Hiring and job cuts in Trollhättan

The changes in the car industry happen at a breathtaking speed. The old Saab location Trollhättan is a kind of open-air laboratory, where you can study the changes well. Because what 2011 was still in demand, is today without interest. But quite new job profiles dominate the attitudes in the stablebacka.

On the way in Saab city Trollhättan
On the way in Saab city Trollhättan

Trollhättan I

For years, NEVS did not budge. Instead of the Stallbacka former Saab engineers commuted on the train to Hisingen to Volvo or CEVT. Both companies have long been the job engine in the region, the momentum has slowed this year. Volvo drives a massive austerity program, the developer CEVT new hires for months are no longer an issue. In this situation of economic cooling, NEVS is the countercyclical job engine.

The Vacancies reflect the change in the vehicle industry. Where developers for engines, transmissions and chassis were searched not too long ago, software engineers and electronics engineers are currently in demand. Battery management and autonomous driving are high on the list today, and the old skills are bought externally.

Trollhättan II

After the end of Saab, the technical helpdesk in Trollhättan survived in the hands of Saab Parts AB, which later became Orio AB. I had an opportunity to visit 2012. The help desk had the electronic infrastructure of 9-3 and Saab 9-5 mapped, with all the controllers. Emerging problems and updates could be simulated in this way. An impressive scenario! To what extent the former Saab Helpdesk still exists in this form is unclear. The office in Trollhättan moved now and is located near the Saab Museum.

A few days ago, the Orio AB announced to release 5 employee in Trollhättan, in Nyköping 10. The reduction is part of the company's restructuring, which is realigning to improve its profitability despite declining demand for Saab parts. While the trade in car parts must continue to adjust costs, there is good news from the logistics sector. There Orio could win new customers and 4 create additional jobs in Nyköping.

Trollhättan III

On the "Stora Mobility Day" on the 10. December conferred Stefan Tilk from NEVS on the company's vision for sustainable mobility. Autonomous driving, sharing vehicles, mobility on call. That's what NEVS stands for years - in theory. What is missing so far is the hardware to implement all visions. The first completely new product from the Evergrande-NEVS group is to appear 2020. To "Hengchi 1", So the presumed name, there are still no details. And it is also unclear whether it will be built from 2021 in Trollhättan. After all, Chinese media are now publishing a date for the premiere. It should take place in June 2020.

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  • After all, NEVZ seems finally to get the turn. We also have time.

  • Again, thanks again for this information, where else could you get so much information about Saab / Nevs?

  • Thanks for this "inside info". I do not read such things in the local press nor in the FAZ.
    The blog is worth its info price! 🙂
    A "trade subscription" (in paper form) probably much more expensive !!!
    And: Info almost in 24 - 48 hours - tact !!! BEEEINPRINTING !!!

  • Mu opinion,

    NEV's were here for one thing only, to take whatever technology it could, to china…. Job done.! L.


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