Saab 9-2x Aero the Swedish samurai

You can spoil an article right from the start! Something like this: What does the Saab 9-2x Aero have to do with the Swedes? Not much, apart from a few minor details. But this attitude would be stupid, because you would bring a lot of fun. So: prejudices swept aside and got into the Swedish samurai!

All wheel drive. And still no entrance to the security area.
All wheel drive. And still no entrance to the security area.

If you want to drive a Saab 9-2x Aero, you have to search intensively. My journey is quite long, more than 600 kilometers. But the fun is worth it! The weather does not feel good on this day Kiel, Mostly it rains, in between the clouds break only briefly. I'm using one of those cloud gaps to make friends with the 9-2x.

Officially, the Saab was only sold in North America, in Europe there may be a handful of copies. Too bad you have to say, because this policy has brought us a lot of fun. The Saab, of course, so we have dealt with this topic finally, a Subaru. He is based on the Impreza and shows it quite openly. The front was trimmed on Saab, the emblems too, the eye does not discover more. Okay, allegedly the noise reduction has improved over the Impreza, says Subaru at least. But that's it.

The interior is 100% Japanese. The 90ers continue to live here, Nippon greets from every crack, which must not be bad. Seats and door panels are not in line with the series, they were modified by Markus Lafrentz to his liking, since their restoration was due anyway. Markus uses the little Samurai as an everyday car. And before I can ask myself the question, why, I have already understood the reason.

The boxer starts with the typical sound, the exhaust system paints an indecent beautiful symphony in the Kiel morning air. Okay, okay. First: That sounds very much like old Porsche. Second, that sounds good. Third, that fixes me. The Saab pushes out of the yard, the boxer winds its sound through my ears, the city highway beckons. Accelerate, thread, the corridors clack through the scenery. A clear turbo lag, but then the Aero moves all the more determined forward. The Gesamtkunstwerk of sound and Turbo Boxer is fun and invites you to play. It is better not to think about fuel consumption. Four-wheel drive and Turbo Boxer are not the best combination to save resources.

The Saab 9-2x was built by 2004 until model year 2006. Then it was over, the demand for the Swedish Samurai was too manageable. Mine here is model year 2005 and for this reason has only the 2 liter boxer under the hood. A year later, the engine capacity was increased by a hefty 1 / 2 liter, the performance increased from 227 to 230 PS. More displacement in this case are therefore higher torque with fewer revolutions. Nice, if you have it, but I am thrilled even the smaller engine.

With the symmetrical all-wheel drive, which I am Bilster mountain have learned to appreciate, you could easily show the Japanese rear on small, north German highways stronger vehicles. Today, however, the city highway is enough to get to know each other and to become addicted. The 9-2x Aero is a compact fun device from the old school. Loud, hard, handy. And very directly! The steering he has borrowed from the WRX STI, which enhances the go-kart feeling. He is not uncomfortable, thank the excellent sports seats. A truly individual car with an outstanding roadholding and ingenious soundscape. And an alternative for anyone who finds a classic Porsche 911 too ordinary and looking for something special.

Why was not this car for Europe? Is it too Japanese, too much Subaru and too little Saab? To be honest, the Swedish samurai has nothing to do with Saab except for some optical retouching. It is a pure product of the marketing department, which for once did a nice job. Although he was a flop from the numbers, because he is indecently fun. And as a little candy, the Saab logo sticks to it, making the meeting with him all the more enjoyable. Because as I said, you see it differently, you can spoil any fun right from the start.

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  • Despite or because of additives?

    It is a pity that there is no reliable information about the stuff. When the topic came up here, all the information was written on the manufacturer's website in the style of statements made in the room. Completely without slip ...

    This has kept me from an order. I remain open to the remedy, but I want to be persuaded by scientific methods of use and effectiveness.

    Otherwise, I do not know if a car despite or because of an addition long and reliable runs ...

  • @ Ebasli

    I think I was one of the “fallers” at the time when it came to asking readers about their experience with Triboron.
    I have been using Triboron for years with all my SAAB, starting from the 901 S Cabrio (Bj.1992) over 9000 2,0t CES (Bj.1998), 93 2,0T SC (Bj.2005) to the 95NG (“Transatlantic”) , actually a “colorful mix” of engines. I am not the “performance enhancer” now, but I can say that all vehicles have a smooth run, 1 year ago spontaneously without complaint and without much feather reading they just went through a 2 × 280 km training course as the Mercedes mine From now on the practice partner was not immediately available: 901 convertible with 4 adults and luggage, 9000 with 5 adults and luggage quickly on Wednesdays in Detmold - Bad Orb travel and back after 2 days, each a good 3 hours driving time without a break.
    I have the impression that the engines, otherwise mostly short-haul used, thanks Triboron just better run. After purchasing the 9000 before 5 years ago, I first had to do an engine oil change with Triboronzusatz, after I had previously run through a Triboron engine cleaner. The vehicle thanks me to this day with a silky smooth running and good performance. It is a pity that I have to part with it.

    I stick to it, freely according to Udo Lindenberg: "No matter what the others talk about, I do my thing ..."

    LG from Detmold

    A. E.Hübner

  • But honestly, would not we have sniffed at the 9-2 back then? So how about the 9-7? If wrong, at least for the 9-2 as you can read now :-)

  • Hmm. The boxer is fun! Too bad that SAAB never brought a compact entry-level model on the market itself. An unused opportunity to inspire young customers.

  • @ Ebasil, Tom & all,

    the topic would also interest me burning. Alone, because I use conventional lead replacement for my old Gothenburg so far ...

    But that does not have to stay that way and even for lead-free and younger Saab, I would consider the addition, if its usefulness to me, he would be verified ...

  • Hello Tom, thanks for the quick reply!

    Maybe someone else has experiences - of a purely subjective nature, of course? Or is that indeed a miracle cure that only helps the manufacturer? 🙁

  • Oh yes, the Triboron test. A very dark hour for the blog. One is alone because of the announcement to want to test massively attacked us. We agreed that the mood was not an objective test possible and have stopped it. More is nothing more to say.

  • Is the "miracle cure" meant Triboron? It always makes a dubious impression on me. Since there was something about this a long time ago (I only found it in the archive, I didn't know the blog at the time), I would be interested to know what the experts here, such as Tom, currently think about it. Basically, such an “insider tip” makes me absolutely skeptical. The saab-cars thread discussed / claimed:

    >> - It advertises unrealistic consumption savings from a technical point of view.
    - There are no reliable measurements, which would prove the promises related to the real combustion engine use. Similar products, which have actually put up with reliable tests, brought about 1-1,5% - and that's not bad at all! - that is then out of proportion to the cost of the addition -> definitely kicked out money.
    - If that were to be a panacea, the big OEMs or oil companies would have been shopping long ago, just like VW and Shell at Synfuel / Sunfuel did.
    - The Saabblog stirred the drum for the product and tested it himself -> You never read anything about it again.
    - Several users reported positive effects on running behavior when used in the 2-Takter. For this niche application, the stuff may work well, I would want to believe that. Also, as a lead substitute it may well be a suitable alternative.
    - Modern engines are equipped so that they do not need these additives / bring them anyway. <<

    My concern is not so much about the fuel savings, but about something to contribute to the care and longevity of the engine. I mean, some of the ads put up for sale here on the Saabs also highlighted positively that Triboron was always added to the engine care. Is that true??

  • After the post is always before the post. The next review for January is already in progress. Here's the teaser: rarer, new, a few kilometers.

  • I think the car has something, even if it is not a real Saab for many! I can understand that. I too have been driving SAAB for 54 years! But also Subaru for 18 years, currently a 2010 WRX STI model with 425 hp and a GT. In contrast to Saab, the Subaru almost never breaks, even if they shoot the parts, which I've been practicing for years. I use the STI regularly in the 1/4 mile race. Both Subarus are agile, the BRZ is more of a drift vehicle and weak in torque with the existing liter output. The STI is the sow, equipped with semis, he walks like a pig even in the rain. Endless traction. A well-known Saab driver from Hamburg, the blog will also confirm this, which sells additives. Everyone knows who I mean. Otherwise, the 9-2 could use a lot more than 230 hp. If I had a 9-2, I would immediately miss my STI engine. Because you can never have enough performance, I also think Saab and Subaru are for lovers!

  • Sounds very delicious ...

    I also see the optical proximity to the Swedish Saabs of these vintages sufficiently preserved. The biggest drawback to this family growth is its rarity.

    The biggest drawback to the (previously announced) article is that I've read it now. That was nice, but of course it is over with the anticipation ...

    My problem. Thank you for the impressions! ! !

  • Too bad that it has not become more. Saab and Subaru could certainly have brought something in common on the stage. Is the lever of cruise control actually series? Normally Subarus yes have the control buttons for the cruise control directly on the steering wheel?

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