Saab Gaworski - the traditionalists in Hamburg

It is raining mercilessly this Tuesday as I make my way to Hamburg. On the way I pick up Jan, then we drive together to Saab Gaworski. Feels like Hamburg is a huge construction site, turning into the finish line is prohibited and not recommended with a patrol car in the back. The bypass costs 10 unscheduled minutes until we finally roll into the yard of the workshop.

Saab Gaworski in Hamburg. Generalists with tradition
Saab Gaworski in Hamburg. Generalists with tradition

The Gaworski family runs one of these smaller workshops, which I greatly appreciate, and unfortunately they are less and less. We are greeted friendly, the morning coffee is quickly on the table. Jan and I talk to Joerg Gaworski about Saab. You've been there since the early 70, and an impressive collection of wall certificates testifies to your commitment to the brand.

Here Saab loves and lives, even though times are getting tougher and customers are naturally no longer. Nevertheless, one is confident for the future, and a walk over the area and through the workshop also shows me why. Keeping the vehicles on the road in everyday life is only part of the task. A well-stocked spare parts warehouse and an experienced team are available. Saab replacement cars ensure that no one has to do without his beloved automotive environment even during a long workshop visit.

Generalists and traditionalists

A second pillar is restorations. Classics from the Göta Älv get a second or maybe even third life. In the workshop, employees work on a Saab 99 during their visit. The way to his rebirth is even longer, but the direction is right. The engine is already overhauled, the body expertly welded. Some spots are partially repainted in the rare green hue. During the conversation, I quickly understand that there are generalists at work who work with years of experience and expertise on old vehicles.

Such companies are no longer easy to find, and I suspect the Hamburg Saab fans will appreciate the presence of Gaworski. Except for large paint jobs nothing is done externally, for body shop, engine overhaul and other activities you have skills in your own team. A nice example of a successful restoration is a red 900 coupe parked in the yard. It looks very good, makes me ponder for a fraction of a minute. A classic 900, had not had a long time? The rain is so intense now that I have to do without a detailed visit.

The Company Gaworski Like the brand itself, it has a long and eventful history. At times as a Saab dealer, then a short break, later as a service partner. Today, the company, with its 5-based team, is a partner of Orio AB. Currently, one is looking for a master who could strengthen the team and lead the company into the future later. Small workshops, the direct line to the owner and to the one who screws on the car, are particularly valuable. The scene and the brand benefit from it. I wish there were more.

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  • That alone - “a well-stocked spare parts warehouse” - immediately arouses my sympathy…

    My longtime service of trust has lost me, among other reasons, because the camp was chronically and notoriously completely empty. Therefore, not a single service was possible on a calendar day. Anything that you wanted to do extra was always discovered. The Calix was reportedly leaking, sometimes it was the tilt sensor on the rear axle, which is mandatory for the correct adjustment of the xenon headlights. And so it goes on ...

    Whatever it was in each case, the vehicle was reliably retained 2 until 3 days. because you - apart from engine oil and filters - had absolutely nothing at the start. That can not and should not be. Not at this hourly rate. Nice, if there are still positive counterexamples.

  • I have been with him for nearly 2 years and have been very happy. Sure, it takes just as long as it takes but as long as you always drive a nice other old SAAB as Werstattersatzwagen.
    All his fault diagnoses were correct and everything was repaired accordingly and the botch of others expertly eliminated.
    As long as my second 9-5 rolls with me, it will continue to be brought there for maintenance and repair.

  • Thanks Tom.
    Thank you company Gaworski

  • Nice that there are still such dedicated Saab companies. We Saab drivers in Eastern Austria have with Saab Himberg also huge luck to have such a great dedicated workshop.

  • Nice report from my home workshop !!! Here I am always treated friendly and fair and the cars then run as usual !!!

  • Thanks for the nice report. So we can only hope that such garages will continue to exist.
    In Switzerland, there are also a few Saab enthusiasts. One of them is the Garage Buser in Augst, near Basel.

  • Such a workshop is worth homo saabiens gold for us. I myself have here in 60 km distance in Paderborn the Borghardt, which is also indispensable and above all very committed in terms of maintaining the driving ability of our sweetheart.


  • It is first-class that there are such workshops. With Gold not to be weighed, here is still working with a lot of SAAB expertise. It is also a good feeling to know a great SAAB workshop in Hamburg on the way to Scandinavia, which is recommended by the blog!

  • Here at the SAABLOG in November 2014 I had previously reported on SAAB Gaworski.
    (See report: 25 years Saab 90 with SAAB Service Gaworski). In January 2020 I drive this SAAB 90 30 years.
    In 2014 my SAAB 90 was then also extensively seen in the Auto Bild Klassik. Gaworski makes a big contribution to the fact that this car can still be seen on the street.

    About 2,5 years ago, Mr. Gaworski Steel took over the sheet metal and welding work of our restoration project, another SAAB 90. The rest of the work was done in our double garage. Since March 2019, this car has been re - registered with an H license plate.

    I would like to thank Tom and Jan for the objective report. I wish company Gaworski for the next years
    All the best.

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