390.240 kilometers in the Saab 9-3 Aero Cabriolet

Almost 400.000 kilometers in a Saab 9-3 Aero Cabriolet make me jealous! If only because it is a special pleasure to drive an open Saab. And also because the legendary 2-liter turbo engine is so much fun. Driving pleasure and economically smart behavior do not have to be mutually exclusive, as owner Ralf writes in his email. The story from Kiel reads very well.

Saab 9-3 Aero Cabriolet with almost 400.000 kilometers
Saab 9-3 Aero Cabriolet with almost 400.000 kilometers.

Ralf bought the 9-3 Aero Cabriolet 7 years ago from a dealer in Hesse. At that time, the fully equipped Swede only had 100.000 kilometers on the clock. Now there are almost 300.000 more; the convertible is driven intensively in summer and winter. Ralf writes that he drives like a Swede - which should be taken literally in his case. He avoids a top speed of more than 100 km / h, and the Saab thanks him with fabulous consumption figures. It reports 6,3 liters in summer and 5,9 liters in winter as average consumption. With the 65 liter tank, that gives a range of more than 1.000 kilometers. Who needs a diesel or an electric car for environmental reasons? Long use is the real sustainability.

Range? More than 1.000 kilometers!

Careful use of resources pays off. The philosophy of Ralf is consistent and pays off. The Saab is running and running. Problems or defects? There are none! This is due to the handling of the car and the expert maintenance. For 7 years, the convertible is regularly for inspection at the dealership Lafrentz, No wonder if the TÜV appointment in October was again without findings and the badge was assigned easily?

Most likely it is due to my rapidly advancing age, but I don't like it when you paint the traditional grill on 9-3 I or 9-5. Which isn't supposed to stop anyone who thinks that's great from doing it. Or yes please ...

Really interesting, I find the variant of Ralf. The grille painted, leave the stylized aircraft with the Saab logo in the original. That looks, in connection with the Viggen Body Kit, really interesting and tasteful. Also in this regard, everything was done right in Kiel!

We continue to search for kilometer kings!

The submissions falter a bit, but the blog team is sure there is much, much more. The blog lives through the readers, so engagement is in demand! It does not have to be the highest mileage, it also counts age and sustainability. All owners of kilometers kingswho want to see their car on the blog are invited to send pictures and information. Next Saturday we continue, I present the next Saab Kilometer King.

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    Thank you for the very friendly and positive comments on my convertible and my driving style. 😉 My maximum speed of 100 km / h incidentally has nothing to do with self-control, but much more with inner peace. This is probably due to my age ..! ; - (Y. 1966)
    The speed limit in Sweden is 110 km / h on motorways and 120 km / h on selected routes. Since I'm also a fan of “smooth prices”, I prefer to drive 100 km / h.
    With a bit of luck, the 400.000km brand could be reached in late December or January. Of course I'll keep you up to date. 😉

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    @ Juergen,

    You have miscalculated. I come to 675.000 Km for your fleet. But anyway, the experience with the chrome glasses TID would interest me.
    If the 300.000 have been unwound more or less problem-free so far, she is actually already a little king or at least a kilometer prince, about whom I would like to read something ...

    Again and again I think about adding this car to my car, but I am unsure because it is left to the left within the community. Maybe you send a few pictures and a few lines to the blog?

    I would be glad but either way I wish you at least 675.000 more Km with the beautiful fleet.

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    Good job. My wife and I come to a total of 625.000 km, but distributed on 3 vehicles. A convertible 1.9 BJ 2008 with 225 000 km, an 9.5 Aero XWD NG BJ 2011 with 150 000 km and an 9.5 combination 1.9 TID BJ 2007 with 300 000km. But we hope that it will be a few more miles, because all three are still driving flawlessly.

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    @ Reinhard Mann,

    I look similar. 130 would be my dream brand for a German speed limit. Even the Swedes are allowed 120, if I have it right in my head?
    But anyway, the fuel consumption and mileage of Ralf Aero and this driving style are awesome. The CO2 emission is equivalent to only about 5 liters of fuel oil at 100 Km. Not bad.

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    I admire Ralf's self-control, only 100 km / h and that 300.000 km! I can not do it! I drive more in French - speed 130 on the autobahn, my diesel then manages with 6l.

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    That's what I call practiced environmental protection and real sustainability. Anyone who has dealt a little with the environmental balance sheet of scrapping premiums, exchange premiums, new cars, etc. will be touched emotionally.
    Should you laugh or cry? Should one write his displeasure of the soul? Oh, what for! ! !

    Actually, everything is already said a thousand times and every luminous counterexample is a small cause for joy. If it's a Saab Cabriolet, it's pure joy.

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    Well, if someone uses a convertible so extensively, I would find it difficult

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