Long-term car Saab 9000 with almost 400.000 kilometers

Long-term car! In the past, in the 70s, this was really on the manufacturers' agenda. Even 10 years later, until marketing and CFO led the engineers off their wrong track. Where would you go if you built cars that you could use for 20 or 30 years? Maybe even longer. And where is growth, the mantra of our economic system? There are still long-term cars. The Saab 9000 is one of them.

Saab 9000, the long-term car from Saab
Saab 9000, the long-term car from Saab

Probably the best that ever rolled off the production line in Trollhättan. The facts speak for themselves. No other Saab has so much space for passengers and luggage in so little space. This was once called space economy. Also something that was once at the top of the list of developers, but has now been struck from the mind. At the same time, the 9k scores with lightweight construction, offered the most advanced technology of its time, and its hatchback made it incredibly flexible. If desired, it can be a sports car, a station wagon, or a car for the whole family, Saab once wrote. And was right.

The 9000 was a success story for Saab from the start. The first entry in the upper class, to which the 9k was really considered due to its interior, hit like a bomb. Things got hectic in Gothenburg, with outdated, cozy, angular rear-wheel drive vehicles, there was nothing to counter the modern turbo from Göta Älv. As a consequent reaction, the developers in Trollhättan were recruited, who then designed the 850. Before they moved on to Audi.

Long-term car from Saab

Today, the 9000 is rare. The stock has shrunk dramatically in recent years, several cars were exported. His versatility, coupled with unpretentiousness, was doomed to him. As super cheap offers bought from the gravel, they were used up, until nothing left. Rarely loved, hardly invested, until the end. Too bad, because you could have used them longer.

The 9k Aero from Florian is just run in well and cared for with love. His mileage is already scratching the 400.000 mark. It is currently at 395.430, which is not much for the 2.3 liter engine. The manual aero from 1996 is 23 years old. The aero seats show some patina, but the condition of the upper class from Sweden is good, because Saab back then focused on quality and durability. Rust is not an issue, the 9000 has been carefully preserved as a precaution.

However, Florian is also very caring about his Saab, which he has owned for 14 years. The 9000 is fun for him and he looks forward to the next 100.000 kilometers. But in winter, the Aero does not have to get out. That's where the 9-5 wagon from 2005 comes in.

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    I became a Saab fan when I was

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    Always a pleasure to read. Thank you Tom Every day I am looking forward to enjoying my two 9k. A dark green 2.3 Turbo from 11/91. As is always said, with 280.000 km, we have just run in well. And yes, Tom, automatic and sunroof. Thanks to the Ratzmänner, he was saved again and again and freed from his little ailments. Rust is not an issue as it is imported from Spain. However, he will get a preventive treatment this winter. And the 2.0 automatic from 1996. Still under 90.000…. Thoroughly repaired. Completely varnished with clear lacquer - the difficult laser red of the 90s…. A 23 year old car in the same condition as the year before. I drive them both. All year round. They don't deserve to be mothballed. And yet I do not voluntarily deprive myself of pleasure. And permanent grin….


    The Lizi

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    @ Griffin,

    that's exactly what shot me through my head. Just think of Paul, the 9 5 blog project of salvation and appreciation of a SAAB 9000 successor.

    It will probably not be forever before we no longer have any SAAB winter vehicles. On the other hand, the trolls love to frolic in the snow (even if it's salted) ...

    What should one do? How much can one still expect which model and what must be allowed which model still? I certainly do not know that.

    But I have a gut feeling that every "puppy" from SAAB should have let off steam for at least 200 or 300 thousand kilometers under all conceivable conditions so that they can appreciate care and care ...

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      That's exactly the plan 😉 In a few years 9000 will be replaced by 9-5. Copy & Paste!

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    (have to) write soon here in the blog …… should it be called!

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    A great report about a great car. Also had two 9000ers who were just wonderful companions.
    Understandable, too, to spare the 9k and fall back on a 9-5 in winter. However, Tom will (have to) write here in the blog: “Today the 9-5 is rare. The stock has shrunk dramatically in recent years, and a number of cars have been exported. His versatility, coupled with unpretentiousness, was his undoing. Bought as super cheap offers from the Kiesplatz, they were used up until nothing worked. Seldom loved, hardly anything invested, until the end. It's a shame, because it could have been used longer. "

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    Poaching (PS)

    So far, I wasn't even aware of how large the SAAB 9000 and its developer will probably have been in the Volvo 850. For the Gothenburg residents, the new was nothing less than a quantum leap, a paradigm shift and a revolution ...

    The old strategy (we are passive but safe and our passivity and safety are legendary) had suddenly become obsolete. Just as uncultivated engines, the rear-wheel drive and rumbling rear axles. Volvo's became virtually dynamic overnight thanks to SAAB know-how, and all this is casually in one sentence. Thanks again to Tom for compact and yet substantial articles.

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    Thank you Tom for the brilliant article !!! Really fun if you can see his car on this super page / can.
    Considering that I bought this car for 1600 € this has been the best investment of my life. Currently 396850km. Yesterday the oil was changed

    Happy weekend and thanks again for this great report

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      With pleasure! I think the 9k was really a very, very good and sustainable investment.

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    Always a pleasure to read ...

    ... when Tom writes about the 9000. Every sentence is a hit. A few thoughts and information (such as the poaching of developers) are always woven in virtuoso and compact. Thanks also to Florian for his submission. I'd like to have a king like that. He should also sit by the fireplace in winter ...

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    Thank you for this song of praise for the 9k, which is unfortunately still misunderstood. Mine is a 2,3 TU from 1992, driven by me since 1998. At the beginning of this month he received the badge without any defects. The mileage is just over 260 TKm, since I only use it as a fun car since 2011, when I bought an XC70 as an everyday car. The investments to keep it going are of course not without. That can be as much in a year as I would on average over 10 years of loss of value if I got a comparable new vehicle for around 50 k €. Now I have to do something on the fenders, they start to rust through.
    I see that SAAB has never built a technically better car.
    - Pure power
    - Average consumption since purchase at 9,1 liters / 100 km
    - enough space
    - he is quiet
    - it drives nicely.
    What more do you want?


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    Great mileage, the 9000 are made easy to drive, with every Saab made for it.


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