The 1st Saab Taunus exit

It was the end of May, the SAAB Saturday in Osnabrück has just come to an end and Jonah, Niels and Justus are on their way back to the Rhine-Main area. It was the return trip on which the stone was rolling for an exit in the Frankfurt area. Hamburg and Osnabrück have already shown in the past how successful and significant such events can be for the regional scene.

1. Saab Taunus exit
1. Saab Taunus exit

Only in the Rhine-Main region, where the Saab share is likely to be significantly higher than in the rest of the Republic, there was not such a meeting so far. Of course there are regional round tables here, too, but an event where all riders can connect, see the local workshops and show their flags, but not yet. The idea of ​​the first Saab-Taunus exit was born. Together with Orio the summer was planned diligently until it was ready in early August: The Saab-Taunus exit celebrated its premiere.

Once across the Taunus

And which starting point is more suitable than the large Feldberg in the middle of the Taunus? Although it is early in the morning, the participants once again confirm the rule: whether Hamburg or the Harz - Saab drivers are apparently early everywhere. Before the official start of the gathering, a few Saabs are parked neatly on the roadside. In the end, it will be exactly 30 pieces and all places will be filled.

From sonnet to 9000 to 9-3 Griffin conversion - the meeting is a cross-section through the history of the brand. We are waiting for the last participant, a freshly restored 900 aero. Name badges and care packages including a road map are distributed. Niels gives the last instructions for today's route, then the Saab convoy sets in motion. It goes down the Feldberg in the direction of the valley, Justus drives ahead and leads the convoy, Jona and Niels are the bottom. In between, the two of them kept popping off, shortening the route and crossing between the points to wait for the column at some selected spots.

Stay a few seconds, photos are shot and then it says for the two: cameras pack again and on to the next spot. Several times, the two boys have run the route in advance, have considered carefully, in which places the Saab convoy can best be staged.

Uphill and downhill, the group drives past places like Runkel, Münster or Idstein. During the two-hour round trip on small, manoeuvrable roads also the strangers can discover the peculiarities of the Taunus. 120 kilometers later the convoy arrives at the destination of Waldem. There are Swedish hotdogs, a cold buffet plus drinks and the matching "petrol talks".

The highlight in red!

So the day takes its course in many intensive discussions about the Swedish tin. Before the first participants say goodbye, a very special specimen attracts our attention magically. It is a fresh imported 900i from Sweden.

The classic has only been on German roads for a few weeks and is in an outstanding condition. For several years, the red vehicle was dry in a hall in southern Sweden. Just once 37.000 kilometers the speedometer has counted so far. The engine compartment and interior are second to none, looking like fresh from the factory. The car resembles a time capsule, reminiscent of successful days. He remains the highlight of this ride.

Taunus exit 2020

The first Taunus exit was a complete success. Although the event took place at the same time as IntSaab in the Netherlands, this was not a disadvantage. On the contrary, the demand was still high, the contingent could be filled in time. And even though the planning required a lot of time and commitment, Jonah, Niels and everyone involved are finally satisfied. The foundation stone for a successful series of events in the Rhine-Main area has been laid. The year 2020 can come!

The tour was photographically accompanied by Niels Burock. He is Saab fan, Photographer and media designer, A picture gallery of the best photos 1. Saab Taunus exit will be released next weekend.

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  • Very nice report. The Taunus also invites you to a convertible excursion. My daughter lives in Bad Homburg and we have been traveling a lot. 2020 is already luring. Well, let's see.

  • Thanks for the report, always interesting to read from the other corners about Saab meetings. Maybe I can do it sometimes

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