The fight for the Sion and Sono Motors

Actually, another article should have appeared here today. However, real life sometimes overrides my planning. And even though the link from Sono Motors to the blog is actually the Trollhättan production site and secondly the idea of ​​sustainable mobility, the dramatic appeal from Munich is well worth reading. And in the ideal case to react.

The Sion in the former Saab factory in Trollhättan
The Sion in the former Saab factory in Trollhättan. Image: Sono Motors

I like small providers, lateral thinkers. People who have a vision, who fight, even if in principle they have little chance. And I would be happy if innovative cars were built again in Trollhättan. After that, however, it does not look right now, the uncertainties predominate.

Yesterday, this letter went from the founder of Sono Motors to the supporters of their project. The blog publishes it exceptionally uncommented, because I have sympathy with the founders and their idea and to increase the scope of the concern.

You do not talk about money. Usually. We do it anyway.

What's happened.

To finance Sono Motors, we went the usual way of a start-up. In the course of the process and in numerous negotiations with international investors, we have repeatedly found that the goals and expectations of investors can not be reconciled with our goals and values: building a sustainable business that puts affordable and climate-friendly electric mobility on the road. In one of the most recent negotiations, a key moment has emerged. We would have to accept the emigration of our technologies and patents. That would have been the end of the Sion. We have decided against the sell-out of Sono Motors. And for the values ​​of our company. We want to continue what we started for. With the people who believed in the project from the beginning.

What happens now.

Without you we would not be here today. The Sion is shaped by thousands of people. The classic way did not work. Therefore, there is only one way for us: we go back to where we came from. To you. To the community. We need your support to continue the Sion project. Specifically, we need 50 million euros to 30. December 2019. This is equivalent to 2.000 reservations over the full price. This amount is needed to invest in production equipment and the production of prototypes.

This is not easy news. We are aware of that.

We have Sono Motors founded with the goal to make a difference. To do something about climate change. For a worthwhile planet and the generations after us.

If you too want to change something and believe that we can drive that change together, there are ways to support us. It is now in your hands, whether the Zion comes to the street. For a world where people take things into their own hands rather than wait. We will continue to fight for that.

Navina, Jonah & Laurin

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  • Too bad ... that was an interesting project. But collecting 50 Mio in 30 days via crowd funding? This is not impossible but quite unlikely. To believe that investors are more idealistic than return oriented is equally naive. Nevertheless, I keep my fingers crossed.

  • Is it a law of nature, or why does such dramatic news always come in December? It reminds me of SAAB.

    I keep my fingers crossed for Navina, Jonas and Laurin!

  • That's probably the problem of long-term financing for most electric car startups.
    From planning to production and sales costs a lot of money and if no larger parent company is behind it then it will be difficult.
    Presumably it is not the last company in the business that will have financial problems.
    I'm currently too much hype about the subject of electric cars made, the technology is for me not yet suitable for everyday use and not really Umweltfreundlich.Ich hope that it will be a useful alternative in the future.

  • David vs. Goliath ... Or a fight against windmills? Anyway, in this case: thumbs up!

    Currently almost 2.5 Mio are collected. The road is still long, the month still fresh.

  • MIST

    That's exactly what I was afraid, after the last articles here about Evergrande ...
    The idea that the ever great and eternally Grossspurigen Sono would enable a contract manufacturing in Trollhättan on fair terms moved with each further message to Evergrande more and more into the naively fantastic ...

    Could I afford it right now, I would immediately order a Sion as an additional car and put this as a sign against Evergrande and Tesla ...

    If you still had doubts that e-mobility was misused by some supposed rescuers as a “green” pretext for the maximum use of resources, have a look at the presentation of the latest Tesla (cyber truck) on the DuRTube.

    In “wise” foresight, Mr. Musk constructed it so that it appears to be suitable for military conflicts (the battle for rare earths).

    We live the satire of ourselves. A Sion would truly be an exclamation against the general insanity. Keeping one or more Saab and keeping it on the road for as long as possible is refreshingly close ...

  • A crime thriller that you could do without. Tom wrote somewhere about Sono "A utopia that could come true". (Or something like that) It would be nice. I wish Munich all the best!

  • Too bad, you could have made a lot of it

  • More than a thumbs up for SION does not work for me.
    I drive my last gasoline until the TÜV or so us apart. Then it's over with your own car.
    VG and TOI TOI TOI

  • Even though I'm not a fan of pure e-cars at all, I think it's a pity if young courageous entrepreneurs get into trouble!
    That one now wants to collect in just under 4 weeks so much money / must, I think already questionable. Has one been too blue-eyed or has an investor jumped off for a short time?

    • It is really regrettable. Today there is an update as an update in Stuttgart during which the founder of Sono the community answer questions. That could perhaps provide more information.

      For all with interest starting from 19.00 livestream on the Youtube channel from Sono Motors.

  • I'm so sorry for the jobs in Trollhättan! But what can you do with a car that reaches 250 km under the best conditions. You still need a real car for long distances or trailer operation or for winter use!
    What about the crash safety of the Sion?
    I think for 20000 € you can better buy an i30 or Focus. For the environment you should go cycling or just stay home.
    There are many ways to do something for the environment. On pure electric car but I have my doubts.

  • If one realizes that the range of 250 km is not enough for you, then the first result you get is the statement that you probably do not belong to the target group of this vehicle. To conclude that this target group does not exist is perhaps a bit of overconfidence (that should not be an insult now) because everyone is different.

    If a motorist goes for a forecast, it's been years since I rode a distance greater than 250 km, so in theory the car could be enough for me (and potentially for many others that are similarly structured).
    It bothers me rather that it is not configurable and that I do not really like it visually. But I am not the measure of all things and> 10.000 reservations show that there seems to be a certain market for it.

    The problem is probably more due to the fact that you want to raise a mass production (and some 1000 cars per year are already mass production, even if the usual manufacturers are laughing at it), which costs just a damn large sum of money that you do not times just so auftreibt.
    It does not give the regional house bank, not even a house bank in the next big city, but large financial investors, who are gladly called also locusts. This also illustrates the problem, since return-on-investment interests bounce on their own ideas and, since money rules the world, mostly their own ideas more or less fall by the wayside.

    How that ends then, you can now probably look at the public ...

  • The range of 250 km is only a theoretical value. When winter is with frost, the value already drops by 40 percent! And then seat heating and heating on and only 100 km left. The electric car is simply inappropriate. And the solar cells on the car bring little in winter. This does not solve any environmental problems!

    • Yes, the range fear. Is it really an issue? I have analyzed my driving behavior and lo and behold: apart from 1 or 2 trips per month, everything would be easy to do with a vehicle like the Sion. And I don't assume 250 kilometers, but have subtracted another 100 as a “provision”. It can be done if you want. My neighbor does it with a Zoe that he “fills up” with electricity from his own solar system. In summer his concept works well, the combustion engine stops. Less in winter.

  • The existence of a target group ...

    ... and corresponding user profiles can not reasonably deny. And be it as a second car of a family of four with a home.

    Sono can thank Evergrande for making a fair contract manufacturing in Trollhättan off the table. And they can thank the federal government for the fact that the target group is not much larger, because there are virtually no charging options in the inner cities.

    Ironically, where e-mobility has the greatest benefit for air pollution control and health, private ownership and operation of an EV is virtually impossible in D.

    Nonetheless, people are stiffening their spirits away from the combustor rather than seeking a meaningful mix of both long-haul and short-haul, congested and rural concepts. Too bad.

    • Contract manufacturing in the former Saab factory is not off the table. In yesterday's livestream from Stuttgart there was a clear commitment to the location Trollhättan.

  • Keep your fingers crossed for them out of sympathy (knowing the “utopia”). Hopefully (for those involved) it won't be another case like Loremo.

  • Thank you, mikros69, a very interesting contribution from the BR, which reveals the insanity and the targeted pseudo-environmental character of the electric premium - even on the premise that electric cars are environmentally friendly and beneficial to the CO2 balance sheet, which they are not, but harmful. The premium is nothing else than a gift to the big car companies of our taxpayer money!

  • 10.000 pre-orders are in it ?! But it is not enough and again 2.000 new orders for the rescue of Sion must be drawn. As already written above, no possibilities to configure the car or change it in any way. And next year 12-15.00 orders have to come again. To be honest, I'm pretty black.

  • Thank you Tom,

    unfortunately did not have the time for the livestream. Do you know now, who has demanded the sale of Sonos (technology transfer) instead?

    • No. There never is a word in public. In old Saab times, I knew the details, even if they were not allowed to communicate. At Sono Motors, I'm on the outside and just one of many media people listening.

      Interestingly, the livestream was still. The founders fight, they take it from them. And in the community you build yourself one or the other castle. Since the Sion fans differs little from the Saab fans in the year 2011.


    is already an issue for many! As well as the charging system for e-cars. For example, since october I drive at least 2x per week (with my wonderful, like new looking and driving, absolutely reliable, low emission 9-3 II TTiD Sportcombi mitb180t km on the clock) to the Lower Saxon Pampa to visit my mother who has become dependent and a thousand Organize things. Back and forth each at least 500 km. There are no charging stations and lack of house, yard and garage, of course, otherwise no charging option. The same applies here in HH: With old apartment and three rented parking spaces would be nothing to do. There are no sockets in any of the two garages.

    I need my Saab Combi just for the long hauls (of course I do not go shopping with the convertible), everything else can be done in HH on foot, by bike or by public transport. And I am glad that I have such a reliable car, which is still in a state after eight years, as today's mass new cars of the same age and with the same mileage will no longer be safe, that I can just drive off when I am must and where I have to go, and only need a quarter of tank filling.

    My mother suffers greatly that she receives so little visit - because the old acquaintances and relatives can not come by car or bicycle and because there are no public transport for the way to the clinic. These are the TRUE problems!

    Anyone who lives in or near a larger city with a house and garage, and only drives around there, of course does not know this and can buy an e-car for fun and for the ecological conscience. With which I expressly do not want to make the SION bad, the approach, especially with regard to the production conditions, resources, solar cells etc. is correct! But a more differentiated mobility and traffic policy without blinkers and hip “Friday slogans” must be made urgently!

    • There is basically my standard sentence: The car has to fit into life. In her case it would not.

      I can understand your situation well, have lived through it myself with my family for years. I have the highest regard for everyone who takes care of and takes responsibility in these situations! I wish you a lot of strength and stamina!

  • @ mikros69,

    also thank you very much for the link. Although I have seen the premium before skeptical, but I was not aware that it has such a negative and existentially threatening effect on startups and their cheap offers. Sad, what is once again sold without alternative as a big hit.

  • See there .. your neighbor has two cars, because one is not suitable for all rides ... .. it is the electric car !!! Not everyone has money for two cars! Many people / families are happy to talk! Not for nothing ,
    so many Dacias and Hyundais are sold.
    Even with the crash safety I have my doubts in a Sion. Where is that too?
    Know-how come from?
    I think the Sion is superfluous.

    • The truth is in the middle. Yes, the neighbor has two cars. And, now it will be interesting, from one were through the electric car 2. Since he does not differ from Tesla-driving entrepreneurs around the corner. Since the electric car is the number 4 or 5, after Porsche, SLS, Bentayga.
      But should one therefore reject the development? The future will be multi-faceted. Battery electric, hybrid, hydrogen or synthetic fuels. Vehicles optimized for the respective application. The Sion would fit well, for people who live urban or close to the cities. They are ready to share their vehicle and waive status symbols. But Sono has other problems at the moment.

  • @Ebasli
    I totally agree with you. Nobody should and should not be denied the right to independent mobility. And it is not the “poor” people / families who cannot afford expensive e-cars. They are very well earning people / families. Only if I only have to give up up to 43% of my income to live today, the budget for a car is logically limited. It is not just used and driven. Nutrition, health, education, training, culture, everything is getting more and more expensive and the income does not keep up. It should not come to the point that driving is only possible for a few privileged people!

  • @ Capri 73,

    my neighbor also has more than one car. You too, as far as I know. Me too …

    It's not about whether the Sion is suitable for all eventualities. There is no other egg legend Wollmilchsau on the market ...

    There are only purpose-built vehicles and good as well as bad compromises, which are relatively universal but far from optimal for every conceivable purpose.

    And what already does not exist at all is an egg legend Wollmilchsau that anyone could afford.

    If these are your criteria for the superfluity of the Sion, then not a single car has ever been built in the world that would not have been superfluous by these criteria ...

    You may still be right, but unfortunately I can not see it that way (without a conclusive argument) ...

  • @Herbert
    If the Sion does not provide enough security, my argument becomes immediately conclusive!

    The egg-laying Wollmilchsau I bought before 7,5 years for something about 12000 € bought.
    A Saab 9-3 diesel estate car. This car offers tremendous safety and ride comfort. By car you can drive fast and economical 5,5 liter. It can pull long haul and my horse trailer with two Isis. It is still compact enough for parking lots and the left lane in construction sites limited to 2,1 m and it has plenty of room, furthermore with 58 liters a reasonable tank volume. The 9-3 still looks modern. The 9-3 is one of the best ever built cars.
    And the Sion?

  • @capri 73 I find the discussion and the exchange of opposing opinions exciting. But what leads you to the assumption of the Sion could be uncertain?

  • @ capri73

    Sufficient security also depends on the personal requirements and assessments.

    Since they drive a station wagon, it is almost certainly clear that they always have the potential Takata explosive trap with them. This risk is statistically very manageable in our latitudes, but has prevented me from now to buy such a vehicle, although I otherwise very much.

    So much for the assessment of vehicle safety.

  • From where should Sion have the know-how in the field of body safety? Other manufacturers have decades of experience in this area! Saab and Volvo have always invested even more money in the development of body safety, see Elk test.
    (Moose falls on the window frame)
    That's why Nevs, Geely and BYD also buy bodywork know-how. Saab, Volvo and B-Class. There is safety there.

  • Celui-ci veut maintenant collecter en un peu moins de semaines 4 autant d'argent / doit, je pense déjà déjà discutable.

  • You almost give the answer yourself. I suspect that Sono Motors spent its money not only on fair-trade coffee and second-hand office furniture, but also on hiring and / or hiring vehicle safety specialists.

  • @Tom 13: 46

    Yes, exactly, a differentiated, multi-layered and diverse energy and mobility concept is needed. Battery electric, hybrid, hydrogen or synthetic fuels - and please also a bit recycled E85 in Germany! 🙂 unfortunately remains a hopeless desire ... 🙁

  • @ Capri 73,

    we turn in circles and talk past each other.
    Of course, I also consider an 9-3 SC the more attractive and universal car.

    This argument is superfluous, unfair, and simply inadequate in terms of whether a Sion could have a market and a justification.

    Likewise, we could discuss an A2 versus a 9-5 SC. Or a R4 versus an 9000.

    The question is quite another. Are there any people who like to drive a compact car in the city and in everyday life - if only to spare the best horse in the stable an excess of short distances and quirks in the doors?

    The only correct and correct answer is: Of course. Yes, there is a certain potential for such vehicles. Whether this market is saturated or not is another question ...

    For this reason alone, Saab has nothing to do with it because Saab is not active in the market and has never realized a 9-1. If you are looking for a compact, you have to sell the Saab glasses inevitably.

  • We do not turn in a circle. If you want to save your car in the city, there have been enough options for years that can handle a long distance, for example. a Corsa ... .. is also cheaper than a fully electric Sion.
    I do not think much of a fully electric vehicle from a new manufacturer. The next problems are still ... .. what about service and spare parts?
    You also Borgward, they do not get on their feet either.
    Everything else I have already written ... ..
    By the way, all rides under 10 km I do with the bike .... That spares my Saab and the environment!

  • Oh yes, we turned very powerful in the circle ...

    The discussion has just dropped to the point that you would prefer a small burner over the Sion to be fundamentally skeptical about EVs (especially those of a startup and at extra cost). But we could have come faster at this point ...

    As you have set this now, I am also irritated no contradiction. It is now a valid and coherent opinion among others.

  • Well, I drive about 2000 kilometers a month, mostly to get back to work and back (Bremen - Wolfsburg and back). Therefore (and because I think the Sion, like most electric cars, visually for a medium disaster) are electric cars for me not nearly an option. And that will stay that way for a long time.


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