachsen.

Text and images: Matthias and Alex

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  • Since our 9-3 I Limited Edition and I would like to have been there. Maybe next year…

  • Thanks Matthias & Alex,

    Text and pictures are a great pleasure.
    And it's true, fascinating things can be found right and left,
    east and west of Trollhättan - or the same day,
    if a tour is as good as this ...

  • Great report and great photos, because I would like to have been there and the parking I would have liked to try.
    I was at Saab Session Slovakia this weekend and that was a great meeting as well. Report on my part will follow

  • Insanely beautiful pictures! Great impressions!
    Thanks for this report. Everyone continues to enjoy the sparkling SÄÄBEN ..

  • How and when and where can you find out about such events in good time?

  • That's a good idea to do it that way ... was a nice event ...
    Too bad that you are a little further away.

  • Highly recommended:

    Animated by this post, I made a little trip on Wiki to Tatra (fascinating exceptions), which is really worthwhile.

    The straps could hardly hold me in the back seat at that time and my nose would have been 1 cm longer if I had not flattened them on the side window. When I saw my first (and last) car with a rudder in the wild as a child, I was quite excited ...

  • If you are more interested in Tatra, I recommend the Tatramuseum in the Czech Republic

  • For a good Saabtreffen you can sometimes take a longer journey in purchasing

  • A wonderful tour, wonderfully organized, beautiful Saabs (the photo of the four generations of colorful convertibles!), Wonderfully written (Wunderkiste mit Loch!). Thanks for this great pleasure also for us who could not be there!

  • Dear Saab friends, I would like to be included in the distribution list of the Saab Friends of Saxony and the Saab Friends of Thuringia. my email is: thradig at, thank you very much and see you soon, even if it doesn't look that way, our cars are virus free 😉

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