Picture Gallery - 1. Saab Taunus exit

Niels Burock has the 1. Saab Taunus exit accompanied as a photographer. He is an enthusiastic Saab driver himself, currently working on his private Saab 96 Project. In the scene, his photographic style is not unknown. Because he designed the popular annual calendar for Saab Service Frankfurt, A selection of his pictures of the 1. We do not want to deprive Saab Taunus exit to our readers.

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  • PS (@ Aero-9-3)

    Is also my favorite picture. This is killer goose bumps. The marzipan-filled baked apples, gravy, dumplings, greens and red cabbage around it were nevertheless delicious.

  • Monitor

    The pictures are too good for the smartphone. It was really worthwhile to turn on the computer. Thank you for the visual pleasure at 2. Advent.

    A soothing change from the blinking and kilometer-long fairy lights and snakes in all sorts of impossible colors that torment me two neighbors ...
    By the way, the special offers for the electrical decoration of the garden are rattling off with Q7 and Cayenne.

    Kudos to the photographer and his post production. The softly cut mask in the pictures ensures a concentration on the essentials, sets the Saabs well in scene.

    Less is sometimes more. But unfortunately, two of my neighbors see it differently ...

    .,. but also when it comes to good pictures. Since the larger display is simply better. 😉

  • Great photos and nice sticker on the red 9-3I

  • Thanks a lot ! There is not a new date yet.

  • Beautiful pictures,
    pity that in spite of the big Saab density in Munich there are no such events ...

  • Great pictures, I would like to be there, when is the next exit?
    Best regards from Charly

  • Super nice photos of great vehicles - best SAAB greetings to all of Lake Constance 🙂

  • Grandiose photo gallery to the 2. Advent! Thanks a lot!
    The black SAAB 900 Turbo in the bend makes goose bumps ... 🙂
    Thanks for that, too!
    And also for the surprise when opening the SAAB page Tom and Co. (?) Thanked: great running pictures enjoy now! Class! 🙂

  • Fantastic photos! Is there an appointment for 2020 already?

  • Great pics! Too bad. At the last moment I had to cancel my already booked Hotel am Feldberg. See you in next year.

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