We digitize the 80 years. We love Saab!

The 80 years! They were shrill, colorful, not always taste-proof. Those who experienced them can remember jackets with grotesque shoulder pads and striking colors. For Saab, they were exciting and groundbreaking. The brand was on the go and at the top for a short moment.

We love Saab! The 80er is digitized and reinterpreted.
We love Saab! The 80er is digitized and reinterpreted.

An impressive research and development center was built in Trollhättan, and the new Saab 9000 was an immediate success in the luxury class. The foundation stone was laid for innovations like the Trionic and its ability to burn multiple fuels. That the 80s ended up with a 50% stake from GM is a whole different story.

In the legacy of the Saab Zentrum Mainz were many leaflets, posters and stickers from that time, when colorful was still hip and red or blue interiors of cars no frown after attracted. Underneath was a sticker that is literally a heartfelt statement for Saab.

We love Saab

“We love Saab” on a silver background fits into this bygone era, and the question was whether a reprint or a reinterpretation would be appropriate. Because Saab is emotional, and anyone who is currently traveling with a vehicle from Trollhättan has made a very personal decision and more than a rational bond with the brand. On the other hand, the statement of “loving” a car brand can be considered so out of date that it is crying out for a new edition. Such a thing is of course only possible with Saab. Or could you imagine a colorful “We love Audi” or “I love BMW” on one of the current, mouse-gray premium vehicles?

Because the original is strikingly colorful, we decided to do a remake in current trend colors. Shades that in 20 or 30 years will probably be considered a bad one, if someone rummages in the legacy and brings these stickers to light. He might then wonder which story is behind it.

Silver, red, blue. The original from the 80 years.
Silver, red, blue. The original from the 80 years.

We have selected five trendy colors and we are giving away the “We love Saab” stickers to the fans. To make the world a little more colorful, happier and saabier. And above all, colorful and cheerful, she is currently very much in need. We have sent a contingent to the Saab workshops, which support the blog and thus partially finance it. In addition, the "We love Saab" remakes are still in Trier available, and our idea is, of course, that the readers come by the workshops and pick up their sticker in the preferred color.

Alternatively, readers from Germany can send us an envelope with their address and a stamp for 95 cents. You will then receive 2 stickers from us free of charge. Readers from our neighboring country Austria can share their "Saab love" with Car dealership Himberg pick up.

Sequel follows!

Digitization and the reinterpretation of the "We love Saab" stickers are not enough. The Saab Saga of the 80s continues ... additional historical stickers are already in the works. They will be reissued according to the original, in contrast to the "We love Saab" campaign only in a limited number. Here, too, we are following our mission to keep the world running smoothly and not to let the brand disappear entirely. Sequel follows!

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    • Yes, please!

  • A great action, absolutely thumbs up! My envelope is on the way!

  • @Anna Maria
    I agree. That really does not have to be.
    The sticker, the idea and your efforts, I think great and say thank you for the opportunities.
    But I also like it more clean myself. I'm waiting for the license plate holder to “move your mind” 🙂

  • Drawer in the head…. Daniel, you should work on your manners.

  • Even if that makes me the spoilsport. Stickers like “I love Audi / BMW” etc. have been around for ages. There is also its own Facebook group with the title. Maybe you should ventilate your own drawer in your head again ...

  • "Or could you imagine (...)?"

    Yes, I actually can. And then I went to the basement to laugh ...
    Thanks Tom. That was a very delicious idea.

    The stickers, colors and the new interpretation are so cool that I sorely miss a suitable carrier in my own stable. One of the motorsport vehicles from the museum in Trollhättan or an adequate look would be ideal….

    My black SC is still too young and simple for me for colorful and 80s. There is not a single sticker on it and the tailgate is completely bare apart from the emblem and a license plate. Type, engine, BioPower and the deer - all of that is missing ...

    And the drivers of the "mouse-gray premium vehicles" who like to jostle in the construction site area on the BAB despite 10 km / h too much and at the end of it immediately pulling to the left from behind have no idea ...

    Every single one who prefers to line up behind me on the right (until he notices that I don't want to go faster than 130, 150 or 160 and swerves to the left again) is a pleasure for me. But I would have even more fun with this sticker on an older SAAB - if I had it ...

  • Ingenious action! At which SAAB workshop in Switzerland could I pick up a sticker?

    • We are very happy that the stickers have fallen. Unfortunately, we do not have a workshop in Switzerland that supports the blog and thus no base where you could pick up.

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