The last one produced Saab. The auction is running.

Since the 31. October you can bid in Sweden on the last produced Saab. The auction will be on 6. November at 10: 00 clock end. The course so far is remarkable and manifests the status of the Saab brand for some fans. At the same time, with the distance of a few years, you can see how skinny everything ultimately went in the wrong direction.

That used to be. The first 9-3 Aero model year 2014 is off the line. The last new car is now available at auction.
That used to be. The first 9-3 Aero model year 2014 is off the line. The last new car is now available at auction.

Workshops that still earn their money with the brand, are easily moody when it comes to the subject of new cars. Yes, the customers would if you could. No large numbers, certainly not. But the demand, it still exists. This small fine market resulting from the existing customer base, one wanted to serve with the model year 2014. Large quantities were never the plan. It was about getting the factory into production and securing the valuable stock of skilled workers until the electric car came. Only the sedan, then from model year 2015 the station wagon. A strategic decision that is understandable.

It never got that far, it simply lacked liquid funds, and the NEVS management had gambled on the choice of potential financiers. What came next was a bankruptcy process that brought brand-rights to NEVS and ultimately ended Saab's automobile industry.

2014: 3 years warranty, 3 years of maintenance

Too bad, because the Saab 9-3 Aero model year 2014 was a good car. Although the age was to be noted, testers also criticized the lack of modern assistance systems, but he was doing well and was a real Saab. The best 9 3 Trollhättan ever had. Yes, perhaps. In Sweden, efforts were made to market and break new ground. test drive There were in Trollhättan or at 20 bases in the country. Ordered online3 years warranty, 3 years of maintenance and a set of tires for the winter were on top of that. The pickup in Trollhättan took place in the redesigned rooms of the historical design department. If you are lucky, a former Saab manager personally pressed a bunch of flowers and the car key into his hand. The price, at that time converted almost 30.000 €, was appropriate against this background and drives you today one or the other tear in the eye.

Everything done right? In principle and from the basic idea yes. The fact that the story behind it was more of a poker game for high standards, which was lost in the end, recognized as an outside observer only months later. After the definitive end of the short production, vehicles for the Chinese market were left in the dump for some time.

Current status of the auction

They were later converted to European specification and sold to the employees. About 20.000 € or a little less should have been paid then. A good deal for the one who got a vehicle. Not infrequently, the limousine was handed over immediately to a collector with a nice extra charge.

And today? A factory-fresh Saab still triggers greed. Perhaps also because a rebirth of the brand seems more devious than ever. It was on sunday current bid the auction at 400.000 crowns (37.500,00€) and was thus 110.000 Swedish crowns above the former list price.

Is there still room for improvement? I dare not forecast. Is a Saab 9-3 Aero Model Year 2014 an object for collectors or investors hoping for further appreciation? The maximum estimate is 450.000 kroner, and 6. November falls the hammer. Exciting!

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  • It even became 465000 crowns. Huge success!

  • Okay, I like to wait ...

    ... and as always, I look forward to coming, if it plays here.

  • Not eligible, does not meet any of the current standards. There are no suppliers to build a production that would bring out old shapes and tools for 1000's piece. If they still exist. These are dreams, nice indeed, but really dreams. Even 2013 had significant supply chain problems for NEVS and had to access the Orio inventory. What would the 2020 look like?

    More about the plant and the current development will follow at the latest in the coming week.

  • @ Tom,

    but what would that mean for the 9-3 EVs and NEVS in total? No one said that the turbos in Trollhättan had to be pressed and painted ...

    "Designed by ..." or "Assembled in ..." have long been the new "Made in ...". I don’t like it at all, but if it doesn’t stop Ikea’s or Apple’s customers from paying homage to throw-away furniture or the electronic junk of tomorrow, why should a “Swedish” incinerator in Germany or California be without a chance because of its sheet metal? have been pressed or painted in China?

  • 456000 crowns, 15000 over estimated. I would say full success.

  • As I said, the factory can not produce. No paint shop, status of the press shop unclear. No components, no suppliers. Everything seriously over.

  • Good idea (by Capri 73)

    I would also like 1.000 Turbo 9-3 SC. And if it would not work with the brand name, you could make the Limited (final) Turbo Edition so a SAAB edition. Anyway, you could buy SAAB emblems from Orio ...

    I do not know if NEVS would be well-advised immediately. The plans fly up and you do not see much. But especially against the background of the NEVS own ambitions and the exploitation of the 9-3 as EV (be it as 4-door or SC) a final edition of the burner * in both body variants seems possible, plausible and the own image as
    Heritage of SAAB DNA conducive ...

    * The SAAB turbo prototype had 275 PS from 2 liters, if I have it right in mind. With this power output (137,5 PS) and the resulting performance, he could easily see the current market and would still be part of the spearhead, the upper 10% ...

  • The idea was there, the result is in the museum today. Currently, the plant is not capable of production, plants were dismantled and shipped to China. It will all be a dream.

  • NEVS would be well advised to build a small series of 1000 Turbo 9-3. Maybe NEVS could also buy the brand name SAAB for this small series. That would be optimal!
    However, the 9-3 is still a great car and if it was all about the car, the 9-3 Turbo X would also be safe to sell as a NEVS. ORIO could take care of maintenance and sales.

  • Aby new news from nevs?

  • At least NEVS finally has a car that they can sell.
    NEVS will probably never understand the potential in the SAAB brand.

  • I'm also curious to see how much he is leaving and which country he is going to.

  • I'm curious to see how much the auction ends! Is there any other brand that gets so much attention after so many years of production?

  • Unbelievable, there is always a sequel, even 2019 yet. The story never stops.

  • In fact: exciting!

    Only a small handful had dared at that time to bid on the first and last NG SC and 9-4X and accordingly cheap they went over the table. The small handful has sold these last but not very last SAABs partly with exorbitant profit, partly for years before a sale cost-neutral even intensively used and partly they are still in first hand ...

    In any case, there is not a single bidder who at that time immediately suffered economic damage or had demonstrably initiated it. Who knows what will set this positive backdrop for the recent and final auction of speculative enjoyment, expectation and risk appetite?

    Speaking of proofreading, the heading of the 2nd paragraph “2014: 3 year (s) guarantee, 3 years maintenance” lacks an “E”.

  • Thanks for attention, corrected. A good example of how mistakes can be made despite proofreading.

  • Tom should not be it until 6. November when at the 31. October started?

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