Hello Saab friends or Saab crazy people (in a positive sense) !!

The days are noticeably shorter, the temperatures drop, a year is coming to an end ...
In this pre-Christmas season, you tend to let your more melancholic thoughts run free and let the year happen again for you personally and of course that of your own family.

I feel the same way - but today I refer to my great Thuringian SAAB friends.
It was already an exciting year with beautiful impressions and memories and above all - great people and last but not least - their / our beautiful Swedish vehicles!

Of course, this year too, the unrealistic, but probably always hoped for great news from Trollhättan was missing again! Sorry, yes, I'm a realist in real life too - but dreaming should still be allowed in my mid-fifties.

So then, back to reality and its little Saabian highlights. However, the latter always begin with brooding, planning, rescheduling, detailed planning and and and ... I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my helpers and colleagues very warmly for this !!

We had already reported here in the blog about our spring trip with “surprising” meetings with the Saab friends of Saxony, as well as our great first Thuringian Saab Stammtisch.

What followed was the well-deserved vacation time, certainly with one or the other personal Saab experience ... But with some of us it probably tingled at the end of August at the latest - was there something else? Exactly - SAAB!

So, without further ado - convened a small organizational meeting - 2 to 3 beers and our plan for our 2nd Thuringian SAAB regulars' table was in place. Our SAAB friend Hans - Jochen had a great idea….
This took us to the Alpersteder See near our state capital Erfurt on September 18th.

This time it was called “Ship ahoy!”

Hans-Jochen had prepared a great event. 14 SAAB friends met around 18.00 p.m. at the leisure lake, a former gravel pit.

A newly created great restaurant, a sailing boat port, a barbecue area and as a surprise - a boat ready for us - awaited us. At 18.30 p.m. it finally started. Except for the “Brater” (the poor man) everyone got into the boat - if with mixed feelings - and off we went. We had calm seas and so we sailed across the lake with a quiet electric motor instead of with the help of the sail.

The signs of fear and insecurity were quickly forgotten and we soon felt "just" as safe as in our SAABs.

As it should be, of course there were also drinks on board.

Our “captain” and his twelve-year-old son explained the landscape to us and reported on the history and the future of the former gravel pit. It was very interesting and absolutely entertaining.

In the meantime the sun had dropped noticeably on the western shore, so that we were able to admire a very great (romantic) sunset over the lake Freude. After an ample hour we moored safely, but of course hungry, in the harbor. At the barbecue area the food was waiting for us, how could it be otherwise, Thuringian bratwurst - without end.

In Saabian talks, with beer (0,0%) and sparkling wine, the evening went by in a flash.
Everyone agreed that it was a successful meeting and everyone was looking forward to October 06.10th. this year, on our autumn trip together.

Thanks to Hans-Jochen for organizing the 2nd round table, the meeting at Alpersteder See.

But as the saying goes - "After the meeting - is before the meeting"!

So it was again this time - of course we were already planning our autumn trip at the same time - the latter, which was accompanied by some "setbacks" - in terms of dates, localities and meteorology ☹.
No matter - at the end was our autumn trip this year, and so we met on October 06.10.2019th, XNUMX in Mühlberg - Thuringia's oldest municipality - at the foot of the Mühlburg. WE - in this context - the indestructible "rest" - which could not be deterred either by the not really positive weather forecast or by the cold wave ☺

So little by little one Saab after another arrived at the meeting point, so that we could still count thirteen Saab's. To everyone's astonishment - in the "end" the "CV Fraction" was even clearly outnumbered ...

As usual there was a first refreshment, coffee, tea, snacks and how great - Mark and Karina “just by chance” had two trays of flagged muffins in the trunk. A big thank you again for this !!
After the reunions and a short “speech” about the process, the Saab convoy drove through the “Drei Gleichen Burgenland” via Arnstadt, towards Ilmenau, past / through idyllic villages and landscapes to the HEYDA dam.

Because of the change in weather, the local steak house had spontaneously given us their hotel terrace the day before for our picnic, which was actually planned at the reservoir.

Certainly also something unusual for the operators - when we came up with bowls, cans, paper plates and. Okay - we ordered drinks from them - live and let live.

After this delicious, varied and last but not least funny picnic, we continue through our beautiful Thuringia to Ilmenau -Langewiesen to the “Volle Rose” show mine. Here we had booked a mine tour with the old mine train and then the museum area with the Lorenbahn - duration about an hour.

When entering the very low tunnels with the mine train, which was on the way quickly, no one would have been offended if the mine were not called “Volle Rose” - but - “Volle Hose”. At the very front sat our Karsten, who was over two meters tall - from the noise, his helmet was probably in constant contact with the crossbars in the tunnel ☺ Auwa ☺ !!

We all had a lot of fun and then we saw the light of day again without big bumps on our heads - but with a very interesting “tour”, in order to switch to the Lorenbahn. This drives through the entire mining area with all its historic machines and exhibits past the parking lot - well filled with Swedish automobiles!?!? ☺

From here we went a few kilometers through the beautiful southwestern Thuringian Forest to the Vesser Valley, where we spent a great late afternoon with all kinds of Thuringian specialties, great discussions / plans and the great participants in the rustic forest hotel “Stutenhaus” from 1664.

After 18.00 p.m. we started our individual journey home ...

A great day came to an end ...

The day YES - but not yet our SAAB year - NO!

Our annual financial statements for 2019 took place on the last Saturday, November 23.11rd. In 2019. Our Saab friends Peter & Katrin had spontaneously invited to the 3rd regular's table in Schleiz. These two have created a real paradise for themselves, including a party hut - in the latter we were welcomed in a very friendly and familiar way and spoiled with culinary delights in Thuringian style.

The place around the campfire was well attended - as was the cozy hut with its warming fireplace.

Sure - because of the upcoming Christmas stress, not all of our Saab friends could be there - it was a great end to the 2019 season of SAAB friends Thuringia.

Therefore, once again, many thanks to all Saab crazy people in this beautiful Germany - keep it up - with great ideas and events for 2020.

Merry Christmas - peaceful holidays - and don't forget !!!!

…. SAAB - more than a car… ..

PS: Saab Friends Thuringia is planning for 2020 ☺

Impressions from Wolfgang & Thomas

5 thoughts on "Hello Saab friends or Saab crazy people (in a positive sense) !!"

  • Hello Herbert - thank you for your emotional
    feedback. I am also quite sure that it is always the people themselves who fill a “thing” with life! All the better when it comes with such a great product. And of course without any differences in age / social background / job etc. - just a really great community ...

  • "SAAB - more than a car" ...

    was a claim for me like any other. One, like I myself have developed some for other products, brands and companies. They are effective but mostly empty formulas, which can hardly be checked objectively and should not be.
    The criteria for a good claim are quickly outlined. A positive statement in four or three words that is difficult to disprove and that cannot be legally challenged.

    How is it that this claim touches me and that I consider it to be fully acceptable?

    Of course, a SAAB cannot fly or swim more than other cars, and its wheels are not rounder. Nevertheless, there are quality features of a technical or aesthetic nature that could be used to differentiate, but they might make a SAAB a good one, but also no more than a car ...

    The answer is, it's the people behind and in our SAABs. That became clear to me today at the latest and through this very tasty reader contribution. Thank you for this beautiful insight that fills a claim with content.

  • Hello Thosten, we are happy about every new active SAAB friend, just send your phone number. on umbis.mb@gmail.com Then we can talk on the phone!
    Lg. Thomas

  • Dear Thuringian, thank you very much for this great full SAAB report. Must have been a good, jerky mood ... great. That gives hope for an imaginative year 2020. Meanwhile it is difficult for me to look at the many SÄÄBE in the photos, sadness spreads. I've been without SAAB for a good 2 years. 20 years of SAAB has been a long time. Or even 50% of my automobile time, I sat in the SAAB. That leaves traces ...
    That is why I read the blog, including annual donation. Always interesting articles and people behind them.
    Merry Christmas to all blog readers and blog makers, always an accident-free journey and stable health in 2020!
    VG from the north ...

  • Dear Thuringian Saab friends, would like to join you, how do we get together? Merry Christmas and greetings to all Saabinchen, with or without Santa Claus in it

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