New Release. Saab 9 4x 2011 1: 18

What do you have at 24? October 2011 made? To forget? I still remember. I was in Hamburg, I am a Saab 9-4x for the first time gefahren, The impression was lasting. So good that I wanted one. With luck, I would have got one, almost. If Saab had lasted a little longer.

DNA Collectibles has set itself the 9-4x
DNA Collectibles has set itself the 9-4x

The Saab 9-4x remained scarce, the production ran only briefly. Then it was over, and today the SUV is an extremely value-stable object for collectors. Rarely, the 9-4x in Europe would remain one way or the other. Even if everything had changed in Trollhättan. First and foremost, it was a vehicle for the markets of North America and China. The majority of all models built in Mexico would have gone there. Europe would have received only a very small dose.

Just 300 pieces per year would have landed on the German market. So about one per Saab partner, more would not have been possible. There is no need to discuss why there was no diesel or hybrid. The well-known 2.8 liter V6 with Holden roots would have provided the engine with and without charge. Only his successor, based on the Phoenix platform, would have swung back onto the well-known Saab line. 1.6 liter, 4 cylinder, turbo and on request also hybrid.

DNA Collectibles has made the 9-4x. It will not come onto the market until March 2020, the pictures show the first prototype. It looks very good, small details are still being worked on. The color of the miniature is “crystal red”. DNA, consciously or not, chose a very exclusive color. There are two vehicles in Aero Trim worldwide that have this paint. 2013 was a very nice meeting both vehicles in Kiel. No coincidence, because Markus Lafrentz cares for the existing vehicles with his dealership worldwide and is the first one Contactwhen it comes to the supply of spare parts or the service.

The early bird price for the Saab 9-4x in the scale 1: 18 amounts to 133,87 €, the orderers thus save 10%. DNA Collectibles shipped now from its warehouse within the EU, customs duties as in the first models are therefore no longer.

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  • Uii uii uii ... .. I would be pretty weak !!! 😉
    ... only the price and the color .... 😉

    Hmmm ... I have to drink another espresso over it ... 😉

  • Quote: .... Europe would have received only a very small dose. Just 300 pieces per year would have landed on the German market. So about one per Saab partner, more would not have been possible.

    This assessment of “need” is a gross misinterpretation at SAAB.
    But in the end, they probably could not help it. When SEK is missing in every corner ... the work is not fun anymore.
    The model looks good, as far as I can tell.
    I personally “flinch” at the price. 🙁 No matter whether it is a small edition or not. It doesn't matter whether the small cars are increasing in collector value or not.

    In the article melancholy resonates with ... what could have been anything ... history.
    Out of the mouse.

  • Unfortunately, there have been many misconceptions and decisions made by Saab and Saab. I'd like to know what would have happened if the team in Trollcity could just have been done ?!
    In addition to the interesting model but I find the information about the car dealership Lafrenzt really amazing. That the radiance of the Kiel company goes so far is already very considerable. Hats off, for this achievement !!

  • Lustig

    I fell for the title picture for a brief moment of irritation. I thought there is the real on scree. Speaks probably for the model ...

    Otherwise, I agree with previous speakers. 300 cars for the whole of Europe by Anno? This is ridiculous and makes service, spare parts supply and storage financially unattractive.

    Much worse is that VM-Saab downplayed themselves and their own potential when they had new cars at the start and creditors and potential investors should have convinced ...

    Although I'm not a fan of the V6, but compared to what other manufacturers have also sold in Europe in recent years on SUVs with success and in large numbers, even this engine goes through as pure sanity.

    This is really stupid and especially the beautiful SC I miss today painful ...

  • I think I should get one, then I can admire the 9-4X every day, if only in the showcase and not in the garage.

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