Lust, load, frustration and how 2020 could go on

I'm probably most surprised by Allen. The year 2019 is almost finished, and the blog still exists. I would not have wanted to bet on that at the beginning of the year. Too clear, all signs pointed south, it has come once again different. Is that the lunatic factor of Saab? A not uninteresting question ...

How does 2020 continue with the Saab blog?
How does 2020 continue with the Saab blog?

The desire…

I had somehow arranged with it. The blog has been losing reach since 2012. Each year a few percentage points, as well as the Saab stock shrinks. No drama, more the course of events that seems inevitable. But this year everything was different. A plus of around 20% will probably be in the statistics at the end of the year. Somehow unbelievable and against every trend. Thus, the blog is clear about the years 2018 and 17, but under the year 2016. And still under the brand of 1 million readers a year.

It is unlikely that this brand will ever be found again. Also, when the number of blog subscribers has reached a new high. The readership is too elitist and the choice of topics too limited. Still, it's fun to see a positive result, and it confirms the theme mix this year.

The blog became noticeably more international this year. The pages are translated into 9 additional languages ​​via AI. The result is sometimes “trolly”, but it gets better and better and the service is rewarded. This leads to exciting stories and you can see how international the brand is rooted. A concrete impact: We are currently helping - together with blog supporters Skandix - A Saab driver in Kenya to get his 9-5 sedan back on the road.


At the beginning of the year Evergrande entered the stage. Not that I had the company on the screen before. His claim as a car manufacturer came as a surprise, probably not only for me. This changes everything in Trollhättan; NEVS will eventually be completely absorbed and absorbed into the Evergrande group. What is left of Saab? Hard to say! Probably not, but you should wait and see what happens.

To take seriously is what is going on in Trollhättan, definitely. Evergrande maintains an extreme proximity to the Communist Party of China and to the state leadership. What is decided there has weight and maybe impact on the entire car industry. The billion dollar bet is on and that a lot of money does not have to stand for good products is another story.

In any case, the Evergrande story only makes history very limited. I see her as an observer concerned about the future of the old Saab factory and its legacy. My ambitions have long since taken a completely different direction.

The frustration…

Even the small Saab world can hardly decouple from the general development. Saab fans are a very pleasant crowd. They help make it fun to write the blog. Actually! Things were different this year - and there was trouble. Some readers have always said that they have to place comments with a very clear political symbolism. According to the mainstream, which at the moment gives way to a political trend.

These comments were deleted immediately, these commentators were permanently blocked. There is no tolerance in this regard, and there are other platforms that can be used to express political opinions in any way. The same thing happened to the commentators, who felt that they had to let off steam here with articles that were offensive and aimed below the belt. In recent years, they have been released on “parole”, so to speak. What was meant well unfortunately resulted in more and more work and moderation. We fundamentally rethought our strategy in the second half of the year. Locked is locked, permanently.

How 2020 could go on ...

The day before yesterday I phoned Mark. The usual annual conversation about the future, and we were surprisingly quick to agree. Which was not the case every year. Do we want to keep 2020 blogging? Yes, we want, if somehow we get a budget together again. It's getting harder every year, and we'll probably ask readers for support next year. If we get together a budget to work with, the blog for 2020 is secured. If we do not succeed, then the blog goes off the net.

The plans for the future are relatively simple. I enjoy writing, the Saab topic is still there, the selection of topics is refined. In addition to the previous mix of topics, consisting of Saab, Trollhättan and all sub-topics such as Evergrande, Koenigsegg and Sion. This month we are with “Visit at…”Started. The blog visits companies and people who have or have had anything to do with Saab. I have an interesting list, also with the help of friends. It started Post about Saab Gaworski in Hamburg, more will follow monthly.

Because the blog is of course an auto blog, the focus in the future is even more on rolling Swedish cultural heritage. Two very interesting rarities I have meanwhile driven for the readers, the articles are in production. In December or January they go online and from then on monthly.

Fancy Saab and fancy 2020? We certainly have, and if readers think that the world still has room for a Saab blog, they'll be able to support us in the near future.

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  • Hello Tom,
    the blog must not die! It is a lot of fun and I am looking forward to every article. Also my 2008 Saab Cabrio was “upgraded” with everything you have brought to your articles in accessories etc. I would like to see great promotions again… .auich again from orio like the ambient lighting… .but it is just quiet there. The issue of leather is also a big problem with the 93II from 2008 .... I have tried everything, but I can no longer get any covers. Maybe, you have an idea? I will of course make my monthly donation / contribution for the blog again in the coming year and I encourage everyone to donate a 10 per month. that should be inside for this great blog. if that did a lot it would make your life easier.
    dear greetings from Lake Constance

  • Hi Tom,
    Thank you for continuing the blog.
    The posts are always interesting.
    Saab is still alive and that's why the blog should not die.
    Saabige greetings

  • Keeping a medium up and running is a big deal! I have huge respect for this work. Also, because SAAB does not exist anymore.
    But: What would be the impact on the scene without a blog? Well, there is a forum, but that's help with technology issues. The Orio actions, contributions on workshops, SAAB history and the lively life around the brand rum, all that would be missing. So I think that in the world there is still room for the blog and it is needed.

  • Nice to read,
    that the mood of the bloggers is so positive. For us readers, the posts light up the day and often the spirit.
    It may be a month too early, but still 1000 thanks for the reading pleasure 2019 and the moderation of the comments.
    Sad that on a troll-friendly turboblog there are also “trolls” that are up to no good.
    In this sense, 1000 Thanks to all readers, who have given me 2019 with their readers' contributions or comments in addition to the editorial content a pleasure.

  • Also, I would really wish that the blog will continue, such a well-run factual blog is hard to find and just have to continue. Otherwise something would be missing in the Autoblogwelt and in the Saabszene.
    But I think that we too readers should contribute more and contribute to the blog, with guest contributions, reports on meetings, mileage etc. The more of us Saab drivers, the more lively the blog and that would also show that we still interested in Saab. I still come from time to time with German-speaking Saab drivers in conversation, who like to drive Saab and have interest in Saab, but do not know the Saabblog yet. I refer these people then always with the help of the Saabblog sticker on our cars on the Saabblog. That would also be an option if the readers did that and maybe help them get the Saab as well. Without the Saabblog, I would not have heard of Orio's action this year, and many of my Slovak and Czech Saab friends whom I helped them get the things they want would not enjoy the Saabs they have now.
    I will again donate my contribution and I hope that many other Saab drivers will do the same.
    Maybe the Saab drivers, who are scattered so far, could also write a small article about their Saab workshop if that's what they want. Maybe I could also write something.

  • I join the previous speaker and am happy about the stories and information, here near Bremerhaven there are also Saab drivers who make an effort to save the existing vehicles from everyday life. For me that is always the challenge between everyday life and hobby, passion and financing. At the moment, the effort must also remain reasonable, but what is reasonable? I am also interested in how others handle it. Who fixes convertible tops, who can do it for a reasonable price, what experiences have people made (without any malice or sensitivities) with ET suppliers and workshops. My workshop is struggling through the “1,9l TiD Partieklfiler too quickly” problem, almost all causes have now been checked, but a permanent solution is far away. Who knows what other forum offers advice and action besides this, what will we do in 10 years, if you / woman / div can still drive. I am always happy about new editions of print materials and accessories, models and such. Another note from the end of January to the beginning of February is the Motor Classik in Bremen, there are clearly too few Saabs, mine are unfortunately not yet classic enough, but we always make a small statement in the parking lot (900, 9000, 9- 5 and 9-3, the convertible is then in hibernation) - could be more. Otherwise, many thanks to you, I'm still amazed at how much output you get +++++

  • Dear Friends,
    I'm always happy to read the blog! Keep going and carry the spirit of our old Swedes further into the community! My contribution is sure!
    Keep on SAABin

  • Hi Tom,

    I would like to join the previous speakers in thanking me for the work, enthusiasm and dedication of the blog team. Please hold the Saab flag up and into the wind, otherwise the brand would not be the same for many. The required donations or contributions to the blog should still be procured.

    Kind regards

  • I can sign it like this - I am very interested in experiences with workshops, saddlers, “dent doctors” etc., especially here in the Bremen area! May I ask where you put your darlings in the workshop? My 9-3 I Aero Cabrio has a lot going for it in 2020: stainless steel exhaust, chassis, bushings, underbody, cavity sealing etc. I would like a workshop not only with technical know-how, but also with passion! I've been putting this off for some time because I don't know who can best advise and support me here. Kiel is so far away ... 😉

  • Give me my daily Saab blog today ... blasphemy? No! It's a little creed. And I do not want to miss him! So please continue. Maybe some (more) of us can participate with contributions. I would be, besides my donation, also there.

  • I often hear this with the particulate filter, and the only answer I know is to drive the high-quality diesel, eg. Ultimate by Aral - although it costs more and more, because they realize that they have done something good, is outrageously expensive, but I take this for both diesel, and has never had such a theme with a filter. You also have to buy a lot to top a repair, I guess, so I'll pay off with a grunt. I once got the tip from a Jaguar forum and many swear by it. So far it worked for me ....

  • Tom, on the one hand, I'm happy about the whole sense of achievement, but, on the other hand, it's also frustrating that you have to “tremble” every year to keep the blog running. Just you? No, everyone who is interested in the blog. And I think there are a lot of them. But if in the end it doesn't even cost 10-20 euros to support the enthusiastic work of the Saab team, then unfortunately I also wonder whether the whole thing is still worth it.
    So GO AN ANYTHING he can spend on the blog. And the only takers should be aware that possibly a take is no longer possible.

    • No, it's certainly not tingling. We had already worked through various models of long-term financing, from the paid article to the idea of ​​integrating the independent Saab workshops that we as blog supporters had not had before. Since we still believe in the “free internet”, at least the first idea is mutually exclusive. The free workshops could become an issue in 2020 as advertising spaces become vacant at the end of the year and the demand from Orio partners is extremely manageable.

  • The blog is a bastion against forgetting the brand. That's why it's important to keep going, even if some topics do not interest me so much. Politics should not play a role here is good and important. I will definitely make my donation again.

  • Hello Tom and Mark,
    I too can only agree with my prescriptions. Many, many thanks for the great contributions in the year 2019. Please, please continue. My financial contribution is certain. Inasmuch as I can contribute a reader contribution, like SAAB in the everyday life and with family, to one of your topics, then you will also have my support here. ... We love and live SAAB. My daughter (12) already torments the question today, what kind of car she will drive, because SAAB does not exist anymore. I always reassure her and say, dad cares for the babies and she can drive them. 🙂 ... Best regards from Freital, Ralf

  • I think we all would miss something if the blog did not exist anymore, the loyal Saab drivers and blog readers. The many information and heartfelt articles written by Tom and Mark but also many Saab friends, I think because only the reports on exits and Stammtisch are exactly what connects us all, the love of SAAB.Es must go on, so should we again make our financial contribution. We Thuringians have our next meeting on Saturday. The topic certainly plays a role here.

  • Everything has already been said ... also I will donate again for the blog. I would miss the blog very much!
    @ Tom, always great topics and great written!
    On the subject of diesel, I try as well as it is always Aral Ultimate or alternatively the expensive type of Shell to refuel. Everything is fine so far!
    For Aral, there should be no bio in it and only 3 percent for Shell instead of 7 as for the "normal" diesel.
    Organic just stinks more! and if unburned diesel fuel runs into the engine oil (when the filter burns down) the bio-shares will not burn out ... ..that reduces lubricity.

  • THE FREE" …

    ... to integrate Saab workshops I think that's good. I know one who has been doing Saab for decades and with much passion.
    The yard is full. Only Saabs. The driveway is provided with the original lettering. And even out on the street, the brand dominates right and left of the yard. In the office, a display cabinet is brimming with Saab miniatures ...

    You can barely speak about free. The name? I would call it immediately and recommend it in good conscience, but do not do it for two reasons.

    First, the workshop is drowning in work and second, it should turn to the blog itself and support, if they wanted or need advertising ...

    Anyone who generates as much revenue as this blog, which is also responsible for the value enhancement of classics and slows down the loss of value of used cars, not only has a natural right to donate his readers, but also to the support of those who are still quite good live with and from the brand.

  • I'm late…
    I would also like to thank Tom & Mark & ​​Jan & all other “freelance” authors for their SAAB stories / contributions. Without this, the day would not be imaginable! Therefore: PLEASE also interesting, worth reading and emotional contributions in 2020! The heart opens, a smile is created, the SAAB cares. Mission accomplished. I am happy to pay my voluntary or voluntary contribution! Scurrying has never been my thing.
    Great pleasure on my part, that here fumbling contemporaries do not find a forum. OK then.
    I am looking forward to an interesting and exciting SAABblog 2020!
    But a mystery remains for me: Quote: To all clearly showed signs to the south, ...
    What should I introduce with this:
    Just write about Alfa Romeo ... or
    only travelogues from Provence and the Côte d'Azur ... or
    From my North German point of view, some interesting southern lies! 😉
    1000 thanks!

  • Hello Lars
    Go to Volvo Möhler there are the two former masters of Saab Warnecke who are very competent
    Greetings Thomas

  • The mystery of the south ...

    ... I would be interested too. Automobile I remember only Italy. Maybe the signs are heading south but also completely different, purely private nature and we will never know?
    After all, Saab is also driven in Kenya and that is very far south 😉
    Ingenious action by Blog & Skandix. I'm looking forward to the reports on the project.

  • Today's article was a good mix of statements and shows how alive the blog is. My support for 2020 you have for sure.

    To help a Saab driver from Kenya, I think so great. I lived and worked in Kenya for seven years. I never saw a Saab during this time. Since you have to be hard core fan. It is not easy to keep a car alive in Kenya, but a Saab. Hopefully, the project works. In my time, the Peugeots were the cars for Africa, which were then successively replaced by Toyota and Nissan.

    And so I hope like many here on a sequel to all the good stories about Saab and such.
    Keep on rocking!

    • I did not want to believe Kenya's story in the beginning. But the reader comes from a family driving a 96 and even sent a video showing the Saab on a classic car rally. Skandix itself has more than a dozen Saab customers in Kenya. So it really seems to exist, even if there are very few.

  • Hello Thomas,
    Thank you, then I have not missed anything - to Möhler I bring my two sweethearts since they have brought Saab to the start. 🙂
    Best Regards

  • Many thanks to you Tom and Mark. One year with the blog is a good year! How about an admixture of restoration accompaniment, before, after. Would I currently (admittedly not quite unselfish) find very interesting.

  • I think the blog is now indispensable. At least for those who consciously drive SAAB. Two thoughts from my side.

    Firstly, Orio, as the main profiteer (let's be clear), should ensure a stable budget. Openly, their business model also depends on it.

    Second, you could call twice a year. I remember Swade and Trollhattansaab / saabsunited. He was well received. Maybe an idea for the future.

    BTW: What happened to Swade?

  • Dear Tom,
    Thank you for your always very objectively and objectively written articles! It is always a joy to read these, especially because there are no other sources that research with this love and care!
    Please continue and my donation you have safe in your pocket!
    Lg from Vienna,


    Dear Tom, dear blogging team,

    Unfortunately, due to a lot of work, I am only now getting in touch with this topic. My very big thanks for the wonderfully entertaining and highly informative useful information that brings the blog almost every day! Behind it lie great competence, enthusiasm, lifeblood and also altruism! You probably do not realize how much work there is in daily care. The fact that shameful extreme political statements and personal slurs have also found their way into this pleasantly polite blog, you get so not at all. What work must be behind it to check all comments first. Thank you very much for that! I appreciate the courteous and friendly interaction with each other here beyond all else and participate nowhere else in any forums on the Internet, because there are always people on top of each other, who miss any nursery.

    The concept of the blog, which has greatly enriched this year, should also prove itself in 2020. I will pay ten euros for each month and hope to make a contribution to the continuity. Nice also that younger Saab enthusiasts (Jan and Justus) have participated with interesting contributions and films. Also in this respect, the future seems to be secured!

    Also in practice I owe much to the blog, such as the recommendation of excellent workshops. For the bigger "handicrafts" on my two sweethearts (and I like to be "expert" on them "tinker" them :-), so they something aufhübschen and optimize) I'm now a regular customer in Kiel, but for the ongoing services, repairs and similar things I'll stop by here in Hamburg at Gaworski and see how I like it there.

    Regarding the spread of the blog, I've considered, but the quite numerous Saabs, especially here in my district park, sometimes with a friendly short cover letter from me and a blog sticker in the envelope behind the windscreen to make happy. I would then point out that for us Saab friends the free blog so much worth knowing holds. How do I get the stickers? Just send a stamped envelope to you?

    I would have two questions at the end:
    1. Dear Tom, what are your "in a completely different direction (!) Going automotive ambitions"? That's what worries the Saab fanatic! 🙁
    2. What has become of Swade and his blog, I would be interested synonymous (see above comment by @Schwarzer Swede)

    Thanks for everything and best regards from HH!

    • Thanks for the good, friendly comment. @ StF has already answered the questions about Swade now at Brabham is. However, it is quite quiet about his media activities and not comparable to what he did at Koenigsegg.

      Yes, the automotive ambitions. Besides Saab, there are other brands that I like and have never made a secret of. A longer topic, which will come in due time on the blog. But: There is no reason to worry.

  • Anyone who is interested in Swade, can read on his blog, but he has recently provided only very irregular with articles:

    Probably because of the move and the new job. Maybe there will be a new article between the years.

    And here is my interpretation of the signs that point south: This is supposed to be a picture of a negative trend, derived from a map on the wall, in which north is up and south down, at least in the usual way of representation.

  • That's how I know it too - facing south = pointing down. Thanks for the info regarding Swade!

  • Hm, the idea or idea, I had often, Saab driver to address and to provide them with information about the Saabblog or the Saab drivers who have no license plate holder of a Saaberkstatt they have to point to the Saab workshops. Maybe even helping one or the other of the Saabs will help if the Saab is in expert hands and can be taken care of.
    Is it really possible to say roughly how old the average Saabblog reader is? Could I imagine that there may also be Saab drivers who are not Internet users and therefore do not know the Saabblog, or are Saab drivers an exception?

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  • I want to contribute again in 2020 ..........

    Best wishes from the UK.

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