When joy and sorrow are close together

2-part report by Matthias about the IntSAAB2019 in the Netherlands (Weerselo)

It was April when I found out that my wife and I can not go vacation together with our son during the summer. While I had 14 days of vacation in July / August, my wife's one week's holiday was summarily postponed by a week. Effect of it, we had no longer vacation together now, because the one week of the woman would have fallen on my first holiday week.

My Saab convertible
My Saab convertible

That did not hurt our son, as he had six weeks summer vacation. Various plans fell into the water, because I could not push my holidays forward, but backwards.
The consideration thereby, that Intern. To attend meetings in Holland. Unfortunately alone because my son starts a new training a few days before and my wife definitely had to work.

I also noticed that various other acquaintances from Switzerland and my time at the Saab Club Switzerland will travel to the meeting. So why not? Especially since this is my almost 25th anniversary in terms of internal matters. Saab meeting represented. I was not always present at all the meetings (NL 1994, DE, DK, SE, CZ, CH, B, DK, CH, B & again NL 2019) but at quite a few. Accordingly, contacts were made here and there with other participants from other countries.

I was also able to postpone my vacations by a week, so that would fit in with Holland. In addition, I entered the Monday after the holidays as Friday. At the time, I had no idea that this was a good idea.

A few days later so the registration for Holland. After registration (as no. 206) and the confirmation still fast looking for accommodation. In the hotel t`Elshuys outside of Albergen I got a very spacious and nice room. Only a few minutes by car from the actual meeting in Weerselo. Saab friends from the Czech Republic, England, France and Holland also shared the hotel with me.

A week before the meeting, I found with the review of the documents with horror that I had booked the hotel only for two nights, but I wanted to arrive comfortably on Thursday I had to act quickly and ask for another night. What then no problem for the hotel represented. Good that I noticed that before arrival.

The car itself was made ready to travel one day before departure. For me this means (usually though irrationally) car washing and interior cleaning. But this happened already days ago including polish. Had holidays.

In addition, there was all sorts of stuff like a tool, as a former Saab mechanic, I can not without a long drive, and tire repair set. Checking of security system, spare wheel, breakdown triangle, spare bulbs and fuses as well as the vehicle pharmacy on which the German police put so much value. In particular, on the expiration date. What it takes.

Also the liquids, although only just made service, were again checked. The music player has been updated again and the latest CD`s ready. As well as something to drink and to snack. Ready to go.

On the day of departure again fueled by good stuff (98 Oct.) and go on the highway to Basel. With partly switched on cruise control it was at half 9 on the A6 / A1 to Basel. Soon the Swiss border was behind you and one could think that now on the German A5 you could drive a bit faster than the 120 km / h in Switzerland.

Could you, but Germany shines like many Swiss construction sites. The whole thing spread like chewing gum. The consumption of my Cabriolet was initially at 7 liters increased by the many stop and go on 8,5 liter. What made it exciting again, whether the tank filling would then reach Holland. (It reached to the Dutch border)

Soon it was traffic better and in the evening after a burger meal at a rest area near Essen, I came to the A31 direction Emden, there was then pressed by many drivers really on the tube. Low traffic and a very good road surface led many to high speeds. For us Swiss especially, it was important to keep an eye on the rearview mirror when overtaking. Some came with over 200 km / h brewed and the onset of low light conditions. The temptation was to stand up to one or the other, but I let it be. To love my car. Not that he could not have done it. Finally, the Hirsch company has taken care of the performance increase years ago. (230 PS / 310 Nm) Continue towards Enschede N35 and soon down from the highway.

The driving in Holland after the rage and the stop and go in Germany was then directly relaxing. As the weather also played along, down with the hood and the last kilometers openly drove through Holland at sunset. Great!

Friday was started with a good breakfast. Subsequently, the area as well as the localities and the way there was scouted out. From 13.00h was then possible to log in and pick up the goodies. Whatever contains a certain tension. You never know exactly what the organizers are putting in their pockets.

Already could be admired on a special parking lot before the registration Saab`s. But also in our parking lot for the participants who are not registered on the campsite. Only the cow meadow that was assigned to us was evidently occupied by cows until shortly before. It was a hell of watching out, not driving through the cow dung or kicking. Especially since it also rained in between and the already dried Sch .... soften again.

Friends from other meetings were spotted and a chat was held. The first stalls also sold their goods.

Zack, and you could make your first prey. WhatsApp came home with the message, "Honey I need this and that for my 9-3". Mhmmm. OK, let's see what the budget and the market will be.

Soon I am with my first "booty" on the way to the (cow) parking lot to feed my trunk.

Meanwhile, the parking lot filled more and more with Saab's from all over Europe. Of course, vehicles with yellow numbers were clearly in the majority. At some point I met my friend from Switzerland who had just arrived to enjoy the rest of the day and especially the evening buffet with you. 25 years ago at my first intern. Saab meeting here in Holland, we got to know each other, so a small anniversary. From then on, we did a lot of things together as part of the Saab Club Switzerland. Also we drove to other Intern. Saab meeting. At that time still intern. Called Saab Club Meeting, the club has now given way. Which is good. Passionate Saabfahrer can also be outside of a club.

Saturday, in turn, begins with the arrival of the Saab friends at the venue. Meanwhile, the cow pies were stuck or stuck in the fenders. Which is why the fenders are called fenders.

At a rally to Airfield Twenthe could be joined. With a roadbook, of course. Only when you are alone, that is a bit difficult. My friends from Switzerland are with me, but I should drive ahead. I am well known for my quick sense of direction, which had helped us in Brno once out of trouble. Only driving and reading a map is a bit difficult. I let run my little Navi. Let's see how far we are coming. The entry into the rally was still good, we also had a Dutch convertible in front of us. He certainly knew where it went, we thought. Haa! Nope.

After a short time no one knew where we were. Not even my navigation system. With a lot of flair and sense of direction we arrived after another 10 minutes from another direction at the starting point (Kuhwiese).

So different now! Navi programmed and direct from the airport Twenthe. After half an hour and a short search we also found the venue here.

Great, the many Saab's were already here. You could probably compete in terms of competition on a car and test his knowledge. Put the car on a dynamometer, take part in a regularity drive, or just have your car set and admired on the taxiway to the other vehicles. We decided on the last and rummaged through the crowds at Saab's and found an Opel Astra with Saab Turbo engine! (according to Obelix «the spiders the Dutch» or so)

In the evening, a buffet was again planned, in which everyone was allowed to participate. Unfortunately, I spoiled my stomach at a previous apéro in the afternoon of Swiss friends, which was not the fault of the cheese cuts or the wine, but I have a hotel room with toilet the night spectacle must prefer.

What happened on Sunday, in the 2. Part of the story.

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  • Thanks for the very nice, detailed and nevertheless kurzweilg written report! I am already looking forward to the second part! Unfortunately I did not have time to participate.

    I also find the Dutch Saab Cabrio Tour (“challenge”) very interesting as a summer meeting http://main.saabcabriochallenge.nl/saab-cabrio-challenge/ that 2020 is to take place in Croatia and 2019 in Sweden was probably a great success. I imagine it as a wonderful experience to drive in column through the beautiful landscape with all the open Saabs. Has anyone ever participated in such a convertible tour? I hope that you as a German would be welcome and you also, for example, in English, comes into contact.

    PS: Who evaluates all the friendly-positive comments before actually with thumbs down ?? 🙁 incomprehensible!

    • There are trolls everywhere, maybe also personal sensitivities. One shouldn't overestimate the "thumbs down".

  • Beautifully written and makes you want the second part. Perfect for the Sunday mood. Thank you very much!

  • Thanks for the decelerating weekend reading. Wonderful, sooo many coffins!
    I look forward to the hopeful recovery as the story continues ...

  • I agree (with Ken-Daniel S) and say thanks for today's dose of Saab reading. I'm really looking forward to the sequel ...

  • I'm looking forward to the second part

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