Saab Festival Part 4: Dark clouds over Trollhättan.

The rain has the festival grounds on this Sunday under control. The good mood is kept within limits, should the last festival day come to a close in the well-known parts market. So the weather is clouding the mood and we start in the pouring rain towards the festival grounds ...

Saab Festival 2019 in Trollhattan
Saab Festival 2019 in Trollhattan

Rain Rain rain

... that is pretty well filled at the time - despite the weather. The dealers and all other sellers have to prove their improvisational skills on this day and protect the partly valuable and still original packaged goods from the rain.

The parts market extends over the large parking lot in front of the museum. Traders from all over Europe came to this event and put the handle in their hands. For those who spend more time in the scene, it's the usual suspects who spread their plastic sheets over their accessories this Sunday morning. It rains almost continuously, only rarely do the clouds of Trollstadt take a break. We exchange our technical equipment for rain jacket, and shield and stow the cameras in the 900, where you are dry - the victim of the readers who have to do without comprehensive images of the parts market.

So we sneak over the parts market with wet shoes. We are not really successful, although the selection is great. Anyone looking for long-awaited parts will find it here at the latest. For us there is only an original set of moldings for the 9000, a steering wheel and the caps for the AHK of Svenska Saab clubben also land in the 900.

Uncomfortable return journey

After a few hours Justus and I have enough. The bad mood turns into madness. Our departure was scheduled for Monday, but we still book the ferry back to Denmark at the museum. We leave sooner than expected and leave the rainy Trollhättan behind us. Shortly after Gothenburg, the cloud cover then tears open, the sun is shining and it is unexpectedly warm. At the pier, we meet another participant of the festival, the trunk full of parts. He tells us that he used the festival to bring his 9-5 project home.

Our return journey takes us back through Denmark at night to Germany. Shortly after Kolding, the 900 becomes noticeable. At Tempo 110 he gives an uncomfortable jerking, which will increase more and more in the course of the ride. We reach Hamburg with Tempo 80, the 900 shows meanwhile clearly what he thinks about acceleration - and yet he has to bite just 500 kilometers to Darmstadt on the teeth. In the end it turns out that the pot of the drive shaft has quit its service sometime in the Danish darkness. But the 900 is tough and runs the remaining miles towards Hesse, but then indulges in a multi-week break. Because the worn-out part has not existed for a long time, the search for a good used one is difficult.

The festival - a conclusion

And although the festival ends for us wet and jerky, the weather never really wanted to play, ends a remarkable festival. Again unique cars were honored, lectures like that of Simon Padian revived the myth of the revival of the small brand again properly. With the number of visitors and cars exhibited, the trend behind the brand and the classic Saabs could end up pointing up instead of down. And who knows, maybe the set records will be a thing of the past in two years time. It would definitely wish the small brand of the Göta Alv.

That was you, the little article series on the Saab Festival 2019. For all readers who can not get enough, we recommend a look at the Instagram account of the blog as well as the small video series part 1, 2, 3 from Justus.

7 thoughts too "Saab Festival Part 4: Dark clouds over Trollhättan."

  • Nice report from the SAAB city and great pictures. Thanks!

  • Cool written, thanks for the insight and report on the festival

  • Thanks Jan_HH,

    The 4 parts were a pleasure in word & picture. So I send flowers, but unfortunately without (drive) pot and wish good luck with it.

    Speaking of image, respect for the SAABs in motion. Such a shot (sharp car with rotating wheels against a blurred background) is not without - unless there is now also an app that I would not know again.

  • Orio, drive pot & Co

    How, if any, does Orio really understand the need for spare parts? How do you want to find out, without systematic recording, whether it would be worthwhile to produce a batch of Part X or Part Y if you can no longer order it, and SAAB's drivers and service partners look for an anonymous look at their own availability and availability Needless to go creative ways?

    Cool would be a collection system in the Orio app and / or Orio websites. Similar to crowdfunding, there could be parts listed that would go into production as soon as a certain number of binding orders are received.
    If the number is not reached within a defined period of time at a defined price, Orio could re-evaluate the chances for part X or part Y and inform the orderer accordingly and automatically - that means that they end this action for part X for lack of demand and cancel the orders ...
    Or go into production for part Y or extend or renew the action and ask the orderer if they want to keep their order. Perhaps the target was narrowly missed, would likely be achieved in the course of an extension, or with a smaller price adjustment could you go immediately into production?

    Who knows what part could be reproduced for the mutual benefit of Orios and the Saab driver, if there is no systematic recording of needs and opportunities are not specifically explored? Just a thought ...

  • Many thanks for the flowers, I would like to pass on to Justus for the photos. The pictures are from him and no, there is no app!

  • Maybe the blog could intensify the collaboration with Orio and collect the needs of the readers? Would not that be a good idea?

  • @ Anna Bonn,

    unfortunately no (not a good idea). The global demand would have to be recorded centrally by Orio himself. Otherwise, the required orders would never come together.

    Also, Orio has all the information about the global fleet and all threads in one hand. Only Orio himself can meaningfully clarify with his suppliers, if and if so which part for which SAAB model one could put for a potential Nachproduktion times to which conditions in the shop window ...

    A post-production, because one or two blog readers have lifted their finger here, will not be profitable and can not be a criterion for Orio. However, some parts might have a chance if they were systematically explored at Orio ...


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