Sion and the effects on Trollhättan

In Munich, the signs are on storm! The founders of Sono Motors are changing their strategy, seeking a solidarity with the community and trying to save financing and independence. This has an impact on their schedule. And of course on Trollhattan.

The crisis at Sono Motors has affected the construction of the Sion in Trollhättan
The crisis at Sono Motors has affected the construction of the Sion in Trollhättan

If everything had gone according to plan, production of the Sion 2020 would have started in Stallbacka. Now the uncertainties prevail. Even if Sono Motors should overcome the crisis, delays are already certain today. Until the first Sion is in the customer's hands, one would write the year 2022. With the start of pre-production is not expected before 2021.

For Trollhättan this means (presumably) no production in the coming year. Even if NEVS is in talks with at least one other OEM after unconfirmed reports. The hiring program for several 100 new employees is on IceIt stays with the roughly 800 workplaces in the former Saab factory. The Sono project itself has not yet been abandoned at NEVS. It is still ready to produce the Sion on behalf of the contract and is waiting to see how the situation in Munich designed. NEVS and Evergrande are currently developing 15 new electric vehicles, the first of which will be in the 1. Half year 2020 vorgestellt, The production starts 2021, perhaps also in Trollhättan, where it could become increasingly full with the announced model flood in the next few years.

Meanwhile in Munich

Meanwhile, Sono Motors is fighting its struggle for survival and independence. The founders seek a solidarity with the community. A concept that has made possible orders through 10.000, and from which we have increasingly distanced ourselves in recent months. A mistake, as one now confesses self-critically. The future, if at all, only goes together with the fans.

Now Jona Christians and Laurin Hahn tour the country in short-term appointments. The first date in Stuttgart was broadcast live, the audience surprisingly older than expected. On the podium, a men's round spread. The discussion was fairly factual, only a little bit from time to time. Maybe not enough. Anyone who experienced the Saab crisis years ago can scarcely shake anything, even if there are parallels here and there.

But it is also clear: It is about a completely different product, less car, more mobility providers. And the circle of supporters is very different. However, many years have passed since 2011. It remains unclear whether the battle for the future, which has been carried out with much commitment, leads to success. One wishes the founders and their idea. Maybe they start too late, should have started months before. At any rate, it is not without a chance of success.

Because the huge crowdfunding campaign sails with the zeitgeist. There are young people in particular who are looking for alternatives. Not only in terms of mobility, the trend goes deeper. Away from the big corporations, no desire for products of dubious production and growth at any price. Sono, and the attitude of its founders, are what they expect.

In the end, the facts decide. On average receives Sono Motors the promise of one million a day, which will not be enough from a mathematical point of view. It would therefore be premature to not give the project a chance. Firstly, there is the effect of the “lemmings”, who only climb into the boat when it is certain that it will not sink. They open their wallets the moment the action is close to the goal. And then there could be one or two major donors, a philanthropist who puts a few million under the Sono tree before Christmas. It is not impossible, money in search of a sensible use is in abundance these days.

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  • Despite Islandmoos nothing going on .. The vehicle concept is interesting, the vehicle incredibly ugly. Every square VW bus is nicer and that means something ..

  • So ugly I think the Sion not - consistently angular, simple, functional. Of course, you have to like the square one. But I feel the simplicity almost beneficial to the current trend: Everywhere bars, lines, spikes, here ne necking, there is still a dent and bend and the kaleidoscope of LED taillights on the highway reminds the painful eye of those coming from the US Trend to upgrade the Christmas lights to a single flashing inferno!

    Visually, for me, the Sion is in a nutshell what the A2 was around years ago: Absolutely functional and way ahead of its time. And I always liked him. My husband had a long time one, it was an extremely practical, fast and at the same time economical vehicle. A serious mistake by Audi to stop production. Let's hope that the Sion gets better and that it is first produced in the first place.

    And “form follows function” is one of our convincing Saab maxims, right? !! 🙂

  • Sono Motors is dead dead. They have no finished product, hardly any technology, why should one invest there. The begging tour with the pre-orderers I consider unanswerable, since the risk is not addressed. The Sion needs no more, until the comes there is enough choice from other manufacturers.

    • I think so, they definitely communicate the risk during the regional events. The question is rather whether the addressees want to understand the message.
      That big mistakes were made and the Sion lag far behind schedule is clear. Nevertheless, I see it as an interesting approach with utility, sustainability and a consistent solar concept. It would be a pity, he would not come on the street. Because then the customers could decide whether the concept has a market or not.

  • The financial risk is indeed high. But - as Tom wrote - new, innovative, lateral thinking, independent, small manufacturers are much more interesting for a certain audience than the lateral and tax-subsidized “other manufacturers”, which are much too late and only with cloverleaf function, nothing really new and above all nothing offer sustainably produced products.

    And innovative, cross-thinking, independent, small manufacturers should be nice to us Saab fans - or ???

  • @ Thilo (irresponsible),

    that is interesting. Please a little more information. How do the “irresponsible” pre-orders work? Do you pay cash in advance and without a receipt or how exactly does it work?

    If you have solid information about a dubious financing Sonos, then please share it with us and with us ...

    But seriously, you have noticed me here as someone who is probably on the payroll of Tesla. 2,8 sec from 0 on 100 and a fire-hazardous 600 Kg battery from rare earths, for which there are no certified waste disposal companies, I find again irresponsible.

    And if you ever are here to explain why and how a Tesla S will save the world and that the Cybertruck is even hornier and resource-friendly, then please push two more words, what to do with SAAB what your personal interest in SAAB and this blog is based on ...

    That would interest me burning (stupid pun to Tesla's disadvantage).

  • I think there are other brands for beautiful cars, Sion should, if it should work, its purpose as a practical compact vehicle with alternative drive meet.

  • @ Ebasil (A2),

    the Sion awakens the same associations and memories with me. The A2 was a positive exception. The prices for used are at least stable or even rising again, depending on the equipment.

    Only recently I sneaked into a parking lot around a black 1,4 TDI with beige leather seats and send rims, which was almost in mint condition. In general, one meets mostly to very well maintained A2. Quite in contrast to other models of the same age of this brand, but come with me anyway disinterest ...

    You can save it confidently to wait for the owners. Such an A2 is usually just as unsellable as a collector's item from SAAB in its best condition.

    And you say it, Audi has made a grave mistake, firstly not properly promoting this modern, ecological and space-economic miracle of the German automotive industry and, secondly, hastily replacing it without replacement. I alone know three former and exclusively enthusiastic A2 drivers. One way or another, I would have liked a SAAB 9-1 as a second car to a new 9-5 SC.

    And so it would have something conciliatory if Sono would achieve some success and manufacture in Trollhättan - even if I would prefer a small turbo under the hood and E85 in the tank or at least an E85 hybrid, as a pure EV ...

    But that is increasingly politically decided, less from a technical scientific point of view.

  • Well, so at pre-orderers to beg for the full payment of the car to finally build a close-to-production prototypes, I do not think is particularly reputable (obviously, there are no more money from other sources, why probably?).

    Next year, massively attractive BEVs from many manufacturers will come, who will buy the Sion next year?

    And to Tesla, even there is not everything perfect, but without Tesla, there would be today neither e-tron, nor EQC or Taycan on the streets and the German manufacturers would still develop and sell their fraud diesel only. Even today, except Tesla nobody offers the combination of everyday cars together with the necessary for long haul fast track network.

    From where the interest for Saab, quite simply, once built cars that were trend-setting both in terms of safety and environmental friendliness (in addition, spacious and sporty, the 9000 Aero was also of 60-100 in the elasticity better than some sports cars) - exactly Here we are with the Model S: environmentally friendly, safe, spacious and sporty - as Saab was at its best in the past ... The electricity for the Model S comes from water and wind power (if the demand for the production of PV in the garage exceeds.

    I do not need the Cybertruck, does not fit on European conditions, but in the US F150 & Co are just the best-selling cars.

    And again something to the info (since here it obviously here are people who draw their knowledge from AfD FB groups or similar sophisticated sources): Batteries of BEVs (whether Tesla other providers) contain no rare earth, is also the risk of fire a BURNER around many times
    it higher ...

    And who now thinks to argue with cobalt mining, water consumption or similar nonsense, I recommend the following article:

    BTW: No, I do not earn money promoting BEVs, but the longer we do not reduce our CO2 emissions, the more painful will be the future cuts and long-term consequences.

  • Yes, indeed, the A2 was a real space saver and as a standard (!) Four-door incredibly flexible. We also had the 90 PS diesel, fast and economical - and the great glass panorama roof.

    And for the E85 reintroduction we finally have to work out a media-effective concept. If I have some private time to breathe privately, I'll put that on my agenda for 2020! 🙂

  • @Thilo

    Anyone who defames and differentiates thinkers (nothing else, your “Gras-Link” proclaims) and defames those who argue that they draw their knowledge from the Party of the Eternal Yesterday (!!!), not only did they not understand anything, but I also did not understand anything here lost!

    BTW: I did not even know that these Pied Picts are supporting the Sion. You had denied any right to exist and moved commentators with a different opinion in their vicinity.

  • I think many here have sympathy for Sono Motors as the vehicle is to be built in the old Saab factory. If the car was built in China, it would not interest anyone!
    In fact, the car needs no one. There are enough manufacturers who also offer service and spare parts for their products.
    The money for Sono will never be enough, see Borgward ... ..da much money was there and where are the today!

  • No, it was more about the fake news (rare earths ...), the Pied Piper spread the same stupid sentiment about electromobility ...

  • @ Thilo (grass lollipop),

    I have to apologize apiece. I was not aware that Sono Private asks for prepayment ...
    Wohlmeinend I was subject to the assumption that further pre-orders the condition for the serious financing of a shortfall by investors and banks.

    Since I lacked this knowledge, I also asked for clarification. Since I have not necessarily cautiously wrapped this and my skepticism towards you and your opinions, I do not want to complain about your replica, which puts me mentally close to misanthropic deniers of climate change.

    You could hardly be wrong ...

    Both in terms of my person and my concern for the climate, as well as in terms of scientific facts. Of course the batteries of Tesla are based on rare earths. Who speaks of cobalt? Please read about Lithium.

    With batteries from 600 Kg, the end of world resources will be exhausted tomorrow if we go this route globally and for all humanity.

    And all information about the risk of fire, I have only from the ÖR. He is known to be a sharp critic of the AfD and other deniers of climate change. In this respect, the news about Tesla seems credible to me. Only today (on InfoRadio RBB) several fires of Teslas in D and Austria were discussed. There was talk of 9.000 liters of extinguishing water for a single car.

    But maybe the Sucker (I did not bother following a link with such a stupid name) is the more serious source?

  • Hallo,

    no problem.

    And deliberately addressed no one directly, yes unfortunately spread even the ÖR partially the crap with the raw material extraction or water consumption but instrumemtalisiert the nonsense just above all of the neo-liberals and the right idiot (umd of course, the oil mafia).

    The link is in spite of the funny name really highly recommended and certainly encourages thinking (even if I'm not so consistent myself and, for example, even if rarely eat meat).

    The useful electric cars are even smaller, the model 3 weighs little more than a conventional today's midsize car, ID3 is again slightly smaller and even an updated e-up has a very useful range today. From northern Norway to southern Germany, however, the Tesla idt the easy variant, flying today really must not be more (since the model S had replaced the 9000 Aero, gabs me, consequently, no more private air travel).

    Who does not have profits from the sale of the burners, has to start with the big / expensive cars, because there exists a better margin. Without the Roadster buyers, we would not have been able to purchase a Model S before 4-5. Without the buyers of the Model S / X, today there would be no model 3, e-tron or EQC, nor the multitude of models that come onto the market. The early Tesla buyers also took a risk, but in the end they supported the further development of electromobility.

    Real alternatives are not really, hydrogen / Fool-Cell consumes much too much energy and is useless in the car sector by the battery electric cars, otherwise it may look partially in heavy traffic / shipping / long-distance air traffic, where the battery electric alternative (today) hardly / not , The same applies to synthetic fuels.

    The sentiment towards electric mobility in Germany, however, achieves (in addition to the damage to the climate) above all one, a weakening of the German automotive industry and thus of prosperity in Germany (abroad worries in the long run, not drum, if the German industry still produces their Dieselmurks, who does not adapt to the new technology loses).

    And frankly, I'm having a bad time thinking about what's going on in Germany when the key industry really starts to go bad. Then suddenly we have a lot more than today's 15-25% AfD voters, not a pleasant thought (though I live 2.000 km further north).

    Many greetings from Tromsø

  • “Fool-Cell”…

    … is funny. Was that intentional or auto correction?

    Anyway, a nice greeting back and into a blessed land.

    Blessed with water power, low population density and blessed with oil, gas and a certain self-righteousness ...

    Would not it be much more consistent if N waived oil and gas revenues?

    It would cut supply on the world market, raise prices and spur alternatives.

    But you are not that idealistic.
    And so much better than other representatives of self-interest either ...

    Difficult. And there we are again with the Fools, because who slows first loses. Consumption and waste will continue ...

    Since I see the real problem. Whether we ruin the world electronically, digitally or analogously and conventionally will have little impact on the bottom line.

  • Interesting to follow the comments here! As far as I know, the Audi a2 was discontinued by Audi due to failure. At that time, the car was smiled at rather. A mistake I find it rather that he is not new and modified is reissued? At Sobo Motors, the market will be down, maybe he has already decided, who knows ?!
    All large corporations also started in a similar way, Daimler, Benz, Horch, Maybach, Porsche ec. So it could work at Sono Motors too. Only the desirability of the car is not important to me.

  • @ Gosh,

    According to industry experts, the former Audi CEO has the cessation of production operated and previously and from the outset open dislike of the A2 shown, which is why the car was not well advertised and was never allowed to exploit its market potential.

    It was sold as a handbag for the shopping trip of young spoiled women. In fact, and yet he was bought mainly by environmentally conscious and practical men.

    That did not fit into the world and men's image of the Audi boss and also not in the image he wanted. A chancellor with a cigar in the back seat and in front a fat engine under the hood, yes that was to his taste ...

  • Audi, in the next attempt at development, think the NSU Ro 80.
    If course an engineering problem, but with development, who knows ...... .. ??,

  • @Thilo, who wrote in his comment:

    > “Nobody needs the Sion anymore, until there is enough choice from other manufacturers.”

    Must have passed me ... Since it seems to be so knowledgeable, I ask you to suggest an electric car model from the selection of other manufacturers, which ...
    … Costs well under € 30.000;
    … Enables a trailer hitch;
    … Is solar self-charging (minimum +30 km range on sunny summer days);
    ... offers me a 240 volt socket for work on my apiary;
    … Offers enough storage space (backrests may be folded down) for at least 18 pikeperch beehives;
    … Can be repaired by any herb vehicle workshop;
    … Enables me to donate electricity to another electric car;
    ... enables me to receive electricity donations from another electric car;
    … Comes with “built-in” car and ride sharing.

    I'm looking forward to your tips. (May also be electric models that will not be launched until 2022.)

    But stay away from me with the ID.3 ... VW should get its software problems under control first.

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