Here comes Nicholas for Saab driver!

What would the world be without the loveable trivia surrounding our brand? Just in time for Nikolaus Skandix reports with an action for the Saab driver. In the foothills of the Harz Mountains, they are completely dedicated to the two Swedish brands and are there for the Saab drivers with a lot of spirit.

Saab Nikolaus at the Skandix AG
Saab Nikolaus at the Skandix AG

"Have you all been nice too ...?", One asks at Skandix and goes with Saab Nikolaus today Action on-line. After all the serious issues that we have had in the past few days on the blog, this is a welcome change. Today, there are selected Saab merchandise and accessories at significantly reduced prices, it's just Nicholas.

Rummaging in the Shop you discover cups, jackets, calendars, stickers, a Swedish flag and much more. In addition, accessories go online, so it is worthwhile to stop by. Because only today, on Saint Nicholas Day, the reduced offers apply.

Skandix AG is a fixture in the world of Swedish car brands, and when it comes to keeping rolling Scandinavian cultural assets on the road, you can hardly avoid the distributor. Skandix is ​​much more than “just” a distributor. A few weeks ago I was a guest in Lutter am Barenberge and was able to get an impression on site. The visit report, guaranteed interesting, with my observations will follow in January.

3 thoughts too "Here comes Nicholas for Saab driver!"

  • Super cool, I did not know that SAAB book yet. Happy Advent weekend for all SAAB drivers!

  • In the cold temperatures at the moment I would like to have a Saab hood

  • I received the ordered bag today, great and cool! And very small price.

    But, but the packaging, the absolute madness! I do not know what they think about Skandix. Did any of you get such a giant box with a bag inside? Just unbelievable!

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