When joy and sorrow are close together (finale)

2 - part report from Matthias about the IntSAAB2019 in the Netherlands (Weerselo). Sunday, recovered from my gastrointestinal flu thanks to medications that I always have with me when traveling. The sun is shining, it's supposed to be a nice day. I'm looking forward to the big parts market. I'm looking for a lot for my convertible and my 9-5er and there is still the 9-3 TTiD my wife, who has joined us again. Surely we'll find something there too.

The (cow) parking lot full
The (cow) parking lot full

The (cow) parking lot feels. Much faster this morning than yesterday. Many of our Dutch hosts appear with their Saab. No wonder Holland was an important market for Saab with so many Saab enthusiasts.

Also on Sunday prey could be made. In the end, I bought three sets of floor carpets for our fleet. In addition, two hub caps with Saab logo for the alloy wheels, T-shirts, stickers, etc. A seller seems to have bought up Wish and now offers key chains and emblems a bit more expensive than these are available in the online store of Wish or AliExpress.

Unfortunately, I do not find what I am actually looking for. Well, it does not hurry. Maybe in the online shop at Wish ?!

The morning is coming to an end. The rank announcements for the most beautiful vehicles begin. Most Dutch vehicles what I get so. Anyway, I've already won a prize in Belgium and my modified 900er is not for everyone (woman) taste. Main thing I like. I had no hope of winning anything anyway, even though the competition in my category was not that big.

I only occasionally see my friends from Switzerland from afar. Unfortunately, my return journey is approaching. It's almost 800 Km back, Sunday and holiday season. Another chat in the parking lot with a German Saab friend about my US turn signals on the car, which he has just bought just stop without pears and pear holders. After a small disassembly of the front turn signals on my car, photos and many tips, we go our way. He returned to Germany with his prey and I in my ruin. Only I do not know anything about it at this moment.

At my departure at half 12 in Weerselo at the meeting, nothing indicated any problems ahead. First we went open through various villages and Enschede direction highway. My navigation wanted me once again "Vergackeiern"! Not today! I'm in a good mood and the sun is shining. The trunk is full of my prey and on Monday I'm still free.

Today on the highway A31 (as I was told, this is the highway in the Friesenspitz) it already has significantly more traffic. Nevertheless, I'm making good progress. A little jam later direction Cologne, no problem. The car runs like a Swiss clockwork. We are on the A3, which I already wanted to catch on the way there, but my Navi would rather go up on the A45. Just «Vergackeiern».

Shortly after the highway exit Neustadt / Wied I checked my navigation system. A little more than 520 km home. It is just before three o'clock. My car might need some fuel and I have a big coffee to go. Starbucks is just fine.

Shortly filled with the good stuff (102 Oct.) and quickly over to the parking lot. In retrospect, I should have stopped my coffee. With a big cup of steaming coffee I climb back into my convertible. Now my biggest problem, where to go with the big mug. My original Saab cup holder in the door is too small. What now? I find a solution with my second cup holder, which is built into my center armrest.

Good, start car.

Only the car can not be started.

The ignition lock blocked! I try everything. Shake, knock, move vehicle, swearing, whining the duplicate key, and even the third key. The key does not turn, no matter what I do. In desperation, I unpack half of the trunk to get to my tool. The idea, if I come to a certain place, maybe I can expand the ignition and maybe fix the problem. So I'm removing the entire center console. The car park neighbors look a bit irritated.

I hope they do not call the police, they can not help me either.

After a full hour I give up. It does not want to and I can not anymore. In the sweltering heat I'm soaking wet.

Remains only the call for help to the insurance / roadside assistance. Now you have to know that a few years ago I was already stranded in the Tyrol with my family and my 9-5 Aero. At that time it was the generator that did not want to work anymore. Thanks to my insurance (name I do not call, big sponsor in the F1) everything was fine. Good insurance is worth gold in such cases, although it may cost slightly more than one of the low-cost providers.

The clerk at the other end then took the matter into her hands. After the telephone conversation I soon got the message (SMS) that the towing service would arrive a little later, a lot going on, I would have to expect 2 hours. Well, I have coffee and if I got hungry, there would be a Burger King.

Finally, the tow truck arrived after 30 Min. After a short hick hack how the car should be charged, namely backwards because the towing hooks in the front because of the conversion did not fit (who think because of something like that). So the convertible was now charged backwards. At the same time the paint on the bottom of the spoiler stripped off the floor.

The driver "well that happens when you lower a car" Well, yes, it's not his and soon is closing time. Had it been an expensive sports car, it would have been charged with the crane.


Because when unloading the car, they made an effort and still leveled the remaining color of the spoiler base away. I feel sick. After all, you do not do things by halves! And I dork have avoided too steep ramps as far as possible.

Then again with the insurance phone. You organize the return transport of the car to Switzerland to my garage. In addition, I get a rental car, paid by the insurance. Only, the part is at Europcar at Cologne airport. Need taxi. Chief of the towing office arranges a taxi for me. This also pays retroactively my insurance. Thanks insurance. With the taxi in Affentempo to Cologne to the airport. Driver wants to know where there? Insurance sent me an SMS: Cologne Airport, Europcar Terminal 2 level 0, arrival. The taxi driver does not seem to know the locality, well I'm working at an airport, so I can imagine what the whole thing looks like and where we have to go. Is almost the same everywhere.

The driver has no plan. I have to guide him through the mess of the airport. He then throws me out with my luggage at the car return. Certainly not the place I have to go to.
Taxi rank arrivals Terminal 2 would have been enough. I with all my luggage that I can not take at once, now stand in the garage. Get up to the taxi stand a cart, lift in the garage does not work, so again on the stairs down to the underground car park, pick up luggage. Stairs up again and Europcar wanted.

Found in terminal 1. The Europcar employee is already waiting for me. It's half 6 in the evening. Actually, I wanted to be loud Navi at half 7 home. When I asked what terminal this was, I was told that this terminal was 2. OK, I give up, he has to know.

"My" Hyundai I30
"My" Hyundai I30

My new vehicle for the remaining 550 Km a Hyundai i30. I do not know yet. That's a thing with modern cars. At least he immediately recognizes my cell phone. Good, for music from mobile phone is taken care of and I can also telephone in the car.

Everything wrapped up and off we go. My sat nav says where through. I've never been to Cologne Airport. Highway found, even in the right direction. Frankfurt I'm coming. Now I had just found my way around the car, coming from an 120 zone to an 100 zone on a hill. (Colleague from Germany called me the obviously well-known German motorists speed camera, unfortunately I forgot the name).

Unfortunately, I saw the temporary reduction too late, but the better the red flash. Shit, I'm just missing that. Fits the afternoon. Well, there are still a good 450 km to go home. Now hardly back on the A5 backlog. An accident and construction sites line up. The arrival time in the Navi continues to move after midnight. Where I can and the weather plays along, I drive the i30 up to 170 km / h. As I found out later, for a 1300 Motörchen with 5 - 7 liter consumption respectable.

Then just before the Swiss border comes to me glowing a thought! Motorway vignette for Switzerland. The car has HH registration and has never been to Switzerland in its recent short life. At the border crossing after midnight, it certainly has no sleepy customs officer, who sold me one, so my thoughts. I never needed to buy one at the Swiss border. Here comes the last rest stop in Germany. Walter Röhrl would have been proud of my pit stop, even though I do not have a Porsche. Within 5 minutes I'm back on the train to Basel. Go Korea, go!

At the border no one was interested in the Swiss German or if I have a vignette. For this I drove in the direction of Oensingen into the first thunderstorm with heavy rain. Then they broke up against Bern. So again made speed. Here I know where the Tempofallen stand. Anyway, the fixed ones. The next problem. My hunt has pretty much flushed the tank of the i30. It's still enough for home. Yup! At my motorway exit south of Bern in Rubigen is a tank.
Remaining range in Rubigen at the tank according to on-board computer 6 km. Precision landing. Had the remaining 10 km reached home. A long day ended at half past midnight 2. Good that I took the Monday still free.

The car was delivered by truck 15 days after the incident at the truck stop. He shared the truck with a Swedish VW Sharan. Where does he have to go? By chance, I just passed my garage when my load was unloaded. Lo and behold, my cabi was driven by the truck. As the? Is the ignition in the bucket ?!

The mechanics of my garage rebuilt everything and repaired the ignition again. The defect was the electronic unit at the bottom of the ignition, which hung only after a half-screw on the ignition and through which caused the blocking. Nobody had yet.
Well, my cabriolet is standing in my garage and waiting for better weather. Now the car has only by the MfK (TÜV) this fall. Then we can take care of further projects. Should not be everything.

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  • Great written, thanks for the entertaining story. The griffin sticker I find bomb! 🙂

  • Oh weia Matthias, here writes the US Blinker acquaintance from D, such a low blow after a successful meeting needs no man and is superfluous as a goiter. When reading, I got sweats. Hopefully the joy will outweigh it again. I wish all Saabists a nice Advent and a glitch-free 2020

  • What an exciting tour! You have to have nerves and show! Hopefully the unwanted photo did not cost much more then. Passion that sometimes causes suffering 🙂 Thank you for this exciting report!

  • Many thanks for the multifaceted and eventful thriller. It was a pleasure for me.

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