313.740 kilometers in the Saab 9000 CSE 1998

Unsaleable mileage kings? That seems to be a special German phenomenon. The ideal Saab has less than 100.000 kilometers on it, is kept in a checkbook and, of course, in the condition of an annual car. Sure, these are the dreams! Unfortunately, the reality is different and is quite problematic with this setting.

"The Beautiful" and the Transatlantic (The Beast)
"The Beautiful" and the Transatlantic (The Beast)

August Eric's Saab 313.740 CSE has already covered 9000 kilometers. Last year of construction, always well maintained in a Saab workshop. A luxurious CSE - and that's where the problems begin. If the year of construction is 97 or 98, the Saab community will ask for an anniversary as a minimum. This spring, “the handsome”, as owner August Eric calls his 9000, should be sold. Beside him there are two other Saab in the fleet, including the legendary transatlanticist, The proposed price was appropriate for its neat condition, there was almost no demand.

The data actually sounded good. 150 HP, 2nd hand, no rust and treated with great effort. Converted to aero seats, switched manually. The 2 liter soft turbo is a pleasant machine. If you want more dynamism, you can implement it without effort. Are 4.500 € too much to negotiate for a 9k without maintenance backlog? The Saab community obviously saw it that way. There was only one serious prospect who, after talking to his "SAAB-experienced car mechanics”Finally canceled due to the high mileage.

A crazy world! Because if a vehicle is robust and can be driven regardless of mileage, then it is an 9000. His owner took the rejection sporty. The 9000 CSE stayed, it was with Saab Greenfield made fit for the coming winter and moved back in with August Eric and his family. In retrospect, he is happy to have set the price this way. In this way, he writes to me, he probably saved the Saab from fate as a parts carrier or something similar. And that would have been a real shame.

We are looking for more kilometer kings!

Dealing with higher mileage and the idea of ​​sustainability will be one of our priorities for the future. We will have to make friends with it if we want to continue driving Saab.

Do you also have a Saab with a high mileage or a long holding period? It does not have to be the highest mileage in each case; for us, the age of the vehicle and lived sustainability are also important. All owners of kilometers kingsThose who want to see their car on the blog are invited to send pictures and information.

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  • Here comes another KM king. My 9-3 Cabrio Aero from Bj 2005 has now driven 486 120 km. Engine with no problems. The control unit for the injection system was only defective 6 months ago. My Saab dealer, Fa. Herz from Trier, installed this. Now he runs as usual. By the summer of 2020 I will have covered the 500000 km
    I am happy to send you some photos, including the speedometer, if I know how to do it.

  • @ Michael,

    Pictures and information on sustainability (at) saabblog.net. There is a link in the last paragraph above.
    Congratulations on having so much trouble enjoying the Saabrio. I'm curious to see how Tom royally presents us your aero.

  • Well ... it still exists. Found a 96er 9k a year ago. With 150PS and 87.000 km on the odometer. The full checkbook is missing. It was mothballed at a fan. But the overall condition of the car speaks for itself. It is incomprehensible to me why the "scene" pays so little attention to this car. On the other hand, it saves us the 900-1 hype, which sometimes gets out of hand. Every 9k owner knows what he has. And sometimes it takes me the ignorant.

    Wish everyone a contemplative 3.Advent.

    The Lizi

  • Hello Herbert
    Thank you,
    the convertible has been my 1978 since 23. Saab. With my 9000 Aero, which I bought as one of the last 1987, I also drove more than 490000 km without any repairs, except the clutch. With my 900 16 S I also had 420.000 km. Had a Monte that I had almost driven on 360.000 km u. keep it up with Saab. Now I want to get a NG 9-5 Aero. I think if you take care of the motors accordingly they will last ... almost ... forever
    Best Regards

  • Hello dear SAAB friends,

    I also drive an 9000 CD Turbo from 1993 / 94 as LPT.

    If I were to think about a sales price for mine, that would be around 4000, - €. Has almost complete equipment only without electrically adjustable seats. 168.000km on the watch.

    The people who drive an 9k today appreciate the Saab. SAAB newcomers will probably not tend to the 9000.

    So I know mine will go on. Well, more in summer.

    I wish everyone in the group a trolly, saab Christmas. God Jul


  • Incomprehensible

    I feel the same way as Lizi. Only know enthusiastic owners of the 9000 and wistful alumni. The first design shows its age to some extent, but the CS and CSE from 1992 have been looking more modern for a few years now.

    The latest craze in the industry: new! Rear windows in the SAAB angle for coupes, SUV coupes, limousines & EVs ...

    It is hard to believe that the first 9000 with the younger front will be on the road in two years as a classic car with an H license plate. They look damn modern. It is also hard to believe that demand and prices should be so low. I think younger 9000ers are the perfect entry-level drug into the Saab world.


    Incidentally, I have a brochure of the 9000 with 95 pages from the MY 1992. Funny and remarkable about this is that it mostly contains old photos and drawings. The CD was still “conservative” in this model year, but the new CS is almost exclusively advertised with pictures of its predecessor, which is a little confusing.
    You have to flip back and forth a lot and make permanent (re) insights into what it looks like based on the rare images of the new. The brochure is titled “SAAB 9000 - Form and Function”. A 95-page confusion about shape. It's not really functional ...

    But adorable quirky. If you take the trouble to get involved with this brochure, it becomes clear that SAAB was so proud of its 9000 that it did not want to overestimate the new exterior of the CS and did not want to devalue its predecessor. Especially since the CD was sent to the start again with an old snout ...

    The scruples and the dilemma of how to deal with it jump at you on every single page. Who still has (visible and credible) scruples in this industry today? Fascinating ...

    Incidentally, the prospectus is not for sale. Also from 1995. I only have the two for the 9000. And I still hope for the day when enough play money and a fair offer (like August Eric's) come together. For me this will be the day of reunification with an old and good acquaintance whom I have missed for far too long ...

  • I think it's a shame that there is hardly a market for Saab 9000, and to find a well-kept one, no matter how many kilometers it has, is almost impossible

    • Yes, the market is developing strangely. And when a good vehicle appears, it is usually traded in the fan base and is not advertised at all. We had some examples of 2019.


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