Blog donation 2020! We started very strong!

It's such a thing with the money. You rarely talk about it, but once a year it just has to be. Then we bother the readers with our budget. Because everything we do costs money. With these things I always have a slight stomachache, because who can say how the action will end? This year there was the element of surprise. Because we started very strong.

Blog donation 2020

This is gratifying because we have a lot in store for 2020. After the first week, the sum of 3.721,43 € has landed on our blog account. A great start, and I say thank you for that! 74 readers have made their contribution so far, and there have been small, but also some larger donations. The biggest contributors to date have been the Saab Freunde Thüringen, who paid exactly 700,93 €. This is great Saab Spirit, just amazing!

For 74 readers, of course, there is still a lot of room for improvement - with several 1.000 readers a day. There should be something else going on, it has to be, and our action is running until the 31. January 2020.

Where do we want to go?

In a week, we have achieved almost half of our desired goal! As a result, we need to collect 2020 5 amount, at least 10.000 €, for 30. That may sound like a lot, and that's undisputed. On the other hand, it is a pretty small budget for a larger blog. Just to demonstrate the magnitude, here's a number from the past: Saabsunited's bloggers had a budget of 2020k a year at a time when news of Saab was still growing on the trees. We will not get that close and we do not have to. Nevertheless, we need a bigger budget than in the previous years, because the number of companies supporting the blog continues to improve according to the current state of XNUMX.

What do we have in mind?

What do we plan with the money? We are strengthening the digital home of Saab, every € goes into the project. A small teaser for 2020: In addition to a digitization campaign that has already started, we will continue to be creative. Our vehicles are getting older and we take this into account. For this we have two actions planned, which should bring some "psychological help" with increasing mileage and advancing age. In a nutshell: driving pleasure is not a question of vehicle age!

The first action is well advanced in planning and is definitely feasible. It's going to be a bit harder on our second ingenuity, which revives an old idea from Saab. There are legal and logistical issues that need to be considered, final financeability depends on the budget for 2020.

So the blog could evolve to 2020. After all, we have fresh ideas in the year of 9, and what we do benefits a community that speaks Saab with their hearts. Donations are still very welcome and needed! After the strong start we are very confident.

The next interim report will arrive before Christmas.

Donations account:

Bank account: T. Knecht - IBAN: EN 08 7955 0000 0011 7754 75 - BIC: BYLADEM 1 ASA


20 thoughts too "Blog donation 2020! We started very strong!"

  • Hello Tom, thank you for the good news ……… after you have pointed out the clearing rows of the “commercial” Saab blog supporters again, I have an idea in particular: I don’t see at first glance which loyal ones Commercial Saabisti support this blog. However, I also do not want to carry my money to companies that do not do this …… ..maybe you could make a ranking or at least a list of the commercial Saab blog supporters after completing the fundraiser and post it here! Greetings from the Lower Rhine, Matthias

  • I see exactly as Matthias. Who does not want to blog (sorry that had to be) should not get my money. A current orientation guide in January would be awesome!

  • Hello you!
    First of all, the interim result gives hope ...
    And then: I see it like Matthias,
    who supports the blog, our blog, if I may say so, we support.
    Keep on rolling!

  • I would make a workshop list on the blog. Should any workshop the SAAB may have the chance to be published, for an amount X per year. Nothing high, maybe 100 € or something. This would give the blog another funding and we have a current list of workshops that really make SAAB. Win / Win 🙂 With ORIO, each 2 is. Address in principle dead or does not want to see me and my troll ...

    Only my thoughts on the current discusssion.

    • We had this topic before 5 or 6 years ago and were also asked to create a list. If I remember correctly, then we have renounced it because Orio at the same time published an overview of the contractors.
      In principle, the idea is good, could bring added value for readers and workshops. I'm thinking about it!

  • My donation is still coming, I hope it comes together enough. Every little donation helps.

  • Several thousand readers a day ?? And 74 have donated so far ?? However, that is now surprisingly low number of donors, the more gratifying the high amount.
    Are these counted clicks or participants?

    • One-time readers per day. The “small” number of donors is absolutely the norm in the field of digital media.

    • Saab driver with humor. We always get donations that end with .., 93 or .., 95 😉

  • 🙂 I have already asked myself the similar question ... Since the Thuringian Saab friends collected and donated € 700,93, someone must have slaughtered their piggy bank and donated € x, 50! After all, a reasonably straight sum! 😉

    On average, donations of € 40,817567 result for individual donors ... 😉 Not too bad. My donation will come next week - € 10 per month. But MUCH more readers have to donate! Good that the action is still running until the end of January!

    I still have two questions:

    1. How is the number of readers determined (see above)?
    2. Does it really make sense to always collect in December / January? Employees may then get a Christmas bonus in addition. But for many small freelancers (who have to pay the Christmas bonuses to their employees) this is the most expensive month ever, plus (also for everyone else) the private Christmas gifts, tax appointments, the whole insurance in January, etc. There it can times narrow, which may not increase the willingness to donate. And all the stress at the end of the year, when you have to worry about a thousand things. 🙁

    • The statistics are unique, daily visitors. On average, it is between 2k and 3,5k. Yesterday we were at 2,7k. I think that's acceptable for an absolute niche topic.

      Another reader asked the question of when. I am undecided, the end of the year turned out to be so. Should one possibly, as the reader said a few days ago, call 2 x per year?

  • @ Gosh,

    Mr. Nobody did that. The Saab friends have thoroughly emptied their exchanges and donated a large amount of comma 93 ...

    An odd number between 1 and 73 has been added to comma 50. Hence the 43. Every penny counts 😉! ! !

  • possibly made a purse empty! 😉

  • Pleasing donation start! 🙂
    The projects for 2020 sound exciting…, it would be a shame if it were “castles in the air”…
    Ergo: 74 new donors are welcome! 😉

  • @ Tom

    Oh soooo - that's funny! 🙂 So you can see the real fan, for me it would be a donation via x, 93. And the 9000er fans have no choice but to donate 9000,00 😉 😉 😉 or maybe 90,00, which is far from nice ... 😉

  • Of course Tom is absolutely right - 0,93 € urons of course related to a SAAB 93 of our Thuringian Saab friends 🙂
    Of course there was a more valuable number before the comma ...

    Apart from that - if every single blog user would only transfer this 0,93 / 0,95 ... ..

    For me, a daily “use” of the blog would not be compatible without an annual fee!?
    Everyone in this country who holds an honorary post or something similar - in whatever form - knows what I mean.
    It should always be a kind of mutual “take and give”.

    Lg. From Thuringia and everyone has a nice Christmas - Thomas

  • Crap, I donated a smooth amount. 🙁
    For the future: the 93 or 95 does not have to be to the right of the decimal point. 😉

    Greetings from Bad Salzdetfurth

  • would also be a very good solution….

  • Not an unrealistic goal! I am optimistic for our blog regarding 2020!


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